As we enter the month of March, the world of wellness rolls out a variety of newness across the board. From glowing bodycare to a high-spec strength studio, anti-ageing facials and sustainable sexual wellbeing, we’re sharing the latest launches in health, wellness and fitness this month.

Mayfair’s Strength & Conditioning Studio

Set in a basement studio just off New Bond Street, Dabbs Fitness is the boutique strength and conditioning gym in Mayfair. Tailored to personal training and small group training, founder James Dabbs opened the space to enable everyone who books a one-to-one or group session to train like an athlete, with elite performance guidance as standard. Inside the intimate fitness hub is all the kit necessary for strength and conditioning in a sleek matte black finish. Personal training is initiated with a bespoke assessment to determine any ailments and establish a realistic plan that suits your lifestyle and goals. Group sessions are limited to 8 people to keep a close eye on form and technique. Dabbs Fitness is geared towards strength, power and conditioning, which you’ll find integrated into PT sessions and group classes.

The Gold Standard Anti-Ageing Treatment

Skin Loft, the gem of beauty clinic in Kensington Olympia, is now offering the gold standard in anti-ageing facials! The JetPeel Facial is a non-invasive treatment that penetrates as deeply as needles. Using jet pressure energy to blast high-velocity jet streams of liquid micro-droplets, this high-tech kit is worth its weight in gold. Founder of SkinLoft, Daiva’s passion for effective non-invasive treatments is infectious, a consultation with her and you’ll be reconsidering botox. And that’s not because she deems tweakments ‘bad’, it’s just that Daiva can get a similar result without the need for needles! The facial gets underway with a manual lymphatic massage and skin prep. After a skin analysis, the JetPeel machine takes over commencing with a bespoke peel, followed by a tailored serum complex of peptides and hyaluronic acid, finished with an infusion of skin boosters. The JetPeel facial leaves the complexion instantly rejuvenated and visible glowing for days after just one treatment, but it’s worth noting that to exceed the best results regular treatments are recommended to combat the appearance of fine lines, sagging and dullness.

The Glowing Rainforest-Grown Bodycare Collection

Rainforest-grown beauty brand, Rahua is predominantly known for its pure ingredient haircare. Branching into bodycare, Rahua has launched the Body Glow Collection in the signature Enchanted Island™ scent. Including a body glow wash, serum and cream, the collection uses antioxidant-rich plant-derived formulas, supercharged with a plant-based collagen booster complex comprised of naturally sourced hyaluronic acid, achiote extract and Gotu Kola. Bursting with a divine tropical scent, these hardworking body care heroes promote skin radiance, protect the skin pre-and-post sun exposure and improve the overall condition of skin texture.

The Plant-Friendly Sexual Wellness Brand 

Making sex better and safer with a premium line of stylistically pleasing products, Luud Health is the sexual wellness brand striving to shake up the sector. Luud Health has set out to grant people permission to feel empowered, and sexually satisfied with intimate products. The ultra-thin condoms are designed to maximise sensation and are made with PETA-approved plant-based materials that are odourless. Likewise, the Luud Lube is also odourless, the non-sticky water-based lubricant is created for longer-lasting play with added CBD to promote relaxation. Luud also prides itself on promoting safety around sex, presenting a convenient at-home STI testing kit that tests for 6 infections with a follow-up to discuss your test results with a member of the nursing team.

The Ballet-Led Digital Platform Priotising Physical & Mental Health

Grace & Form is the trailblazing digital studio blending ballet, fitness and mental well-being practices, spearheaded by principal ballerina at New York City Ballet, Indiana Woodward and international award-winning trainer, best-selling author and former ballet dancer Saskia Gregson-Williams. Recognising the prevalent challenges dancers encounter, particularly the neglect of mental well-being over physical training, the founding duo set up to emphasise the mind-body connection with classes that cater for everybody from seasoned dancers to novices. Rewriting the narrative around body image in association with ballet dancing, the digital studio is a safe space to reignite or spark your love for dance, fostering healthy habits with mindful nuggets of wisdom to enhance your mental health.

The Cali-Born Pilates Studio Rolling Out Across The UK

Born on the cusp of the wellness boom back in 2007 in sunny California, Club Pilates puts a modernised twist on the classical Reformer-based Contrology Method, summoning 11 different pieces of equipment, including the EXO Chair, Bosu Ball, Triggerpoint, TRX and Barre. Bringing the Reformer fusion to London, Club Pilates has opened two locations in Bankside and Fulham, with future plans to roll out up to more studios across the UK. Club Pilates offers nine different formats integrating a mix of cardio, strength and interval style training at four levels, making there an obtainable option for everyone, as, let’s face it, Reformer Pilates is humbling and takes some time to grasp. Each session works the full body to improve your posture, strengthen your core and correct muscle imbalances, creating a strong foundation for movement in day-to-day life.

The At-Home Laser-Led Facial

You may have come across beauty and wellness gurus popping the coveted LYMA supplements on social media, encased in a luxurious rose gold capsule, or maybe the sleek at-home laser has caught your eye, either way LYMA has taken centre stage in the world of wellness as of late. Delivering a highly effective repertoire of skin solutions, the LYMA Lift Facial protocol is defined as the ultimate at-home facial that fills a void between surgical lifting techniques and low-fi face yoga, contouring the face without any thermal damage or invasion, there’s no wonder A-listers and celebs are jumping on the bandwagon. Using the hailed LYMA Laser for maximum anti-ageing results, the Lift Face protocol incorporates breakthrough cold laser technology with epigenetic skincare and 100% pure active stabilised oxygen. LYMA’s 360 approach to anti-ageing through their synergy of supplement, skincare, at-home device and facial technique yields elite results that will make you second guess botox to reverse the signs of ageing.

The Advanced Workout To Get You Competition-Ready

Level up your fitness with a new challenging class at ROWBOTS City. COMPETE calls upon various equipment and modalities including rowers, ski ergs, bikes, running and strength exercises to form one all-encompassing 50-minute conditioning class. Whether you’re prepping for a fitness competition or you just enjoy pushing yourself out of your comfort, COMPETE is the class for you, especially if you’re signed up for HYROX this year! The workout changes weekly, incorporating AMRAPs to find your competitive edge. It goes without saying that this class is advanced so if you’re looking for a less dynamic but equally invigorating workout, try ROWBOTS CAPACITY class as a starting point.

This Wellbeing Studio Introduces A Ride Studio

Walthamstow-based wellbeing studio, East of Eden, currently offering a mix of yoga, pilates, barre, sound and meditation classes, has newly opened RIDE, a dedicated spin studio. If there’s one fitness class you want extra capacity, it’s spin and with 25 bikes the energy in the studio is lively! Immersive lighting and exuberant playlists get you in the right headspace for a sweaty, endorphin-inducing class, bound to leave you bouncing out post-class. If the commotion of dynamic spin sessions seems overwhelming, opt for the ‘Relaxed Rides’ with softer lighting and a more mild approach.

words by Isabelle Shury