Our healthy picks for your bank holiday weekend

August bank holiday weekend. A time for rejuvenation, relaxation and calm under blissful sunshine and clear blue skies. Enjoy a weekend of wellness with our pick of London’s top fitness events to feed all your […]

Strong Women Bootcamp
Scrap New Years Resolutions – How To Make Healthy Habits LAST!

It seems as though January has been and gone in a flash as we all prepare to welcome the second month of 2017. As we say hello to February, a large proportion of us will […]

If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Get Fit For Free!

Keeping fit needn’t cost a fortune in the form a year-long expensive gym membership. Thanks to free classes and trial sessions popping up across the country, your wallet can take a sigh of relief while […]

The Best Health & Fitness Gadgets You Need To Use In 2015!

Last year saw the rise of the fitness tracker, with smart bands becoming a feature on the wrists of many a health and fitness junkie. 2015 is set to see health and fitness technology go […]

Fitspiration – Hilary Gilbert (AKA BOOM Cycle Founder)!

Tell us about your journey to starting BOOM Cycle? When I first moved to London from NYC in 2004 I desperately wanted to find some great indoor cycling classes offered conveniently and I thought – […]

Six3nine Personal Training Studio – Reviewed!

Working in the health and fitness industry means that you often hear rumours on the grape vine about new and exciting places to workout. Six3nine is one of those places…“who are they?” you ask to […]

Get lean and limber with BalletFit!

If there’s one thing almost everyone would like a bit more of, it’s flexibility. We might be disciplined at putting in hours at the gym, pounding the streets or pumping iron – but when we’re […]

How To Boost Your Brain Power With Exercise!

Staying active could boost your brain power as you age! Forget losing weight, toning up or going to Zumba because you are going through a Salsa music phase … exercising could actually boost your brain […]

Fitspiration – Natalia Bojanic!

How do you balance/sustain working in the hectic PR world with healthy living? I incorporate exercise as part of my routine. Working out for me is a necessity like brushing my teeth. Eating healthily is […]

Future Olympian, Desiree Henry, talks running, nutrition and her must have kit!

What ignited your love of running? For me, I just loved watching the Olympics and being able to get involved on the track at such a young age and I think I’ve just got that […]

Hip & Healthy’s Top Tunes To Workout To!

H&H’s top tunes to work out to! Motivating yourself to go to the gym can be tricky, even at the best of times. Especially when the sun is out and summer barbecues are at their […]

Rave Your Way Into The Day – London’s Latest Fitness Craze!

It’s 6.30am on a Wednesday morning and the sun is beaming through the windows of east London’s Oval Space, a warehouse-style venue in Bethnal Green. While most people are still tucked up in bed snoozing, […]

A Lesson In Chi Running!

There are lots of things in life that we do without thinking and running is certainly one of them. Most of us grab our trainers, plug-in and pound the pavement until we feel we’ve “done […]