If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Eat For Happiness!

With the festivities long gone and a seemingly endless stretch of cold weather, grey skies and detoxing before us, January is traditionally the bluest month of the year. As a result, many of us are looking to perk up our moods. The solution to the winter slump is easy to overcome – with just a quick trip to your nearest supermarket you can bust the blues and put a spring in your step – just stock up on these foods that are proven to make you happier!


Yes chocolate! Sadly Dairy Milk doesn’t count, but cacao (chocolate in its purest form) is high in magnesium, a mineral that helps to relax muscles and ease tension. Chocolate also contains tryptophan, which helps alleviate symptoms of depression – the perfect excuse to head to Whole Foods or even make a day of it and create your own raw treats!


Proven to alleviate symptoms of PMS and lower the risk of depression, tahini is not only full of calcium to promote strong bones, it is also a great source of magnesium, tryptophan and Vitamin B1 which has calming properties. Add to stir-fries and salad dressings for a creamy texture and Asian-inspired flavour you won’t believe is dairy free.


Not only are avocados full of good fats which are great for your skin, hair and nails, they contain serotonin, otherwise known as the happy hormone – a natural feel good transmitter to combat even the greyest of wintery days! Add to salads, smoothies and mash up on toast for instant, creamy, comforting deliciousness.


Pumpkin Seeds
A zinc deficiency can trigger depressive behaviour, but pumpkin seeds are packed with the essential mineral. These salad sprinklers are also full of L-trytophan, a natural mood booster, so go to town on the little critters and use them to jazz up both sweet and savoury dishes to top up your zinc supplies!


A natural mood-booster, the nutrients in honey can provide both a calming effect and as well as boosting energy levels, a golden ticket if you are feeling stressed. A great alternative sweetener, add to porridge, raw cakes and hot drinks. However try to use it in its purest raw form.


This leafy green is full of folic acid, a B vitamin that has been proven to make you happier. Spinach is also an antioxidant that works to protect brain cells from free radicals, which can lead to mood swings. As huge advocates of eating your greens, we recommend adding this superfood to everything from smoothies to salads, where it cannot be tasted but turns everything a beautiful, healthy shade of green – if the vibrancy of green smoothies doesn’t make you smile then we’re not sure what will!


Green Tea
Feeling stressed? Swap your normal cuppa for a mug of green tea, which contains theanine, an antioxidant that acts as a calming agent to relieve the feeling of stress and anxiety than can often occur with lack of sunlight during the winter months.


Berries are not only one of the lowest sugar fruits; blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are packed with anthocyanidins, nutrients that help reduce stress and depression, and they re cheerily colourful to boot. Swap your usual biscuit for a handful of mixed berries to beat the 4pm slump.


Packed with B vitamins and essential fatty acids, eggs help the body to naturally produce serotonin (Remember? The happy hormone!) Plus, having a couple for breakfast has been proven to keep you feeling fuller for longer, stopping any blood sugar crashes later on. Now that’s something to get egg-cited about! Sorry…


words by Harriet Tisdall

The Best Health & Fitness Gadgets You Need To Use In 2015!

Last year saw the rise of the fitness tracker, with smart bands becoming a feature on the wrists of many a health and fitness junkie. 2015 is set to see health and fitness technology go mainstream, with gadgets aimed at every aspect of aiding users in their health and fitness journeys – from apps which help you change bad habits, to smart yoga mats, to now-customary GPS running watches updated with the latest software, it is certainly an exciting year for technology, and one which has every area of health covered. There’s even an app to monitor bad breath. Yes, really.

Wearables in particular are going to become standard adornments on the bodies of everyone this year – activity tracking is no longer reserved for the most fanatical fitness freaks. No no, 2015 marks the beginning of the era of the wearable as more and more people seek all-round wellbeing, immediate health data and personalised motivation to really hone their bodies. There is even a dedicated website – www.wearable.com – to assist users in getting the most from their devices, proving that activity tracking is not just a fleeting craze. Welcome to fitness for the digital age!

Hip & Healthy has put some of the top players to the test to bring you a rundown of the very best in what happens when tech meets health:


Jawbone Up, £99.99 – A forerunner in the wearables world, the Jawbone Up promises to offer a ‘holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle’. The Up monitors calories consumed and burned, steps taken, mood, water intake and sleep. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Up app, the band is worn on the wrist and acquires a variety of health-related data throughout the day which is depicted in easily interpretable graphs on your smartphone.

What makes the Jawbone Up more interesting than many rival trackers is its sleep monitoring abilities, as it detects both light and deep sleep, allowing you to judge the quality, rather than just the time, of your slumber. A nice added feature is its morning alarm which wakes you at a set time during your lightest sleep by a gentle vibration, making for for a lovely relaxed start to the day so you can really get the most from your beauty sleep.

With Smart Coach technology, the Up offers tailored advice as it learns about its wearer’s lifestyle and habits over time and offers encouragement via the app based on your habits. So if you regularly spend a lot of your day parked on your bottom it’ll prompt you to get up and move more. It’s a little like having a motivational coach by your side.

Pouring over your own health statistics and making connections in the results allows you to identify that adjusting small parts of your daily routine can significantly impact your wellbeing in other areas – ‘Oh I took 1000 extra steps yesterday, that must be why I slept more deeply last night!’

Where the Jawbone falls short is with its lack of wireless technology. The band needs to be plugged into your smartphone daily to upload its data and charged about once a week in the headphone jack of your computer. While this isn’t really a huge issue – connecting the band before bed quickly becomes a ritual – it is one thing that makes the device usage a little less sleamless and user-friendly than some of its rivals. Likewise, remembering to set the tracker to ‘sleep mode’ at night and back to ‘activity mode’ upon waking can sometimes be a bit of a faff but it soon becomes a part of your routine.

That said, the Jawbone Up is a fantastic device and a great intro into the world of wearables. For those of you who love poring over numbers, data, and graphs, the Jawbone Up is a winner.


Misfit Shine, £79.75– If you’re the type of lady who responds well to seeing your progress in visual form, enjoys the social side of exercise, and is a bit of a fashionista to boot, the Misfit Shine is the wearable for you.

With its super sleek disk (which comes in a variety of cool colours) in place of the standard band, the Misfit Shine caters to the ‘hip’ as well as the ‘healthy’. Looking more like a piece of jewellery than an activity tracker is one of the Misfit’s strongest plus points so it compliments any gal’s Friday night LBD, because you need to track those dance moves, obvs. Aesthetically minimalist yet incredibly high-tech, the Shine certainly makes for a conversation starter. Warning: Wearing the Misfit Shine is likely to make you feel like a Bond Girl.

But don’t be fooled by its glamour – behind the glossy surface the Misfit Shine is a very smart little thing. The monitor can track sleep, steps, distance and calories and has a built-in photo food journal to satisfy the food photographer in you, it is also fully waterproof, meaning you can take it to the pool. Whether for an intense training session or for a chill in the Jacuzzi is, of course, down to you…

All the tapping and learning how to read the time using the Shine’s LED flashing system can be fiddly initially but telling the time according to a series of flashes soon becomes second nature. Having your daily progress available to check right there on your wrist makes achieving your activity goals easy as you can monitor your progress with just a couple of taps.

With the Shine app, users can connect with one another to motivate, seek inspiration, and partake in some friendly competition. Building relationships and spending quality time with friends is a vital wedge in the wheel of health and Misfit makes it easier than ever to integrate socialising with healthy living so the two need not be mutually exclusive. Just place the disk on your smartphone screen to sync it with the app. Like we said, Bond Girl.


Aftershokz Bluez 2, £74.95 – It’s winter. It’s dark out there. If you are a runner you are probably kitted out in enough luminous, flashing, glowing running attire to see you fit in at any rave. Because safety is paramount. But then you likely plug in your ear buds and get those power songs blasting…

Being safe when you are out there pavement pounding requires more than just being seen, blocking your sense of hearing puts you at risk too. Luckily, Aftershokz understands this, and luckily, they also understand the importance of your carefully compiled training playlist, which led to the Aftershokz Bluez 2.

The incredibly lightweight headset sits snuggly around the back of the head with the earpieces positioned in front of, rather than on or in, the ears, and conducts sound through the wearer’s cheek bones – the same technology used by Google Glass, FYI. Meaning you can jam to your tunes without completely blocking out all external noise so you can have your wits about you and stay connected to both the outside world AND Beyonce.

The other fabulous feature of the Bluez 2 apart from being both waterproof and sweat-proof, is their wireless connectivity. The headset connects via Bluetooth to your phone or mp3 player and all controls are easily available in front of your ear. Not having tangly, flail-y wires to contend with and not having to spend minutes before every workout lacing leads through your sleeves and round your neck is quite the novelty and makes popping out the door for a quick 5k a cinch. Ain’t nobody got time for wires! The headphones also deliver much better quality sound than that of the standard iPod buds that you are likely familiar with, and you can even take calls through them so your social and business lives need not suffer while you sweat.

And whilst you may feel a little geeky sporting your hi-vis in the name of safety, the Aftershokz Bluez 2 looks sleek and elegant too, proving that safety can actually be pretty cool after all.


Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500, £120 – The last few years have seen an astronomical rise in the acceptance of holistic and emotional health as an integral aspect of a well-rounded healthy life. People are becoming increasingly more in tune with their bodies on a more comprehensive level and the importance of rest, meditation and mental health is being lauded to balance out hardcore physical training and high-powered lifestyles.

The Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500 is one gadget that aids in all-round wellbeing with its holistic approach to bedtime. Nobody likes to be jolted into their day by the brutal shrieks of the standard phone alarm; a sure-fire way to start the day with an injection of stress. In an ideal world we would all wake and sleep in rhythm with the sun and moon but of course, this is the modern world of busy lives that don’t allow us to stay in the land of nod according to Mother Nature’s desires.

The Lumie Iris 500 solves the problem of the rise in stress levels which can develop from the need to be woken artificially. Implementing the huge benefits of light therapy, the Iris emits a gradual light to stimulate hormone production and stabilise irregular sleep patterns followed by a burst of aromatherapy oil to fully stimulate your senses. We’ve seen light-emitting clocks before, of course, but what makes the Iris extra special is its aromatherapy dimension. Yes indeed, you can now choose from an array of aromatherapy oils to aid restful nights and energise early mornings. Set the clock to disperse the relaxing scent of lavender at bedtime, and the refreshing smell of lemon oil to rouse you in the morning and you have yourself a whole new experiential bedtime routine. The light also serves as a conventional lamp allowing you to fight the gloom outside with its relaxing and healing glow.

Sounds a bit faddy, we thought at first. But after just two nights of Lumie taking care of our circadian rhythms we can attest to a marked boost in morning-time energy levels. The Lumie therefore makes rising early to get in those morning workouts a breeze (okay, it’s not magic, but getting up is a whole lot easier now than without it) and you’ll be far less likely to spend the day downing coffee and trying to keep from nodding off at your desk.

If you feel your internal clock needs a reset and you’d benefit from an energy boost, give the Lumie Bodyclock Iris a go.


TomTom Runner, £99.99 – To most runners, their GPS watch is as indispensible to training as their Nikes. Which is why the purchasing of a durable, functional, multi-data-collecting device can be a lengthy and, quite frankly, daunting task. It’s easy to find yourself with brand-blindness.

The TomTom Runner offers simplicity to those seeking a GPS running watch, yet still packs in a whole host of vital features for optimal training. With just one touch of a button you are able to scroll through your run’s vital stats – time, pace, distance and speed – and with a little set-up, the Runner can also collect statistics from treadmill runs which is something a lot of other watches require a shoe sensor for. The feature that makes the TomTom Runner a standout in a competitive field of starter GPS watches, though, is its integrated coaching system which allows users to program in a set training workout of intervals. There is also a heart-rate training zones feature which tells you which percentage-zone you are working in so you can tailor your training for ultimate fat burn. Winning.

An essential requirement in a running watch is speedy satellite syncing. If the watch connects with the sky quick-stat then it is sure to enjoy a long and sweaty relationship with it’s user. The TomTom Runner certainly delivers on this front, connecting to satellites after less than a minute, on average, before flashing up the command ‘GO!’ to get your run off to a speedy start. With its lovely big and bright display it is easy to read your data at a glance whilst on the run and on typically British dark and squally run-commutes the watch’s water resistance and light-up display are particularly appreciated.

As far as cons –the ability to interchange the fascias of the device probably isn’t worth having the watch itself pop out from its strap intermittently, making it prone to becoming lost in the murky depths of one’s gym bag. But this is really just nit-picking. The TomTom Runner is not stuffed full with features you’ll never use, making it incredibly simple to set up and familiarise yourself with. Out of the box, it just requires a quick plug into the computer for a charge, a quick sync with the online program and it’s good to be strapped to your wrist and taken to the pavement!

words by Rachel Bednarski

image: NikeLab X Johanna F. Schneider Collection

Maximise Your January Health Kick With These 8 Tips!

Being totally into all things Wellbeing – January is perhaps our most treasured month. We love the fact that everyone is on a cleanse, that booze drinking is limited (and artfully dodged at those poor souls who’s birthdays are found in this clean eating month) and nothing pleases us more than the sound of the pitter pattering of a pair of new trainers jogging along the pavement. To make the most of it all we have outlined 7 ways you can maximise your January health kick… Enjoy.

Healthy cookbooks galore

From Deliciously Ella’s new cookbook to Plenish Cleanse to yogi, Julie Montagu… Anyone who’s anyone in the instafood world has a cookbook coming out! Take the time to flick through these glorious new healthy cookbooks whether your vegan, gluten free, into juicing or just trying to get inspired. Packed full of some of our fave ingredients, kale, sweet potato, avocado and lemon (to name a few) these books will have you salivating over delicious concoctions that are as good for the body as they are for the soul. You’ll be getting your iPhone out and snapping away at all the heavenly creations you’ll be making. Ones to watch: Madeleine Shaw and Naturally Sassy also have books coming out later this year!

Chia Co instant porridge

Now we are not usually in favour of things that are so instant but these little sachets of goodness will really get your engine revving in the morning and they are perhaps one of the easiest ways to give yourself a healthy brekkie first thing. Perfect for the time poor! There’s no excuse now not to fit in that extra early morning workout. We love their new mixed berry flavour. All you have to do in the mornings is add water!


After partnering with Reebok in 2010, Crossfit has grown exponentially in the past five years but it is still yet to go mainstream here in the UK. Having said that the popularity of the workout has certainly risen recently with cool CrossFit gyms popping up in London, Surrey and beyond. Frazer Brent who set up the amazingly popular New Wave Crossfit (www.newwavecrossfit.com) says that the recent interest in CrossFit from women is not surprising “women are realising strong is the new skinny and crossfit provides a lean strong physique without the ‘bulky look’ commonly associated with weight lifting by combining different training styles, resulting in consistent weight loss and muscle definition without a treadmill in sight.” Where do we sign up?

The GymTote 

Is it a handbag? Is it a sports bag? It’s both and won’t look out of place in either the boardroom or the gym. One of our best selling items over Christmas is the bag that we have all been waiting for. Finally we don’t have to apologise for sweaty trainers or wet towels being dumped in the corner of the office or during a meeting – they have compartments for these. We are particularly impressed with the shallow top section for keys, phone, wallet etc that makes it easy to find all the essentials without having to route around smelly kit negotiating and the wet swimwear! Get yours here!

Fit Skincare

You pay attention to the skin on your face – but what about your thighs? Or your bottom? Or even your upper arms? These are all areas we focus on in the gym but not so much in the bathroom… Until now. Now you can find products that will work as hard for your skin as you will in the weights room. Mio Skincare launched their range of fit skin products with much success last January and even have a product specifically for yogis called “liquid yoga” which helps keep the skin alert, supple and hydrated. Or why not try ActivBod’s new range specially formulated for those that like to keep fit? It’s time your skincare worked as hard on your body as you do don’t you think?

Get Activated

At the end of the Summer we went to a very interesting talk led by Nutritionist and foodie guru, Vicki Edgson, all about the benefits of activating our grains, beans and even nuts. Although it sounds like a hassle, it’s really not and could be incredibly beneficial to your health. This is because nuts, grains and legumes all contain something called antinutrients which make it hard for our body to digest them and they don’t allow all the goodness from the plant to be absorbed as it should be. By soaking the plant in water before cooking or eating, it will break down the antineutrinos making it much easier on the tummy. This is something that everyone did centuries ago, and we seemed to have lost the knack for germinating the food before we eat it… we think it’s time to bring soaking back.

Use Charcoal (the new superfood?)

Charcoal is more and more being used as a detox tool. We asked, Nutritionist, Alice Macintosh, why it is becoming so popular, is it actually safe and how does it work? ” Activated charcoal (which is a safe medicinal version of charcoal, as supposed to the stuff you burn on the BBQ) is a chelator, meaning that it has the ability to bind certain elements to its structure and carry them out of the body. This can be useful when there are higher than normal levels of toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium and mercury in the body, which is surprisingly common for many city dwellers.” But it is not always as easy as that… “Though charcoal is an exceptionally good chelator, it can have quite powerful effects when ingested, some of which aren’t entirely safe. Firstly, it can bind to other essential minerals we need in the body (such as zinc, iron, calcium and selenium), putting us at risk of deficiency. The other factor to consider is that by nature toxins are harmful, meaning that the body ensures they aren’t able to circulate and cause damage. Ingesting charcoal can draw these toxins out quickly which can leave you feel awful. Removing toxins from the body is therefore something that should be done with extreme caution to prevent it causing more harm than good.” Alice also suggests that when detoxing you must always help and support the liver with necessary supplementation.

Get Juicey

Hailed for being one of the most efficient ways of ridding the body of any toxins, not to mention those few extra pounds that shift with it, a juice cleanse is the perfect post-party detox ritual. There are loads of great ones to choose from and it’s best to shop around to find the one that suits your needs. We love new cold-pressed juicing company PRESS. With a handful of locations scattered across London and offering delivery all over the uk before 10.30am (and in London 9am), PRESS believe that a cleanse is not to starve the body but to bring it back into balance. Having learned their trade in LA, PRESS founders Ed and Georgie, created the UK’s only cold-pressed juice brand to make its juice in a custom-built, cold-kitchen which slows down the process of oxidation and degradation of nutrient content so you end up getting a far better quality, fresher and better tasting juice. http://press-london.com

words by Sadie Macleod

Fitspiration – Hilary Gilbert (AKA BOOM Cycle Founder)!

Tell us about your journey to starting BOOM Cycle?
When I first moved to London from NYC in 2004 I desperately wanted to find some great indoor cycling classes offered conveniently and I thought – If I want this so badly, others must too!


What makes BOOM Cycle different from other Spinning and indoor cycling classes?
BIKE. Beats. BOOM!. We have structured our class format like a DJ set- designed to build you up and be totally immersive and we have massive night-club quality sound systems.


What fuels your passion for working in the fitness industry?
Seeing people accomplish their goals and find their strength. I also love BOOM Cycling so it’s great to be able to do what I love!


What makes indoor cycling such an effective workout?
BOOM Cycling is such and effective workout because it is an interval-based program made easy to follow because of the music and delivery of instruction. It’s also extremely fun and addictive which makes it easier to come back.


When you’re not BOOM Cycle-ing, what are your favourite ways to workout?
I love a good run to clear my mind and I love Reformer Pilates.


Who do you consider to be your role model in the health and fitness world?
I don’t have a role model per say, but I have so much respect for so many people in this fabulous industry.


What are your favourite ways to relax and unwind after a busy week?
I’m not gonna lie – I do like a gin martini! I also love watching 1 hour drama series all hugged-up in bed with my boyfriend for hours.


As a model, and now a busy businesswoman and trainer, how important is nutrition in your daily life?
Nutrition is important, but I don’t let it run my life. I eat clean most of the time so whenever I want to have something naughty it doesn’t matter. I do still model from time to time as well, but I’ve always worked my nutrition like I do now.


Name three health foods you couldn’t live without.
Blueberries, sweet potatoes, matcha


At Hip and Healthy we aim to inspire our readers to be the best versions of themselves – how do you stay motivated to be the best version of yourself?
I have always found life in general is easier if you just accept that you need to put your best foot forward every step of the way. I learned that as a young adult and have just made it ‘the way things are’.


Where is your dream travel destination?
Funnily enough, I have never had a sunny beach vacation with my boyfriend despite our many travels together, so I would say a luxury hotel in the Caribbean for a minimum of 2 weeks.


What do you consider your top beauty essentials for fitness fiends?
Water proof mascara – I use Maybelline great lash, REN Rose O2 serum to combat skin dehydration, Philip Kingsly Daily Defence


Do you have a favourite quote or mantra that you live by?
No Regrets. The time is now so do not regret you had not done more. Take this time that you have and use it well.


Tell us about your workout wardrobe style? Which are your favourite pieces from our active-wear store?
Lexie Sport printed leggings – all prints all colours – genius… Or the Lija – long sleeve run top and run shorts – just so cute.


Book your next BOOM cycle class here!


Free People – Lets Move!

January 20th is set to see the health and fitness conscious unite across the globe via a day of free events being held in major cities around the world including our very own London!


To launch their new range of gorgeously unique active wear in style, Free People have joined forces with Women’s Health to bring you an evening bursting with inspirational health and fitness fun in cities including New York, Sydney and Vancouver, and a special one right here on British soil.


We are super excited for the chance to join up with thousands of fellow fit foodies and share the love via #FPLETSMOVE to celebrate freedom, health, vitality, the brand new FP Movement collection and lots of yummy yummy food!


So get your lovely selves down to Studio 2 Gallery, Shoreditch from 6pm – 8:30pm tomorrow to join the party with Women’s Health, Naturally Sassy, Carly Rowena and Rooted for a fusion of tastings, fitness classes and giveaways to get you well and truly on the move to wellness! RSVP here to grab one of the limited spots. See you there!

Honestly Healthy Cleanse Book Launch!

Honestly Healthy, aka. Natasha Corrett is one lady who talks a whole lot of sense when it comes to health. Advocating the importance of practicing balance when it comes to nutrition, Natasha’s newest book, the Honestly Healthy Cleanse, based around alkaline forming foods – or ‘the alkaline way’ – as Natasha calls it, already has quite a devoted following.


Whilst taking care of our diets and eating whole, natural food as much as possible is essential for a healthy body ‘we live in the modern world,’ says Natasha ‘not in caves in the middle of a forest’. This practical approach to looking after ourselves from the inside but ensuring we balance our dedication with being able to enjoy eating out and the occasional drink with friends is what makes Natasha so relatable and the Honestly Healthy Cleanse so easy to work into daily life.


At Hip & Healthy we love to promote the fact that nourishing food never has to be boring, and this is manifested in the Cleanse. Comprised of 100 delicious and beautiful recipes, the book is a hub of inspiration for anybody looking to neutralise the PH of their bodies, particularly after a toxin-laden Christmas. It is now well documented that acidity causes inflammation which leads to disease and therefore an alkaline body is a healthy body. After finally reaching breaking point with stress, tiredness, and weight troubles which resulted in a trip to an acupuncturist who changed her views on eating, Natasha embarked on a journey to rid herself of her own acid build-up. The Honestly Healthy Cleanse is a physical manifestation of all Natasha learnt on that journey and a fantastic guide for anybody on their own quest for wellness. Tackling the abundance of acidity in our modern lives, the book offers four cleanses to kick-start an alkaline-forming lifestyle to ultimately leave you rejuvenated, happy and full of life for the long term.

Eschewing the misconception that detoxing means burying yourself for days under a pile of lettuce leaves, the Honestly Healthy Cleanse packs an abundance of plant-based superfoods into smoothies, juices, breads, hearty main meals and decadent sweet treats. Recipes we are particularly hungry for include a grain-free pizza and the we-can’t-quite-believe-they’re-cleanse-approved Gooey Vegan Brownies. We’ve already devoured a big, warming bowl of the Immune-Boosting Porridge along with a glass of the Maca Almond Milkshake for breakfast, and can confirm that the Starter Green Juice makes for fantastic pre-workout energy. Thanks to the Honestly Healthy Cleanse we are well on the way to joining the alkaline club!

Order your copy here!

words by Rachel Bednarski


Train Like A Warrior With The Viking Method!

Everyone, please say hello to The Viking Method: The workout responsible for sculpting the bodies of many an A-list star including both Nicole Scherzinger and Suki Waterhouse, to name but two. When I heard that The Viking Method is behind the bodies of these two babes I knew I had to try this workout for myself.

So I arrived for my session with the woman behind the Method, the amazing Svava, blissfully unaware that we were going to be training outside (it was a particularly cold rainy day). Thankfully, though, there could be far worse settings for sweat sessions than in the secluded private gardens in Knightsbridge, where our workout took place. Svava explained that she particularly enjoys training outdoors because it’s so good for you. At first I was doubtful, but by the end I was converted and extremely thankful for the cold breeze and fresh air.

The workout itself was demanding, high intensity, and forced me to push myself to the absolute limit. There was no holding back, or half-hearted attempts at the moves. Nope, this is a full-on, 100% effort, all or nothing kind of workout; The type of workout that makes it difficult to breathe, leaves you shaking, utterly worn out, but feeling on top of the world.

This, my friends, is why The Viking Method is such a success. I mean, the proof is in the pudding, Svava is so incredibly toned and strong and has my dream body. If there was a poster girl for the Strong not Skinny campaign, then Svava is your woman.

So back to the exercises themselves: We did boxing and kickboxing which I had never tried before and absolutely loved! There is something very satisfying about punching and kicking as hard as you can, and I ached in places I had never ached before the following day. Boxing is a firm favourite with many of the Victoria Secret Angels for a full body workout… need I say more? We also did a fair amount of crawling. And I don’t mean gentle, baby-like crawling. This was intense, low down, slide-y, muddy, bear-crawling. I felt like Spiderman in gymwear. We then did a variety of full body moves including burpees and running with Svava acting as a weight around my waist, a great exercise to try if you have a gym buddy, FYI!

The Viking Method mixes functional training with HIIT training, intervals, circuits, and bodyweight exercises, making for a fast-paced and grueling session. I can totally attest to why it gets such great results – there’s nothing else like it.

So I fell head-over-heels for the Viking way of training, so much so that Svava has actually put me together a workout plan so I can release my inner Viking when I am working out at my gym. I can tell you one thing for sure, my body won’t know what’s hit it!

To find out more about The Viking Method check out the website- http://thevikingmethod.com/

words by Natalie Glaze from The Nutritionista 

NOSH 3-Day Body Smooth & Tone Offer!

promo logo

Lose weight, remove cellulite and look younger by producing new collagen cells with daily amounts of natural food collagens.

This diet programme fills you with wonderful anti-oxidants to help remove and keep away cellulite.

A gut healing, collagen rich, toxin-mopping, fat-busting, skin smoothing virtuoso of a diet programme!

  • Protein Rich
  • Juice, Soup and balanced meal with two protein rich snacks
  • Suitable detox alongside exercise
  • Rapid but stable weight loss
  • Fuller for longer

Each day of the Body, Smooth & Tone Programme Includes:

Breakfast – Raw porridge with fresh fruit
Mid-morning – High antioxidant snack
Lunch – Protein-rich lunch
Mid-afternoon snack – Superfood smoothie
Dinner- Nourishing soup


Click here to buy or for more info: https://fby87050.isrefer.com/go/3daybst/hipandhealthy/

Activbod – Your One-Stop-Shop To Gorgeous, Athletic Skin!

promo logo

Take care of your body’, a very wise woman once said, ‘because it’s the only place you have to live’. And by that impetus, we should all be treating our bodies like the wonderful blessings that they are. Whether you’re a hardcore marathoner or a calm and serene yogi, if you exercise once a week for the social benefits or if you run to work every day to liven up that commute, we all know that caring for your body continues long after you’ve peeled off your lightning bolt-print leggings.

Enter Activbod; a unique range of ungendered skin care products to hit the market which both prepare you for your workout and aid in optimal recovery afterwards so you can jump right back into your many roles in other areas of life! At Hip & Healthy we’re all about natural, ethical products, and this extends to what we put on our skin as much as what we put into our bodies, which is why we’re super excited that there’s now a range of products available in the mainstream that isn’t full of nasties.

Designed to promote the multitudinous benefits of exercise whilst easing the effects of its physical stress on the skin, Activbod works to optimally care for your skin and ensures your dedication to the healthy life will be fluster free. Each product is 100% vegan and packaged in lightweight, flip-top tubes so there are no worries with chucking them into your gym tote as you rush out of the door.

The Activbod team is comprised of a medley of sports men and women who strive to inspire active lifestyles – and their knowledge of health and fitness and their passion for the fit-life is evident in their products. A quick visit to the website confirms that these guys know their stuff – so we’re happy to put our bodies in their hands. Figuratively, of course…

Featuring of an elite team of products, Activbod allows you to implement a full regime of pre- and post-training skin care. One product which is sure to become a staple in our post-workout routine is the Cooling Finish Lotion. This gel-like, anti-inflammatory moisturiser eases the stresses caused to muscles during exercise and repairs dry skin with super-ingredients menthol and vitamin E. The gel has a cooling effect which feels oh-so-good on tired muscles and is a refreshing solution to the stickiness of applying everyday moisturiser post-workout when you’re still warm.

The Cooling Finish Lotion has proven itself particularly valuable when applied to pulse points after lunchtime sessions to avoid the most notable external effects of that intense Barrecore class when returning to the office. Now you can get back to your desk basking in that endorphin high, smelling gorgeous and without the sweat-induced rosy cheeks.

So there’s really no excuse not to be out there running, swimming, bootcamp-ing, and hiking in the elements this winter when you have a warm shower and a tube of Cooling Finish Lotion waiting to reward you when you return!

The range also includes a nifty balm stick to instigate alertness before your workout – particularly valuable to the often bleary-eyed, pre-work exerciser. Now that’s a fun way to get your game face on.

And our most favourite thing about Activbod? Inspired by the boom in exercise that arose from the London 2012 Olympics, the company teamed up with Women’s Sport Trust and 10% of all sales goes directly to the charity. This partnership is a winning formula for championing female athletes and inspiring fitness in the wider female population.

Investing in your skin and supporting female sports has never left us feeling so refreshed and squeaky clean!

Buy from Boots Nationwide and Boots.com

words by Rachel Bednarski

Strala Yoga – Our Fave Yoga Rebel, Tara Stiles Is Breaking Rules!

Tara Stiles first seriously started hitting the British waters a few years ago when Reebok asked her to collaborate on their first ever Yoga clothing line. Since then alongside her strong You Tube presence, book launches and various other collaborations (Wool and the Gang, W Hotels to name a couple), she is commonly recognised as the Rock and Roll Queen of Yoga.

However, perhaps what is even more exciting is the associated rise of Strala Yoga. ‘Strala is the movement system that ignites freedom’ www.StralaYoga.com. Founded around 6 years ago by Tara Stiles, Strala Yoga focuses on moving over posing, and helping people find their own way into their own bodies, with a calm ease carried through easy and challenging things alike.

Although Tara did well as a model and a dancer, it was her Yoga teaching which catapulted her onto the international stage. Teaching in New York City, initially at her home, in the park and later in studios, it was the incredible experiences of her friendly, non-pressurised teaching style, that drew people in flocks to her classes. After quite a lot of persuasion, she began to refine and teach others what she was doing and the Strala universe was born.

Having just finished my training to be a Strala Guide, it was clear to me that this was what she was made to do. Amongst the partnerships, collaborations and travelling, teaching Yoga is what Tara excels at and without that she would not be as well respected as she is today.

With the creator dubbed ‘the Yoga Rebel’, you would expect nothing less than Strala Yoga to be turning the ‘Yoga rulebook’upside down and throwing it out! From the way the Strala classes are designed, to the way instructors are trained and how the Strala universe (as Tara cleverly explains!) operates, it breaks the conventional rules and turns them on its head.

This rebellious nature is not malicious in anyway. It is the complete opposite. The heart of Strala Yoga is to breakdown the barriers/rules which prevent people from practising Yoga. There are many aspects to a traditional Yoga class which puts people off. Chanting, listening to speeches pre-prepared by the teacher, not being in the ‘click’, holding uncomfortable and damaging poses and not really knowing what you’re suppose to be doing (trust me, I have been there and experienced that myself).

In a Strala Yoga class these barriers (amongst many more) disappear which allows you to feel relaxed and at ease in a nourishing and safe place. You have the space to practise being at ease and the time to allow yourself to breathe and create relaxation in your body wherever you feel you need it. A Strala class feels like a journey. Listening and connecting to your body, you tune in and are able to pay attention to what your body needs in order to feel good. Play and exploration are at the heart of the sequencing with strategically placed opportunities to challenge and delve a bit deeper into certain movements.

It is the most inclusive and rounded exercise class I have ever experienced and that’s why I wanted to become a guide. Once your body starts to feel good and you are giving yourself space to listen and connect to your body, your mind starts to follow the same process. When I practise Strala Yoga I seem to have more patience and understanding. It’s like unlocking a tool to being the best version of you!

Think open source, sharing, authenticity, ease, connecting and nourishment. That pretty much sums up the Strala universe. Sounds pretty good hey?! This ethos runs through every vein of Strala.

With over 1000 Strala Yoga guides across the world (and more each month adding to that number), this is only the beginning. With plans to develop Strala communities across the Globe, Strala Yoga is becoming way more than just one, amazing Yoga teacher, it’s a movement.

Get involved.

words by Rebecca Dalby Pilates & Dance Fitness Trainer

If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Discover Our Favourite Health & Fitness Apps For 2015!

With the dark and dreary mornings still in full swing, it can be very tempting to sink deeper under your duvet and snooze all over that workout you planned the night before, (hey, we’ve all done it!). The question is, how can we break this habit? Just how easy is it to sustain an active and nourishing lifestyle when all we want to do is cosy up during the winter months?

Well lucky for you, we have an answer! If you need that extra motivational push in whatever healthy-inspired direction you’re aiming for, whether it’s eating better or exercising, then turn to this list of our favourite, inspirational apps to keep you motivated to eat, move and live the Hip & Healthy way!


Viva la Vita – Alternative fitness classes in London. Free

Viva la Vita is a nifty little app that is ideal for London fit-sters looking for a different kind of workout. The app handpicks 10-15 alternative fitness classes a day, from kayaking to boxing to aerial trapeze and allows subscribers to book in just a couple of taps. Once a space is reserved the reference and ticket is stored in the app so there is no need to print anything off before the class begins. So simple and it’s great for people who love to workout a little more unconventionally!


Human – Movement monitor. Free

Human is an activity tracker that encourages each user to move for at least 30 minutes a day for optimum health. The app doesn’t require any fancy equipment meaning that only a smartphone is needed for it to work. It detects movement and logs each distance travelled whether it’s a two-minute walk to the bus stop or an hour long run. A GPS tracker lets users see where they’ve walked, for how long and at what pace. Every minute counts!


Fitocracy – Fitness and Exercise App. Free

This is a great app for those who like to workout on their own terms. It has a log of pre-prepared workouts with weight-lifting and bodyweight exercises as the focal points, which are the perfect ways to tone muscles and shred un-wanted fat. You can choose from any of the workouts provided, or customise your own from the extensive list of exercises that Fitocracy supplies. Videos of each exercise are a great how-to guide for those unsure of how to perform any of the movements mentioned and you can add as many reps as you like to get the full burn!


Noom – Habit changing for health. Free with in-app purchases

Noom has proven to be an incredibly popular app with over 11m global downloads since its launch. Noom concentrates on changing people’s habits to encourage healthy body image and healthy living. Rather than focusing on weight, the creators of Noom wanted their app to be for people of different shapes and sizes, providing healthy advice and motivation whilst tracking food intake and exercise. Google Fit says that it’s in the next generation of lifestyle apps. We think so too!


Honestly Healthy – Alkaline Lifestyle App and Recipes. £2.99

Honestly Healthy has extended its immensely popular lifestyle series of online content and recipes to a newly launched app. It offers lifestyle guidance and advice on how to create alkaline meals, providing over 40 recipes. Natasha Corrett, the founder of Honestly Healthy wanted the app to complement the HH alkaline lifestyle, making it the perfect source of health when on-the-go. New recipe packages can also be downloadable for 99p according to the seasons.


Deliciously Ella – Plant-based, nutrient-dense, healthy recipes. £2.99

The Deliciously Ella app is the direct component of the super successful Deliciously Ella food blog, which focuses on natural, clean and plant-based eating. The app features over 100 beautifully presented, purpose-made recipes to inspire anyone to cook healthy and delicious meals, from dawn till dusk.

Fitspiration – Heartcore Founder, Jessica Schuring!

Being raised by a hotelier and a designer, where did your passion for health and fitness come from?  

Growing up, you’d rarely ever see me playing inside. I spent hours every week riding and caring for horses, cycling everywhere and just enjoying being outdoors. When I turned 20, I took on competitive long distance running which I loved mostly for having another excuse to spend more time in the fresh air.  For me, fitness and wellbeing is mostly about the enjoyment of natural movement, keeping fit, alert and confident – mentally, emotionally and physically.

You took the world by storm as a successful graphic designer, so what motivated you to take a change of career path?  

In my late twenties I reached a point in my career where I didn’t feel fulfilled or happy anymore.  I was looking for a new outlet that would allow me to be more involved in making a positive change in the world.  I wanted to share my passion and desire to inspire people to live a happier life through fitness and wellbeing.  With Heartcore, I feel super lucky to be able to combine both of my passions – creating beautiful spaces and make people happier by making them look and feel their very best.

We know you ‘love the sun and sand’ – do you have a favourite holiday destination?  

I’m my happiest self when I can be close to the ocean and sunshine.  Before I moved to L.A., I spent a few months living and working in Byron Bay. This place has a very special energy about it and I felt so happy and content while living there. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a stretch to get there …  When I’m in need of a more immediate sunshine/ocean fix, I like heading over to France – beach walks, swims in the sea, great wines and food… Perfect!

What are your travel bag essentials?  

Rose balm from By Terri, Intense Hydrating Cream by Elethea, my kindle & headphones and my favourite extra large scarf to keep me warm and cosy.

As a personal trainer in Beverley Hills, did you feel the pressure to have ‘the perfect body’?  

It comes with the territory, I guess.  L.A. is very competitive – it’s all about the looks.  The fitter/hotter you look, the more credibility you get.  So yes, I guess there was an element of pressure. However, there’s clearly so much more to being a great trainer than just looking fit.

How do you make sure you perfect and protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, especially when taking your workout outside?  

I am an early riser and like to train first thing in the morning between 5:30am and 7am.   So thankfully I don’t have to worry about the impact of the sun too much.  And my day cream contains UV protection.

We love your results-driven approach. What makes Heartcore so effective?  

First of all, I’d say that we very much care about everyone who comes to train with us and that we give our very best to get everyone into the best shape possible.  All our training methods focus on working the muscles under tension for the long/lean look, working towards muscle fatigue by designing certain sequences and keeping downtime to a minimum.

When you are not training, what do you do to rest and relax?  

Cooking is high on my list these days.  I love every aspect of it.  From shopping (love my local Farmer Markets), to prepping the food and finally enjoying it.  I prefer simple & clean dishes like fresh veggies, tons of herbs, olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt – all grilled.

What are your favourite energy-boosting foods to fuel your rigorous workout routine?

Post workout, I’m usually not very hungry but for an immediate energy kick nothing beats a banana.  It’s a natural and clean food source (I prefer eating natural foods over foods with plenty of ingredients), and an incredible source of potassium and vitamin B6 plus it acts as a blood sugar stabilizer.  And on top of that, a natural mood lifter due to tryptophan!  Win Win : )

Give us some insight into your workout wardrobe – what is your favourite item of active wear?

Lucas Hugh leggings.  The fit and colors are amazing.  The style is elegant and functional at the same time which allows me to go straight into a business meeting after having taught a class.

What is the best advice you were given when growing up?  

Be happy & enjoy life.

What are your guilty pleasures in life?

Red wine.

Finally, what is your favourite designer from our online activewear store?  

Lucas Hugh.  But I also love my running shorts by Lija.  They’re cute and super comfy.

Book your class at Heartcore here! See you there!