At what age did you know that you had a real passion for the beauty and fashion industry?
As far back as I remember I was very specific about what I wore. When I was about 11 I remember wanting to really stand out and not wear what everyone else was wearing. I would paint pictures on my clothes – on the back of my shirts, on my jeans, on t-shirts…I remember covering a boring pair of slip-on shoes in turquoise and silver sequins.

I was hugely inspired by the supermodel era in the 90’s and the glamour of it all .I was a young teenager at the time and it left a real mark on me. I kept all the Vogues from the time and had the pictures on my walls. As for beauty – that kicked in as a young teenager too…I would follow the advice of people like Mary Greenwell who did their makeup – I never thought one day I would actually be her friend and work with her! I also had very difficult hair as a teenager and spent my life trying to smooth it out! The invention of John Frieda Frizz-Ease when I was about 16 changed my life overnight.

Throughout your career, you have had the opportunity to interview a fair few high profile individuals. Who was the most inspirational? Why?

One of the loveliest was Liv Tyler…she was amazing as there is something very serene and peaceful about her. I don’t know if many famous people inspire me though. I think people who inspire me most are those who help others in some way or people you can learn from, like Arianna Huffington. I haven’t met her, but I would love to.

Being Editor-in-Chief of GTG, how do you find time to workout?

It’s hard, but I do that thing of scheduling it into my diary like a meeting. I put it in at the beginning of the week and don’t move it unless World War III is about to break out or logistically I can’t make it because my children are ill or something. I have a personal trainer (still can’t quite believe that myself), he is called Steve Mellor of Freedom2train.com and he has inspired me to go from very basic level fitness to training for a triathlon. He has also helped me recover from a serious knee injury. I work from home 2 days a week and on those days I find an hour to go to the gym/ go for a run/ a swim. At weekends….I try to workout at least once….it may be early Saturday morning or late Sunday night but I try and do something. If I go 2/3 days without exercising now I start to freak out! It definitely keeps me sane, and helps me feel on top of everything.

Outside of work, what do you do to relax?
I have tried a lot of relaxation techniques over the years from meditation to yoga, but nothing works as well for me for clearing the mind and resting the body as exercise. I do a lot of HIIT training and resistance work, but I have learnt to work out hard. The harder I work out the better I feel!

I think spending time with girl friends is soul food like no other, but I also love nothing more than time in front of the fire with a blanket and cuddles with the kids.

A lovely candle always creates a great atmosphere too. My favourites are from organic brand Neom.

We know you are a ‘fearless self tanner’, but when it comes to the real rays of the sun, what are your skin protection rituals?
I always wear factor 30 in the sun. I have very fair skin and never drop below it. It’s not even just for vanity sake…I just burn really really easily. My favourite sun screens are from Clarins and Sisley and Nivea.

I also slather my two children in factor 50 – they are little readheads. My favourite sunscreen for them Clarins Suncare Milk for Children UVA/UBV 50+. It stays on all day and if they are in the pool the water literally runs off it so I know it is v waterproof

If you had two minutes to get ready, what makeup items would be your priority?
Clinique’s High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara for long, separated lashes. Bobbi brown’s foundation stick for under eyes, spots, blemishes or smoothing the skin. A fast blusher such as Becca’s Beach Tint in Watermelon…it’s my favourite for making you look like you’ve been out for a country walk.

Tell us about your gym look – are we more likely to find you in running trainers and leggings, or in yoga pants with a yoga mat?
I do a lot of HIIT training so you are more likely to find me in leggings and running trainers. I could literally open a shop with the amount of leggings I have….my favourites are Lucas Hugh. They are tough and the fabric is incredible – light but durable and they suck you in in all the right places, plus they are amazing colours and patterns. I also have loads of Sweaty Betty vests which are a great shape. Trainer wise I have a few. For favourites are Asics (I have a great great and fuchsia pair) but I also have some cool Nike ones. I have a great pair of Nike i-D’s which I designed that have ‘Super Sus’ written on the tongues!

Do you have a favourite mantra or quote?
‘If it was easy everybody would do it’ or ‘It’s the hard that makes it great’

What is the must-have colour for our nails this season?
I love a navy blue or navy blue/ grey

What are your top three favourite foods?
Argh – too many to choose from. Chicken, Avocado and fruit of every kind. I Love a cappuccino too! I’m definitely not perfect.

When travelling, what essentials would we find in your hand luggage?
I would take my Bobbi Brown foundation stick and a blusher (above), water and nuts – I am never without them these days, especially on a plane as the food can be disgusting. I also pack a few Naked Bars!

What is your favourite item of clothing from our online activewear store?
I love the Lucas Hugh Vitascope leggings! really like the Hip & Healthy ‘healthy is the new Black’ tank top too – I love a slogan!


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