I feel like this year is flying by and I need to take a moment to stop, recharge and rejuvenate. With the constant rain recently I am so ready for some warmer weather, sunshine and holidays before we hopefully do the big move to the countryside at the end of Summer. With a focus on looking after myself more here are some of my new favourite game changers in my wellness toolkit. 

Optimise Health – Curcumin IV Infusions £400

IV Infusions are an increasingly popular way to boost your health and are great to cure anything from inflammation, immunity, hydration and burnout. It’s a brilliant treatment to prevent and treat illnesses but also optimise your health and wellness. Suffering from inflammation I was so excited to try Optimise Health’s new at home IV infusions service. It was a great way to kick start my focus on reversing my inflammation and I really felt the difference. I loved that I was able to do it at home from the comfort of my sofa, which made the whole experience effortless and seamless. I chose the Curcumin infusion as Curcumin has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which can act as a prevention for chronic conditions as well as protect the liver. Taking Curcumin through IV therapy instead of by consuming turmeric in food, is the best way to maximise the benefits as it bypasses the digestive system ensuring maximum absorption and effectiveness. The next day the stiffness and pain in my hands had significantly reduced and I think it’s a beneficial therapy to support your health regularly. 

The Light Salon  – LED Optimised Skincare from £18

I am obsessed with my LED mask and notice such a difference when I use it on a daily basis but even more so when my skin is needing a little extra tlc. Last year I started to experience some dermatitis around my mouth, probably as a result of using too many 

different products, so I have been focusing on stripping back my skincare routine. I am currently not using any strong ingredients to allow my skin to settle and rebalance. I love The Light Salon for their facials and my skin always feels amazing afterwards so I thought it would be perfect to incorporate their incredible range of LED optimised skincare to my routine. I love how the Enzymatic Cleanser gently exfoliates your skin but also can be used as a mask which leaves my skin feeling amazinly fresh and smooth while the Boost Cleanse Recovery Spray soothes any irritation and the Hydrating Peptide Serum improves the skin’s barrier and hydrates. One of my all time hero products though is their Hydrogel Face Mask which is an instant fix for more radiant skin. I can honestly say it transforms my skin. 

Fjör – Hydrolytic Moisturiser £45

This is the world’s first Hydrolytic enzyme- powered moisturiser and it is incredibly hydrating and a new must have item in my skincare routine. Hydrolytic Enzyme Is a revolutionary ingredient that strengthens your skin’s barrier, balances the microbiome and speeds up natural cell renewal which is exactly what my skin is needing at the moment. I am normally so lucky with my skin so this dermatitis is really affecting me and I am determined to re-balance my skin. 

Hydrolytic enzymes have a  significant effect on the skin by deactivating any viruses and fungi while keeping the skin’s natural microbiota balanced. The gentle exfoliation supports the skin’s natural renewal process which helps the other ingredients to reach into deeper layers of the skin, helping to reduce redness while also being deeply hydrating. My skin is definitely looking and feeling more like its old self with this moisturiser.. Maybe even a little radiant. 

Townhouse Signature Manicure – Gel £44

I love a good manicure and it is definitely a treatment I enjoy indulging in. The feeling of a fresh manicure makes me feel more put together and confident. I was so excited when my favourite nail salon Townhouse opened its new Fulham location as their manicures really are the best and they last. They use the highest quality, non-toxic products, with a full vegan range available and I love their selection of colours. Next on my list to try is “Notting Hill Gate” which is a beautiful warm shade of brown. 


I am so aware that the way our skin looks is very telling of our overall wellness so to ensure I am improving my skin from the inside as well as~ I am focusing on my supplements. Here are a few of my favourites I am taking daily.

Sisterly – The Elevator £86

– This supplement really does it all!

ARTAH – Cellular Hydration £32

– Hydrating for your body and skin.

JS Health – Vitality x Collagen Powder £39.99

– The ultimate beauty powder.