Berry Delicious! – Hip & Healthy’s Favourite Berry Beauty Buys!

One of our (many) favourite things about the summer season, is the addition to our diet of the ripe and juicy berry.  A delicious mouthful of antioxidant goodness packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and loaded with nutrients. So as we move into May, the official start of the British berry season, what better way to celebrate these nutritional powerhouses than by taking a look at our pick of the best berry-licious beauty products.


Cowshed Cranberry Seed Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Best for the benefits of cranberry
Cowshed Cranberry Seed Rejuvenating Facial Oil – £36.00
This rejuvenating and toning blend is great for firming skin, enriched with age-resisting rose absolute and neroli essential oils. Made with cranberry seed oil, which contributes to the lipid barrier protection of the skin, it effectively assists in moisture retention for a gorgeous glow. Packed with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, this potent mix firms and deeply moisturises.


Jo Malone

Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Home Candle

Best for a bunch of blackberries
Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay home candle – £42.00
A childhood favourite that ranks highly in vitro antioxidant strength, we’ll have to wait for this British berry, as it typically grows from June to November. In the meantime, Jo Malone has the perfect offering to tide you through with their Blackberry & Bay candle, which gives a burst of deep, tart blackberry juice blended with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. What’s more, the much-loved scent has had a makeover from acclaimed wallpaper and textile designer Michael Angove and the limited edition designed jar illustrates the layered interest in the British countryside.



Kiehls Acai Damage Repairing Serum

Best for an abundance of acai Berry
Kiehl’s Acai Damage Repairing Serum – £37.00
Due to their exceptional antioxidant content, acai berries effectively slow the process of ageing and prevent diseases related to cellular oxidative damage. Packed with nutrients, this concentrated serum quickly penetrates the skin’s surface to help repair the visible signs of damage to tone and texture, caused by sun exposure and other environmental aggressors.


Dr Jart

Dr Jart+ BB Beauty Balm

Best for a blast of blueberry
Dr Jart+ Platinum BB Cream SPF 30 – £15.00
This small berry has huge health benefits from boosting brainpower to fighting disease, with many nutritionists saying if you add one thing to your diet – it has to be blueberries. Giving high coverage from a light application, this wonder balm is for those concerned with the first signs of ageing, as it’s packed with antioxidants and as blueberry fruit extract to protect and perfect skin.



Neutrogena Nourishing Body Balm with Nordic Berry

Best for a handful of cloudberry
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Body Balm with Nordic Berry – £3.99
This Scandinavian super-fruit is known for its antioxidant powers, packed full of vitamin C and known to survive extreme Arctic temperatures – making it extremely resilient. The glycerin rich formula of this body balm instantly relieves dry skin, helping to restore its natural barrier to leave it soft, nourished and hydrated.
Available in stores nationwide



Rodial STEMCELL Super Food Day Cream

Best for a boost of Goji berry
Rodial Stemcell Super-food Day Cream SPF15 – £49.00
Famed as the most nutritionally dense fruit on earth, the goji berry is also renowned in China for its ability to naturally preserve itself and maintain a beautiful, vibrant texture despite being subjected to the elements. This illuminating moisturiser from Rodial uses the goji berry to hydrate skin for complete nourishment with a super-food complex containing Rose Hip Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Pomegranate Extract.

words by Amelia Perkins



The new way to train like an Olympian… The Podium Effect

It would be no exaggeration to state that former Olympian, Louise Hazel, is health and fitness personified. With a beaming smile, incredibly toned figure and genuinely kind nature, she’s the sort of person any girl would happily take wellbeing advice from – and now you can at the touch of a button. After competing in the London 2012 games, heptathlon champion Louise wanted to help others to ‘achieve things they never believed were possible through sport, health and fitness.’ Her new program, ‘The Podium Effect’, is Louise’s ‘way of giving something back’ after her incredible experience as part of Team GB.

In a nutshell The Podium Effect provides an affordable online workout and nutrition plan for people who are looking to transform the way they look and feel. The idea is that healthy living is made, ‘simple, accessible and flexible. All you need to do is turn up, work out and eat according to the guidelines,’ explains Louise. The exercise plan consists of six video-based 30-minute workouts a week. Each video is designed to give an all-over workout, and having been designed by an athlete, Louise insists that you can ‘rest assured you are learning from someone who has trained and competed at the highest level in an event that requires the utmost in all-over body conditioning.’ 

As you would imagine, the exercises are pretty thorough, and after an hour-long session with Louise herself I was left red-faced and out of breath. This high-intensity workout incorporates sets of burpees, press-ups and squats – and that’s just for starters. The reps are tough, and the phrase no pain no gain repeatedly springs to mind. Louise looks utterly effortless as she energetically bounces around while the rest of us struggle to keep up. With her grin firmly intact and her lean muscles gleaming, she truly is a poster girl for fitness.

Louise explains that ‘the exercises will increase in difficulty as time goes on’. This means you’re constantly pushing and challenging your body, building strength and stamina, as well as constantly discovering muscles you didn’t even know you had. Louise has filmed a plethora of workouts for you to do from the comfort of your own home, so you can literally train with an athlete in your living room. Your online account provides a calendar-style tool which allows you to tick off each workout as you go along, evoking a huge sense of achievement.

The nutritional aspect of The Podium Effect is sensible and balanced with a focus on low-glycaemic eating – no faddy diets necessary. With an emphasis on introducing natural, whole foods, and eliminating anything that is processed, it’s all about fuelling and nourishing your mind and body, not punishing yourself. Louise explains, ‘There is no tedious calorie counting or points system and it will educate you to eat clean to support a healthy body.’ Upon joining the program, users are not only given nutritional guidelines but plenty of recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so you’ll constantly feel inspired and motivated.

The idea is to commit to The Podium Effect for an initial stint of 60 days to break old habits and create new, healthier ones. Louise has been amazed by the effects: ‘In this space of time, some users have seen a 9.4kg weight loss, which is so encouraging.’

And it’s not just women who are loving The Podium Effect – it has also garnered a male following. Participants have even been known to exercise in groups and hold ‘Podium Effect Parties’ at one another’s houses. And although the program has been favoured by brides-to-be or anyone looking to get in shape fast, Louise insists that it ‘sets itself apart from other weight-loss programs as it offers continuity and sustainable results. It doesn’t just stop after 60 days, you have the choice to continue to get fitter, stronger and healthier.’

If you’re still not convinced, Louise tells me that ‘The response has been overwhelming. I have had messages from people who have claimed that it has changed their lives and given them focus and educated them as to how to eat well without skipping meals.’ It would seem that the idea here isn’t about getting a short-term fix but a lifestyle change that produces lasting results.

You only have to take one look at Louise’s twitter feed to see how dedicated she is to helping people achieve optimum health. A constant stream of thoughtful quotes, healthy meal ideas and links to 3-minute workout videos provide non-stop inspiration for her followers. But what about days when you just feel like vegging out on the sofa with a bag of crisps? Well then it’s time to think like an athlete: ‘If I want to achieve my goal more than I want a bar of chocolate or a comfy bed, then it puts those small things into perspective. Therefore, if something or someone is counter-productive to your goals then they can wait for another day, or at least until my war has been won,’ says Louise. Words to live by we think.

Visit A 60-day subscription costs £39.99

By Harriet Allmark

Real Life Paradise: Velassaru Maldives Reviewed!

The anticipation was almost too much…having just stepped off a tiring, long haul flight, my boyfriend and I were just a mere boat ride away from 10 days of sun and utter tranquility. The destination? Velassaru Maldives. Weary eyed, and looking a little worse for wear, we climbed aboard the Velassaru boat and away we went.

The skies were blue, the water, a blanket of turquoise calm, we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have arrived on such a beautiful day! A seemingly short, 20 minutes later we started to approach Velassaru. This is when it hit me…after months of waiting and weather forecast checking, we were finally here.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 15.48.55

Infinity Pool

Velassaru is one of the smaller luxury islands in the Maldives (on average it takes 15-20 minutes to walk around the whole island). But don’t let it’s its size put you off… with five restaurants to choose from, a huge selection of water sports, a spa to die for, a well equipped gym, a tennis court and the most gorgeous infinity pool, it offers all that you could possibly want, with a little more privacy and tranquility than some of the bigger resorts.

Once checked in, our host Anthony escorted us to our very own deluxe bungalow, placed quite literally a few steps away from the white, sandy beaches. This stylish, split-level bungalow was all that I could have imagined. The best part? The outdoor bathroom (totally private of course). I love being able to connect with nature as much as possible, so being able to shower under the sun or under the starry night was just incredible. I’d been on the island 20 minutes and I was already in love.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 15.26.55

Dinning on the beach

We enjoyed the next couple of days from a more “horizontal” viewpoint on our sun loungers! It’s a tough life! However, we were itching to experience as much of the Maldives as we could and top of our list was scuba diving! Many people had told us that the colourful sea-life and beautiful corals were not to be missed and if we were going to do it, we should do it in the Maldives. This was by far the most surreal, enchanting thing I’ve ever experienced and it was oddly calming. Being 10 meters or so under the surface, you can’t talk, and you can’t hear much either, so you can only communicate by signs. The breathing is very slow and controlled and you don’t really move a great speed! It’s like and underwater zen garden! (Perhaps there’s a gap in the market for scuba meditation!)

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 15.17.37

Teppanyaki – Overwater Restaurant

Being a Hip & Healthy girl, I am such a foodie and luckily so is my boyfriend. We get so much enjoyment out of trying different foods so we were super excited to try all the different restaurants on the island. If you’re like us, then this is another reason why you should opt for Velassaru as they have an array of different restaurants with diverse cuisine. The stand out for me though, was Teppanyaki, the Japanese restaurant. Situated on stilts over the water, it’s the ultimate Maldivian experience. Sit out on the deck and listen to the gentle waves while you spot the occasional sting ray and reef shark, or sit around the chef’s table and watch your food being prepared right in front of you. Both are equally as awesome!

Five days in and a little more sun kissed, it was time to move from our deluxe bungalow to the famous Overwater villa. The water villa is the classic representation of the Maldives and I have to say, staying in one has been a massive dream of mine for many years. The villas are exquisite, everywhere you look there are views of turquoise. Even the toilet! Every inch oozes luxury and again, it’s more than I could have ever wanted. We were lucky enough to have a balcony that got the afternoon sun and sunset… we honestly struggled to find an excuse to leave the villa at all! I want to also mention the humongous bath tub set right in the middle of the bathroom on it’s own little pebbled island. Watching the sun set immersed in bubbles is quite an experience.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 15.22.02

Overwater Villa

For me, Velassaru instantly gave off a vibe of openness and space. Nothing feels enclosed or “inside”. I kid you not, I spent the entire holiday barefoot. It’s a super chilled island that has “understated luxury” written all over it. There’s no fuss here… the staff aren’t in your face, but they are never far away incase you get an urge for a another round of coconut waters! The worst part about this holiday was leaving it behind. Watching the island vanish in the distance is so disgustingly depressing. One thing you must realise is that no picture, website or postcard will prepare you for the immense beauty of the Maldives. You only fully understand when you get there. In a nutshell, Velassaru is a place that exceeds all expectations, and gives you the most perfect example of what a paradise holiday should be all about.

Book your stay at Velassaru here. To view the Indulgence Package details, click here.

Organised by Turquoise Holidays.

words by Molly Jennings

Be You with Tully Lou; another Aussie brand to hit the Hip & Healthy Activewear Store in June!

We love the Australian’s healthy attitude to life. With an abundance of sun, gorgeous beaches and clean sea air it’s no wonder that so many Aussies spend most of their time outside surfing, swimming and playing sports, whilst looking fantastic doing so. They are a canny lot, and their dedication to being active means that the good, healthy people of Oz have learnt a few things about how to dress well to keep fit. Hence why Hip & Healthy is so excited to reveal that Australian brand, Tully Lou is making it’s arrival to the Activewear Store in June!

The brand’s founder and designer, Tully, believes that looking and feeling good are intrinsically linked, suggesting that “if you look good, you feel good and visa versa”, which is why her collection boasts such serious fashion credentials. Over the past few seasons a plethora of fashion collections have put emphasis on sporty detailing such as mesh panels and crisp structures, and Tully Lou’s latest offerings would not look out of place on the catwalk. Bright, neon piping, sheer panelling and great structural details all pay homage to recent runway trends, and the quality tailoring is sure to flatter any figure. The H&H team has chosen it’s favourite pieces from Tully Lou’s latest collection including two gorgeous variations of the Luxe Crop top and the very hip Plow Pants. Not to mention the Luna Pants, the Harlow Crop and the Parna Pants…

Tully’s experiences of teaching Bikram yoga have meant that she is very tuned-in to wellness and what women want from their sports clothing. Her stylish designs in superior fabrics are suitable for yoga, Pilates, dance and general fitness; and of course, the street. After all, with the pavement being the ultimate catwalk these days there is no better place to show-off some of the latest and most fashionable sportswear post-sweat. We can’t wait to share it with you all!

words by Lucy Marshall

The Britney After-Math!

As you guys might know, we jetted off to Frame in Queens Park last Saturday to bust some moves Britney –style in celebration of her newest perfume collection, Fantasy – The Nice Remix and The Naughty Remix!

Joelle, the choreographer got us warmed up and then put us through our paces with two dance routines…the Nice and the Naughty! The first routine was to “Overprotected”. It brought out Britney’s old school, sweet and innocent side and you can really smell that in the perfume with the fruity notes. The second, more sexy routine was to “I’m A Slave For You”. This saucy, boot-shaking routine brought out the wild child in us and the perfume is certainly sexy and musky with an undertone of indulgent sweet. (Oh la la!)

The two perfumes almost act like two separate personalities and the one you decide to wear is a refection of your mood. Both scents are great to tote in your gym bag and will leave you feeling sweet and sultry after your sweaty workout!

To book a class at Frame, click here.

Perfumes start at £23 each and can be bought here.

The Protein Myth Debunked: Why We Should All be Eating More Protein (and what sort) For a Lean and Lovely Bod!

Protein makes us bulky. Protein makes us fat. Protein makes us heavy and muscly and unhealthy. Correct? Well, that’s what many of us have come to believe, thanks to images of hefty bodybuilders chugging down post-workout shakes filled with artificial protein powders that promise to help them gain weight (aka. muscle), quickly. However, this is quite an old-fashioned stigma and despite its negative press, protein is in fact one of the most essential components that the body requires. It is made up of chains of amino acids, which are the backbones of almost every cell in the body and getting enough of them is vital for optimum health. Alice Mackintosh, the renowned nutritionist at The Food Doctor explains that, “the effects of protein deficiency are pretty far-reaching. Your mood, liver function, immunity, kidney health, hormone balance and adrenal function are all things that can become compromised if they don’t get the amino acids they need”. It is integral to every human’s diet and aesthetically, protein promotes a youthful, feminine body and improves vibrancy in hair, skin and nails. As such, the body requires eight essential amino acids that it cannot synthesise itself, and which must therefore be provided through nutrition.

So, why do so many women shun protein from their diets? Many believe that foods rich in protein are high in calories, are fattening and will produce excessive amounts of muscle. However, Mackintosh quashes this common worry in one full swoop, expressing that, “just as fat doesn’t equate to fat gain protein doesn’t necessarily lead to muscle gain”. Women simply do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to build bulk, and the only way of doing so would be to chug down an unnatural amount of protein supplements and shakes (we’re talking four to five a day, not one or two), and by lifting very heavy weights.

Why choose plant-based protein?

Whilst some protein sources do contain a higher amount of calories than others, it’s worth knowing which ones to choose. Protein that comes from animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs provide all eight essential amino acids that the body needs, but they come with a higher-calorie count than other sources. Eating these food-groups in moderation is great, but there is a multitude of other high-protein options to choose from that are just as beneficial. Anti-ageing and fitness nutritionist, Rick Hay presents the idea that; “plant-based protein has been shown to increase life expectancy whilst also lowering the incidence of many of today’s common disease states, such as cardio vascular problems, diabetes and obesity related illnesses”. They also have the added benefit of being nutrient dense and low in calories.

Hay’s advice to consume plant proteins rather than animal proteins could be beneficial in more ways than one. Firstly, plants are alkaline forming, and as we are continuously learning, the human body is predominantly alkaline. According to Hay, feeding the body with acidic animal proteins strip the bones of minerals as the body finds internal sources to maintain an alkaline pH. That isn’t to say to give up animal proteins completely, every piece of advice should be looked at from both sides and giving up something that has been a staple in the human diet for years might seem drastic to some. We would suggest moderating the consumption of animal proteins to three or four times a week.

Muscle does not weigh more than fat

The age-old mantra that “muscle weighs more than fat” simply isn’t a reality. A kilogram of muscle weighs the same as a kilogram of fat – a kilo is a kilo. What the phrase suggests is that the more muscle in the body, the heavier that body will be. This is true, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that that person will be overweight. The main reason for the fact is that muscle is denser than fat. Because of this, muscle takes up less space than fat and by providing the body with sufficient protein, we add to the density of our muscles.

As a result of this, protein can be used as an aid to weight-loss. Michael Tanner, the gym manager at Bodyism (where Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Elle MacPherson train), expresses that taking protein after a workout is best. He says that, “it’s a real window of opportunity to re-nourish the body. It provides essential amino acids which helps repair damage to muscle incurred through exercise and helps to create lean muscle”.

Muscle burns fat incredibly efficiently and the more we have of it, the more unwanted fat we burn. Therefore we should aim to eat 0.5-1g of protein per pound (lb) of body weight and try to include it in every meal and snack, especially as it is an excellent way of reducing the glycaemic load of a meal. Protein takes a while to move through the digestive system and as a result, we feel fuller and more satisfied for longer, meaning that overeating is kept to a minimum. It also helps to regulate blood-sugar levels resulting in fewer cravings for high-sugar, high-calorie snacks at 11am and 3pm, which are the typical times of day when blood-sugar levels dip and we reach for any pick-me-up. Try Hip & Healthy’s Baobab Bars to quash those mid-afternoon hunger pangs and sugar-cravings.

So, which protein-rich foods are best to eat?

Alice Mackintosh recommends a multitude of raw plant-protein sources such as chia seeds, flaxseeds, sprouted vegetables, baobab and almonds. She suggests that the seeds should be milled to aid in their digestion, and that nuts and other seeds should be soaked overnight for the same reason. For vegans, especially high sources of protein come from blue-green algaue and chlorella, which can be added to smoothies and juices. Brilliant plant-based protein powders include hemp, brown rice, pea protein and sacha inchi. For those who haven’t heard of sacha inchi (and let’s be honest, not many of us have) it is a nut that has been eaten by indigenous tribes for thousands of years (of course) and is beginning to gain some momentum in the Western health-food industry as a new superfood. It is one of the few plants known that is a complete protein that includes all eight amino acids required by the body, it’s an incredibly rich source of omega fatty acids and is very high in fibre and antioxidants.

We cannot stress the importance of eating protein enough, and there is so much scientific evidence to prove its integral nutritional value. If the science isn’t enough, then surely the fact that the word, “protein” comes from a Greek word that means, “of first importance” says it all. Thank you Mr Tanner for that little gem of information, we can’t wait to tuck in.

Hip & Healthy’s Top Plant Protein Powders

  • Sun Warrior –  amazing for its hemp, pea and brown rice protein blend, plus it’s raw and organic.
  • Pulsin’ Pea Protein
  • Naturya Hemp Protein Powder

words by Lucy Marshall

Image from LIJA ( – Soon to be stocked at Hip & Healthy.



If you only do one thing this week…Boost Your Fertility With These Baby-Loving Foods!

Trying for a baby is one of life’s most exciting things, and the thought of bringing a part of you into the world is amazing! As you might know, Hip & Healthy are passionate about using food as medicine (where possible) so we thought we’d share with you our top 5 foods to help boost your fertility!

Salmon – Expectant yummy mummies are often advised to be cautious when it comes to fish, but salmon should definitely be on your list for aiding good fertility. The fatty acids in this oily fish have shown to help the production of the reproductive hormones, regulate the menstrual cycle and increase blood flow to reproductive organs.

Mangoes – A great reason to add more of this juicy fruit into your diet is because of its beta carotene content. Beta carotene, (also found in carrots, peaches and apricots) converts in to Vitamin A, which helps the body to produce the female sex hormones important for ovulation. Try our nourishing Mango Sunshine Smoothie for a fertility-enhancing pick me up!

Sweet Potato – Research has suggested that Sweet Potato can help stimulate ovulation and it’s one Hip & Healthy’s favourite root vegetable! Another reason to whip up some delicious sweet potato mash for dinner tonight!

Brown Rice – Brown rice makes it into our top 5 because of its ability to regulate the blood sugar levels. Big surges of insulin can disrupt the menstrual cycle, making it more difficult to conceive the next member of your family tree. Again, a great reason to cut out processed sugar from your diet!

Sunflower Seeds – I swear sunflower seeds are good for everything! These nutty gems contain Zinc, an important nutrient for both male and female fertility. It’s also pack with protein, which also helps increase fertility. Sprinkle on top of your porridge for a baby-boosting breakfast!

words by Molly Jennings

Puy Lentil And Pomegranate Salsa Raw “Noodles”

It’s good to know you can whip up this beautiful and delicious dish in no time at all. If you haven’t got time to cook your own Puy lentils you can use canned to make life easier for you. I find these are great for picnics and for lunch on the go, too.

serves 2

1 courgette (zucchini)

200g (7oz/1 cup) cooked Puy lentils

seeds of 1/2 pomegranate

5g (1⁄8oz/1 tsp) chervil, chopped finely

5g (1⁄8oz/1 tsp) dill, chopped finely

5–7 drops each of mirin, brown rice vinegar

and toasted sesame oil

sunflower seeds, to garnish

For the dressing:

1 tbsp tahini (sesame seed paste)

2 tbsp water

1/4 tsp umeboshi plum puree

juice of 1/2 lime

Using a spiraliser, spiralise your courgette (zucchini) and put the pile or raw ‘noodles’ on a serving plate. In a bowl, put the cooked lentils, pomegranate seeds, fresh chopped herbs, mirin, brown rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil and mix together. In a cup, make the dressing. Whisk the tahini (sesame seed paste) with the water until smooth – don’t worry if it looks like it’s curdling, just whisk faster. Next, add the umeboshi plum purée and lime juice and mix again. Pour the dressing over the lentils and mix well. Serve over the raw courgette (zucchini) ‘noodles’ and sprinkle with sunflower seeds.


Pomegranates have abundant insoluble fibre and contain most of the B-complex vitamins, vital for energy. The seeds and juice provide antioxidants, vitamin C and ellagic acid, for great heart health.


A spiraliser is a fantastic kitchen implement but also a great toy – so this is one to get the kids involved in. If you like, you can also spiralise carrots, which adds an extra colour and texture to the dish.

Naughty and Nice – Hip And Healthy, Britney Style!

We’ve all been there, hairbrush in hand with “Hit Me Baby One More Time” blasting in the background! (Admittedly a few years back now!) Well Britney’s on the comeback and we’ve got the inside scoop on her newest fragrances to hit the UK…The Naughty Remix and The Nice Remix! Britney Spears has led the way for celebrity fragrances over the last 10 years and has dominated the UK market by establishing “Fantasy” as the iconic best-selling celebrity fragrance. In 2014, Britney is sharing with her fans, two new fragrances that incorporate some of the notes from her original fragrance, Fantasy but with a twist!

To celebrate the launch, we’re heading down to Frame in Queens Park tomorrow to learn some of Britney’s signature dance moves and you’re invited to come along too! Frame is one of London’s hottest places to workout so we can’t wait to bust some moves! We hope to see you there!

Tickets cost £25 pp and can be booked here.

Shop The Naughty and Nice fragrances here.



10 Minutes with Wellbeing Guru Nealy Fischer

We chat to Hong Kong based wellness guru Nealy Fischer about her new venture Mayya as well as snacks, fitness and her daily diary. How does the busy business woman and mother of four fit it all in?

What inspired you to set up MAYYA?
I was tired of having a dream and not doing anything about it it. I was unhappy and almost angry at myself for looking in the mirror and seeing the “mini me” rather than my full potential. Literally, one day I woke up and said today is the day that i’m going to put my fear of failure aside and live my fullest potential.

EXPLAIN what MAYYA aims to achieve?
MAYYA’s mission is to inspire women to fulfil their potential so that they can live more mindful and healthy lives. I would like to give women the tools necessary to navigate the ocean of options in the wellness sphere and make it simpler to craft their best bodies and dream their best lives.

When did you get into heathy living and why?
I grew up in the 80’s; my mom was ahead of her time and didn’t let us eat candy bars…we had whole wheat bread and soup after school (funny, at that time whole wheat bread was considered good for you). So I was raised with a healthy mindset. I got into exercise at a very young age and by 17 was already teaching group fitness classes at my local gym! It was my way, as a teenager, to deal with my body and feel like i had some control over my life. I was always looking at the new exercise trends and went from teaching and privately training to leading yoga classes, workshops and cooking classes.

Favorite healthy snack?
Sprouted almonds and homemade kale chips. I also love dark chocolate!

What do you have for breakfast?
I am a breakfast creature of habit! Almost everyday I have a three-egg white omelet with assorted veggies. If I’m really hungry I’ll also have some fruit or a side salad. And a cup of coffee and tons of hot water.

How do you keep fit?
Regular yoga practice and a barre workout routine that I practice at home. Plus hiking and some cardio at the gym. I also walk everywhere. I never stand still on escalators and try to avoid taxis!

What is your biggest luxury in life?
Dark chocolate…I have this thing about luxurious dar chocolate bars… I buy a bar and just have a bite and the rest of the bars just get accumulated in my pantry. I’ve totally got to stop!

Who inspires you?
My husband; he is even busier than I am managing his own business but when he comes home is is able to switch work off and wrestle with the kids.

What gets you up in the morning?
I LOVE what I do. I’m excited about the challenges that my day brings. My work is my passion and my passion is my work. I also feel extremely blessed to wake up to my four amazing kids in the morning. Some days, though, what gets me up are my commitments. I may not always want to get to work for whatever reason but I know people are counting on me.

For more info on Mayya check out the website:

What do you think about before bed?
I’m embarrassed to say that my pre-bedtime practices are far from ideal… I usually think about my day, what i’ve accomplished and what I didn’t and how I can do better tomorrow. My ideal pre-bed activity is reading – I have a huge pile of books near my bed and I find that when I read something stimulating before bed and switch of my monkey brain I tend to sleep better and wake up with far more insights. Thanks for asking this question, i’m totally going back to my pre-bed reading practice tonight!

How do you relax?
The cool down portion of my yoga workout; foot massages; lazy weekends at home testing new recipes; random pockets in my day where I shut my door and just sit quietly for a few minutes to recharge; with a great book on the couch saturday mornings; some sake with my husband at our favourite Japanese restaurant.

What motto do you live by?
“This too shall pass” Childbirth and mothering has taught me about the extremes of pain and pleasure and the funny thing is I try not to get too attached to either because they both pass!

What does your diary look like?
Are you sure you want to know? I wake up at 5:00am and get work done..7:00am get kids to school then exercise..these days the rest of my day is jammed with work for MAYYA. I try and be home with my kids when they get home from school. Although my days are busier than they used to be I try ad get an apron on and whip something up in the kitchen everyday. I usually plug back into work after dinner but once a week I’m out on date night with my husband!

What couldn’t you live without?
I could live without anything except for my husband and my kids

Stop Sugar Cravings In Their Tracks!

Cutting out sugar is no easy task. Yes, sugar is bad, nay, terrible for us- we get it. Yet, hunger pangs, the onset of stress or a bad night’s sleep can have even the best of us digging to the back of the cupboard in search of a sweet fix. Enough is enough. If deciphering every nutrition label isn’t challenging enough, battling against cravings with the consolation that ‘going cold turkey is the only way to break the cycle’ is, for many of us, far too great an ask. We wind up, spoon in Nutella jar, feeling like a failure. If your relationship with this modern day drug is somewhat similar, it’s time to form an action plan and put an end to all this negativity. Having a few tricks up your sleeve, a so called battle plan, will keep you on the straight and narrow in times of temptation. So, stop staring at the biscuit tin, act! It’s when your mind and body are working in unison, rather than fighting against each other, that amazing things happen. Let us tell you how you can finally conquer your addiction to the sweet stuff.

Snack smart.
Knowledge is power. Did you know that a slice of fresh lemon in hot water has been known to decrease blood sugar levels by up to 10%? What’s more, cinnamon is great for stabilising insulin levels; incorporate it in some way or other into your breakfast to prepare your body for the day ahead. Always pair fruit with a form of protein to minimise that nasty spike, shortly followed by a dramatic drop, in blood sugar levels. Top tip: adding tofu to smoothies is a great way to achieve this. Similarly, a spoonful of unsweetened peanut butter or a handful of nuts and seeds will also do the trick!

Be prepared.
It goes without saying that we’re most susceptible to cravings when hunger strikes. Prepare healthy snacks the night before and the likelihood of you nipping into the supermarket and succumbing to those cravings is significantly reduced. Top tip: chai seeds boast a slow carbohydrate to blood sugar conversion rate so they’re a fantastic way to stay fuller for longer. Sweet or savoury; use them wherever you can.

Be informed.
Learn to love nutrition labels as they will tell you everything you need to know. As a simple guide, anything containing more than 22.5g of total sugars per 100g is high in sugar and should be approached with caution. Do not, and I repeat, do not fall into the ‘low fat’ trap as these products are often loaded with sugar in some form. Top tip: keeping a diary of your dietary intake, noting the times of day when cravings strike, will bring to light just how much sugar you’re consuming. The results may be alarming! Your morning coffee and your breakfast cereal can both be crammed with sugar that consequently leaves you longing for the rest of the day.

Distract yourself.
We all have a tendency to snack on the bad stuff when we’re bored. If you’re about to indulge, stop, drink a large glass of water and say to yourself “If I’m still hungry in 20 minutes, I will eat” and then find something… anything, to do. Some advocate using scented oils such as grapefruit, lemon or peppermint oil to distract the senses, others prefer chewing gum or talking a brisk walk. It’s a simple yet surprisingly effective solution to retraining your brain to form new, healthy habits.

Be inspired.
Continuing along the theme of mind over matter, the website Pinterest is full of motivational quotes and positive mantras that can steer you back onto the right path in times of need. It’s nice to know that there are millions of like minded individuals out there who value their health as much as you do. “Create healthy habits, not restrictions” see, that helps, doesn’t it?

Cheat – a bit.
Almost every health bunny out there advocates an 80/20 balance. That is, be good 80% of the time and allow yourself the occasional treat. Most importantly, opt for something satisfying and nutritious such as Baobab Bars or Mini Raw Carrot Cakes and there’s no need to feel even the least bit guilty!  Last but not least, enjoy your food. Make the right decisions and your body will thank you for it.

words by Alexandra Salisbury

image: Pinterest