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Almond Milk Iced Coffee
Almond Milk Iced Coffee

Another stunning recipe from Brooke, founder of A Conscious Collection!This is her Almond Milk Iced Coffee recipe for those hot, summer days! It’s summer and whilst I love coffee, I don’t love sweating over my […]

Postnatal depression
How New Mums Can Combat Postnatal Depression In As Little As 20 Minutes

Everyone expects the birth of a new child to be a joyous affair. We hold baby showers, send each other cards of congratulations and tie brightly coloured balloons to our beds. There is a level […]

Seasonal Wellbeing Rituals To Embrace
Hello Autumn – Transitional Wellbeing Rituals To Embrace

Autumn. A brilliant evocation of sensual colours, textures and aromas. A time for warmth, calm, and clarity. As the colder weather approaches, we must look for moments of stillness amid the busyness of life, dedicating […]

Worried About Toxin Build Up? 5 Changes To Help Reduce Your Toxic Load
Worried About Toxin Build Up? 5 Changes To Help Reduce Your Toxic Load

Whilst avoiding toxins entirely is impossible if ‘inner city’ is where you call home, there are certainly numerous things that you can do to reduce the amount you come into contact with on a daily […]

Natural Hay Fever Remedies That Work
Hay Fever Or COVID-19? Know The Difference + Natural Hay Fever Remedies

Leafy-green summertime is one of our favourite seasons – the days are long and the flowers are blooming! But if you suffer from hay fever, it can be less dreamy. What about when there’s a […]

Our Top 10 Wellness Hacks For Summer
Our Top 10 Wellness Hacks For Summer

Want to know how we stay Hip & Healthy during the summer months? Below are our top 10 wellness hacks that get us through the long (sometimes humid) beautiful summer days! FOR THE GLOW – Avocado Get […]

Michael James Wong Shares His Sleep-Savvy Tips To Boost Wellbeing
Michael James Wong Shares His Sleep-Savvy Tips To Boost Wellbeing

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything” – We think this Irish Proverb definitely has some theory to it! Getting adequate sleep is crucial for all kinds of […]

How To Pollution-Proof Your Home

You’re hot on recycling and use eco-conscious beauty products to ensure what you lather on your skin is entirely non-toxic. At the end of a busy day, you arrive home and light a relaxing candle. […]

How To Eat Comfort Food & Stay Healthy

There’s simply no denying, avoiding comfort food in winter is way trickier than in the summer months! When it’s miserable and cold outside, there’s nothing more warming and comforting than a big meal with family […]

fitness newbie
Fitness Newbie (Or Had A Long Break)!? Read This…

We might be nearing the end of summer and kids have commenced their Autumn term at school, but whoever said abs were made in winter was spot on… just because you don’t have a holiday […]

Hip & Healthy Guide To Bath

Bathonians know how to live well, they always have. Just observe their Roman Baths, elegant Georgian crescents, world-class Fashion Museum and overall penchant for the finer things in life – whether that’s quaffing gin cocktails […]

Guide to Copenhagen
Hip & Healthy Guide To Copenhagen

The Danish capital – oozing all things design, sustainability and innovation – is the perfect place for a city escape for the weekend. As Hip and Healthy contributor Gemma Bath discovered first hand, there is […]

Our healthy picks for your bank holiday weekend

August bank holiday weekend. A time for rejuvenation, relaxation and calm under blissful sunshine and clear blue skies. Enjoy a weekend of wellness with our pick of London’s top fitness events to feed all your […]