In May, the wellness landscape welcomes a wave of new supplements and holistic treatments boasting an equal measure of bliss and health benefits. Recovery seems to be a recurring theme, with new hotspots hailing the latest tech in a bid to recoup mind and body. From hormone-balancing meal plans to eco-conscious period care, discover what’s new in wellness this month.

The Gut-Loving Supplement By Em The Nutritionist

If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across one of BSC qualified nutritionist, Emily English (@emthenutritionist) recipes. Emily has captured social media with her flawless recipes that just hit the spot… nutrient-dense, easy to make, satisfying and ‘SO good’, she truly has taken the industry by storm! Venturing off the screen and into the world of supplements, Emily has launched Epetōme, a daily gut-loving synbiotic duo capsule. Delivery is key when it comes to gut supplements with most capsules disintegrating before they reach the gut. Epetōme offers 30x survival rate, delivering the dose to the intestines, where the inner core dissolves to releasing 50 billion bacteria alive and in an effective condition. In the complex world of wellbeing, where gut health is a huge buzzword, Epetōme cuts through the noise with an evidence-based formula, designed to restore gut distribution which is the major cause of chronic inflammation throughout the body.

The Hormone Balancing Body Treatment

It’s hard to envision experiencing complete renewal in just 90 minutes, yet The AXO Method surpasses expectations, delivering thorough rejuvenation from head to toe. Integrating osteopathic scooping movements, stretching therapy, and lymphatic drainage, this intense technique targets the fascia tissue and irons out areas of tightness for a full-body MOT. Founder, Guillaume Guibordeau and his team of skilled experts across the globe are maters in bodywork, it’s both mesmerising to watch and satisfying to experience. The unique concept works on a deeper level to simulate the hormonal systems and optimise digestion, blood circulation, lymphatic function, urinary processes, and immune responses from the initial session. Diverging from conventional treatments, the AXO Method feels pioneering while drawing inspiration from ancient holistic practices. With only 28 dedicated therapists worldwide, operating in London, Ibiza, Dubai, and across France, this intricate body treatment can be delivered from the comfort of your home or at exclusive healthcare spas.  Beyond its undeniable aesthetic benefits of reducing excess fluid retention and cellulite, there’s another compelling reason the AXO Method becomes somewhat addictive to those who experience it: the profound release of energy flowing through the body.

Richmond’s Recovery & Wellness Hub

Wellbeing rituals don’t stop at fitness and nutrition. The enthesis is put on recovery, an area you should be prioritising, at KOYO, the newest wellness hub to open in Richmond. Harnessing cutting-edge treatments, state-of-the-art facilities and skilled experts, KOYO optimises both physical, mental, and emotional health in their beautifully presented wellness space. Founder, David Finch, built his mission after experiencing the transformative benefits of cryotherapy first-hand. It planted a seed in an idea, a place dedicated to enhancing recovery, addressing ailments, and ultimately leaving you feeling invigorated and nurtured. Housing the latest in recovery innovation including, a cryotherapy chamber, contrast therapy rooms with private infrared light therapy saunas and cold plunge tubs, compression therapy and red light therapy spin, KOYO has doubled down on their offerings, as blended these highly effective services to unlock your full potential. Adding a personalised element to the mix, the 1-2-1 assisted stretching is led by expert therapists, all fully qualified in dynamic stretching. 

Kensington’s New Chinese Medicine Clinic

GinSen established itself as one the most reputable clinics to seek Traditional Chinese Medicine back in 2002. Over 20 years later, GinSen has opened a 2nd location on Kensington Church Road, offering acupuncture, cupping, reflexology, moxibustion and lymphatic drainage massage. The rigorous consultations are a crucial part of GinSen’s process, asking a varied selection of questions applicable to TCM, to allow the doctors to best support your needs, entailing effective outcomes. Acupuncture has been known to be hugely beneficial in supporting fertility, and this new branch specialises in this area, providing a trusted place to pursue top-quality natural fertility treatments and herbal medicines. From hormone balancing to tackling stress and anxiety, fatigue, menopause and allergies, GinSen’s team of Chinese medical doctors can assist with holistic treatment methods and herbal supplements that address the root cause rather than masking the problem.

The Hormone Regulating Meal Plan

Looking to enhance hormonal support through nutrition but lacking the time and knowledge to do so? The Detox Kitchen’s 10-Day Balance Plan implements nutrition and lifestyle changes that hone in on the latest research and insights from experts in the field of nutrition and hormonal health. Following The Detox Kitchen’s ethos of harnessing nutrient-rich foods to create delicious, satisfying meals, this plan traces holistic solutions to alleviate symptoms and optimise wellbeing. Delivered prepped to your door fresh each morning, the 10-day plan provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus a juice, health shot, snack and pudding, to keep hunger and energy levels at bay. From tofu poke bowls to turkey black bean chilli, both the protein and vegan options follow an anti-inflammatory, whole-food approach, rich in essential nutrients, fibre, protein, and healthy fats. This supports hormone regulation by nourishing the gut microbiome, stabilising blood sugar levels, and aiding natural detoxification. Alongside the meals, The Detox Kitchen has partnered with Laura Dodd from The Yoga Class, with a series of low-impact classes to support different phases of your cycle and gift a selection of wellness goodies from brands including MPowder, Votary, LUNA and Dr. David Jack.

The Social Wellness Spot Inspired By The Scandi’s

Shoreditch’s new spot to experience contrast therapy is Sauna & Plunge, inspired by the Scandinavian fjords. Facilitating heat and cold therapies, and wellness classes, you’ll find infrared and Finnish saunas, eco-friendly cold plunge pools and a studio all under one roof. Partnering with leading breathwork expert Rob Rea, guests can utilise the audio guides incorporating breathwork to support through cold plunges. The timetable is filled with mindful classes, making a change from adrenaline-fuelled sessions. Instead, you’ll find breathwork, meditation, somatics, sound healing and yoga, designed to calm your nervous system and reset the mind. The hub frequently hosts workshops led by industry experts, enhancing the wellness journey with valuable insights. Centred on community, Sauna & Plunge offers a serene space for socialising while prioritising well-being.

The Holistic Massage To Melt Away Physical & Mental Tension

Nestled in Belgravia, House of Kalmar is a wellness gem, filled with self-care products to settle your mind. Bringing Kalmar’s mood-boosting essential oils to life, the newly launched signature wellness massage blends massage techniques and energy healing. Cocooned inside the pink treatment room, the 60-minute treatment melts away physical tension from muscles and fascia, whilst unleashing mental barriers in the process. Bespoke to the energy you’re emitting, the intuitive therapists are guided by what your mind, body and spirit are craving most to restore balance. Moments of bliss don’t get much better than an hour in this treatment room, get scooped up in the magic House of Kalmar has to offer and indulge in this energetically healing treatment.

The Mood-Boosting Bodycare

There’s a reason This Works products consistently live up to its moniker, and it’s down to the blend of science-backed formulations with the ability to ignite moments of joyful self-care. The latest body range includes the Perfect Body Smoothing Wash and Perfect Body Vit C Glow, transforming lacklustre skin into a dewy, smooth texture. The advanced power duo pair active ingredients such as Vitamin B12 and C, hyaluronic acid and PHA’s with functional fragrances to uplift the senses. Surprisingly, the Perfect Functional Fragrance, infused with geranium and sweet orange essential oils, has been scientifically validated through fMRI brain imaging scans. It demonstrates a tangible increase in mental capacity for pleasure, reward, and comfort, highlighting the profound impact of self-care on mental wellbeing.

The Natural Sleep Aid

Sleep is a major topic in wellness, the battle between modern, tech-driven lifestyles and getting a sufficient 8 hours doesn’t seem to be winding down. If you’re at the end of your tether with broken sleep patterns, subsequently leaving you grouchy all day, you will be intrigued by the inaugural product from DIOME, the new supplement brand on the scene. Rested has been developed diligently to target the symptomatic and root causes of sleeplessness and night-time disturbances. Backed by over 150 scientific studies, the ingredients, including chamomile, linden and lemon verbena, synergistically leverage the body’s healing mechanisms, to naturally calm the overstimulated nervous system. Short-term, you’ll notice a surge in energy, but long-term is where the worthwhile health benefits kick in. From ageing prevention, boosted immunity, reduced stress and anxiety and improved brain health, sleep plays a pivotal role in our overall health, so if you’re after a natural remedy that’s backed with science, Rested is targeted for regeneration. 

The Green Period Care

Grace & Green is the new brand making waves in the world of period care. Female-founded, the product range consists of sustainable tampons, pads, and liners crafted from organic materials, and reusable menstrual cups with two sizes to fit your flow. Creating the calibre of period care your body deserves, all products are made of 100% certified cotton and bamboo, plus are free from chlorine bleaches, pesticides and other synthetic materials. Proud to be the highest-ranking B Corp in disposable period care, Grace & Green is on a mission to evolve an industry full of plastic, toxins and stigma for the better of the planet and the people!

The Activewear Launch

Gyms interact with fitness enthusiasts daily, giving them insight into activewear preferences. It’s no surprise that 1Rebel has launched its first performance-led apparel collection, aligning with these needs. Influenced by streetwear and engineered with technical sweat-wicking fabrics, the 1R Collection introduces three distinct lines, Seamless, Tech Pro, and Tech Leisure. Designed for your workout and beyond, the collection executes flattering silhouettes and comfortable loungewear, perfect for your post-workout fit. Crafted with attention to detail, 1R have listened to the feedback of members, with concealed zips, displaced seams, and invisible lines. 

words by Isabelle Shury