If You Only Do One Thing This Week: Try one of London’s Best Bootcamps

We all need to reboot our workout every once in a while. With an array of fresh, new ways to work it and no contract, ‘pay as you train’ boutiques cropping up around town there has never been a better time to ditch the regular routine. What’s more, studies have shown that stepping away from the squat rack and taking some time out from the treadmill in search of a new challenge can have amazing results. Need we say anymore? Here’s our roundup of London’s finest boot camps. From high intensity workouts under an hour to a whole week’s retreat; there’s something to make you sweat and, most importantly, keep you active and interested. You are welcome!

If you’ve got just 30 minutes – 1Rebel 

1Rebel calls itself the fresh face of fitness and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. A sleek interior, tri-temperature towels and a Roots & Bulbs juice bar – it’s not hard to see why 1Rebel is the fitness destination du jour. Their full body reshape class really hits the spot too, she says with a yelp.

If you’ve got 60 minutes – Barry’s Bootcamp

Prepare for an adrenaline fuelled, heart and head pumping session by experienced trainers who demand your absolute all. You’ll come out feeling like a toned, honed goddess… in need of a lie down. A seriously sweaty workout with brilliant results.

If you’ve got 60 minutes to spend outdoors – British Military Fitness

The super friendly trainers provide a sociable and extremely welcoming environment. You’ll be crawling through mud and under a stranger’s legs – and loving it – in no time at all. Having being put through my paces, I walked away with a big smile.

If you’ve got 2 hours – Urbantri 

Picture 45 minutes of hot yoga, followed by a 5K run around St James’s Park and finishing with an 8 mile spin at BOOM Cycle, Holborn. A refreshingly fun way to up the ante at the weekend.

If you’ve got a week – PUSH Mind & Body

Re-bootcamp is more of a fitting title for this one. Providing expert advice in nutrition and mindfulness, PUSH prides itself on giving you the tools to achieve your long term goals. There’s also a pampering session on the final day as an added perk. Sounds like perfection to me!

words by Alexandra Salisbury 

Image: Nike Women

Top Fitness Accessories for Travel

To help you maintain a fit bod while traveling, Kathleen Fleming has picked her favourite fitness accessories, all of which fit comfortably in your hand luggage…

We all know summer bodies are made in winter. But then summer comes, we go on holiday, drink too many cocktails, eat too much ice cream, laze around on a sun lounger and hey presto before we know it, those summer bodies are no more. We agree that holidays are for relaxing and some time sun-bathing by a pool is certainly not self-indulgent. However, doing a little bit of physical activity on holiday will keep you feeling and looking your best. And who doesn’t want to return from a holiday looking extra hot and healthy?

Skipping Rope

Cheap, small and light a skipping rope can be packed into the smallest bag. Ok, you might get a few funny looks jumping rope in a hotel courtyard but who cares when you are burning around 350 calories per half an hour! It is also a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness meaning those treadmills won’t appear too daunting when you get back in the gym. You don’t need much space or much time to skip and it can be done inside or outside making the skipping rope an ideal travel companion.

Manduka Travel Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great way of keeping your body moving while you travel. You can lay your yoga mat anywhere and salute the glorious sun. Yoga will improve strength and flexibility as well as helping you de-stress after a long journey. As well as using it as a yoga mat, it can double up as an exercise mat for rocking some Pilates moves or crunching those abs. Unlike standard yoga mats this mat is as light as a feather and can be folded into a square to fit into your case. And if you are worried about getting sweaty and slipping around on the mat, it is also non-slip (tried and tested!).

Resistance Band

A resistance band can be scrunched up into a tiny ball and squeezed in the corner of the smallest handbag. It is a versatile piece of equipment as you can pretty much bust out those exercises anywhere – even on a long haul flight. There is also a range of upper and lower body exercises which you can do using resistance band and you can buy bands of varying strength too. Also resistance bands are especially good for those who are working on injury recovery and want to keep it their rehab while traveling.

Nike Free Runs

These sports shoes are seriously light weight. Plus they are flexible meaning you can bend them a little so you can make space for more bikinis in your suitcase. Not only are they practical but they also come in loads of awesome colours meaning they are functional and fashionable. Packing a good pair of trainers means there is no excuse for long walks in beautiful places, runs along the beach or getting some squats in on your hotel balcony. Here at H& H, we seriously recommend them for sightseeing trips and city breaks where you might be doing some pavement pounding.


The TRX comes in a handy small bag that you can easily shove into your holdall. Plus it weighs very little so you won’t have worry about excess baggage. The TRX is easy to use as you simply hook it up to any door frame, tree, or railing and you are all set to train. It can be used for loads of different bodyweight exercises, but it is particularly great for core training. If you like the idea of travelling with a TRX, we seriously recommend the TRX classes at Heartcore, where you can pick up some awesome TRX moves.

Image: Seafolly


Hit Reset on Your Health with Reset Button Retreats

Making changes in your life isn’t easy. It would be wonderful if you could just click your fingers and everything would fall into place. Snap, perfect posture. Click, perfect diet. Snip, zen-like disposition. If only it was that easy! Sadly the Mary Poppins answer to good health simply doesn’t exist. And many of us find ourselves so time starved that it’s difficult to find the right moment to make positive changes for our own health and wellbeing. Believe me, I’ve been there.

I started up in the Retreat business after 15 years working as a creative director in the advertising industry. I was living life burning the candle at every end I could find. I finally changed my focus after I hit burnout and had become one of those ‘stressed out execs’. At this point I began practicing Mindfulness, changed my eating regime and began a healthy relationship with fitness. This brought a new found balance into my life.

The desire to help others make positive changes in their lives without having to hit rockbottom first is eventually what led me to leave my job and launch The Reset Button Retreat. It is a ‘Mindfitness’ retreat, made to improve people’s health and happiness through practicing and learning about mindfulness, fitness and better nutrition. I believe the mind is the most important muscle in your body; it’s in charge of everything else, so keeping it trim helps make it easier to keep the rest of your life in order. Those who can benefit the most from learning how to practice mindfulness – those with a full time busy job and crazy schedule – are often the ones that can never find the time for it.

The Reset Button has been designed with busy professionals or parents in mind. It’s just a long weekend – four nights and five days, a realistic amount of time to be able to organise being away from your usual responsibilities, yet long enough to properly unplug, relax and get back onto track.

Too many of us forget to look after number one. We have hundreds of excuses and too many other things we have to do. I believe it’s important to stop once in a while and see where we are. It’s too easy to miss your own life as it zooms past. The Reset Button offers guests a chance to stop for a moment, review their situation, then start on the track they want to be on. Oh and have some fun and unwind at the same time.


When choosing the location for the retreat I visited 15 properties in three different countries. Finally arriving at the Old Spanish Masia just outside Barcelona I knew it was the one instantly. The overwhelming feeling of peace and serenity on stepping out of the car plus the endless view into the distance of Pine Forests, the lack of neighbours and the indoor and outdoor pool meant it had it all. An easily accessible Haven!

The aim is to create the perfect environment for guests to relax while learning how to get back to the very best version of themselves. It is not a ‘fast fix’ but more a long-term reset, putting everyone back onto track creating realistic goals and teaching easily implementable ways to improve well-being.

At the Retreat we have six on-site experts: Nutritionist, Mindfulness Therapist, Professional chef, Personal trainer, Pilates Expert and a Masseur. All the experts stay on site so you can chat to them any time, as well as receiving private consultations. Our Nutritionist attends every meal to help advise each guest personally about what they are eating.

The menu is composed by the Chef and Nutritionist together, ensuring it’s tasty and varied while also cutting out all the bad boys: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy and wheat. You could call it a detox, but we believe the reason to cut these out is to give guests a chance to reset their tastebuds. Your liver is always detoxing your body anyway. The aim is to reset your tastebuds sufficiently that when you head home it’s easier to continue eating healthily because you’re off the caffeine-sugar rollercoaster.

Over the course of the retreat we teach a complete introduction to Mindfulness with daily drop-in meditations for guests who wish to practice under guidance. It’s the perfect place to learn, quiet, away from it all up in the mountains. We ask our guests to try and leave all their distractions at home – unplugging isn’t enforced but is highly recommended. It takes a little organisation pre-retreat – asking colleagues and family not to contact you unless necessary, ensuring your work and home is in a situation where you don’t have to worry while your away, changing your answerphone messages etc. but it’s definitely worth the effort as to get the most out of your retreat, you want to be able to switch off properly.

The next Reset Button is being held from 23rd – 27th April. Please visit www.theresetbutton.co.uk for more information or email [email protected]

Healthy Easter Treats

Easter is a tempting time for all of us, and even the cleanest of eaters can find themselves wavering under the bombardment of delectable and sugary treats on offer at this time of year. There is no need to forgo the chocolate extravaganza this Easter, after all, optimum wellness is all about balance! But if you want to stay true to your healthy life and treat your body right whilst you reap the rewards of serotonin-boosting cocoa, we have all you need to indulge the healthy way this Easter!

Mimi Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask

You don’t need to be eating chocolate to be getting your fix and reaping that serotonin high – we say, slap some on your face for the ultimate in guilt-free Easter indulgence! The Mimi Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask is made from 100% natural clay ingredients along with ethically sourced, Ecuadorian organic raw cacao to detoxify, deliver an army of antioxidants to your skin, and fight signs of ageing to leave your face feeling fresh and silky smooth. This face mask kit comes with everything you need to concoct your own treatment at home, making for a fun and healthy way to spend Easter Sunday with the girls.

Doisy and Dam

Doisy and Dam superfood chocolate bars will satisfy even the most ardent chocoholics. These special, 74% organic cocoa bars come in big sizes so you can really indulge and get that classic, stuffed Easter feeling without any of the guilt! Doisy and Dam chocolate is a more wholesome treat for health-conscious chocolate fiends as it is crammed full with superfoods including goji berries, maca, spirulina and hemp seeds for a shot of health with your choc! To top it off, the bars are vegan, meaning everybody can indulge this Easter without the food-baby, button-popping, guilt-inducing treat hangover which traditionally follows! Wrapped beautifully in gold foil, the bars also make for a lovely little Easter gift to make any foodie happy this Easter.

Love Superfood Tea

Don’t fear, the superfood Easter Bunny is here with the answer to satisfying those sweet cravings the healthy way with Love Superfood Tea’s Guilt free Choc Tea. This brew is brimming with organic superfoods including raw cacao, peppermint, lucuma and rooibos to have you slurping your way to health and indulgence this Easter and beyond! ‘Good health, good vibes and good tea’ infused with a little cacao goodness, are all you need for a happy, healthy Easter and Love Superfood Tea has that all packaged up and ready for your mug! With a hint of mint, Guilt Free Choc Tea has your body detoxing whilst your mouth is fooled into thinking it’s naughtily munching on dinner party chocolates. Add a dash of Alt Milk nut milk for a dreamy, creamy cup of goodness. A tea and chocolate fusion? Winning formula.

Primal Joy Foods

Far from being stuck in the stone-age, Primal Joy Foods is totally on it when it comes to progressive recipes and creating nourishing, whole foods for the new wave of healthies. Get with the superfood set of 2015 and treat yourself to some of their un-processed indulgence this Easter! For something a little different from ubiquitous chocolate bars, get your hands on some Rich Chocolate Brownies. These ooey, gooey, dense and scrummy brownies are made from whole, pure, organic, Paleo-friendly ingredients. That’s right, despite tasting as though a cheeky cheat party is going down in your mouth, Primal Joy Foods’ Rich Chocolate Brownies are free from gluten, dairy, grains, soy and refined sugar so even the most sensitive of tummies and cleanest of eaters can have a happy Easter. Made from almond flour, eggs, coconut oil and cocao and sweetened with dates and honey, the brownies are available singularly or in boxes of 6. If you’re generous enough, offer a bite to a not-so-healthy friend – we promise they will not notice it’s good for them! Check out the other members of the Primal Joy Foods range for a fabulous selection of clean, delicious and guilt-free Paleo snacks. Whether you are Paleo or not, Primal Joy Foods’ Paleo Chocolate Brownies are a must-have edition to your Easter basket.

IQ Chocolate

Our friends at iQ have launched a limited edition superfood raw chocolate bar just in time for Easter, meaning you can get all the naughty-feeling, indulgence associated with Easter Sunday-eating without any of the guilt! iQ Chocolate’s bean-to-bar chocolate boasts over 20 proven health benefits to add nourishment to your Easter hunt. Sweetened with organic blossom sugar and, according to the brand, a lot of love, these treat-sized bars are the perfect alternative to sugar-laden eggs. Yes indeed, chocolate really can be good for you!

words: Rachel Bednarski

If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Get Fit For Free!

Keeping fit needn’t cost a fortune in the form a year-long expensive gym membership. Thanks to free classes and trial sessions popping up across the country, your wallet can take a sigh of relief while your body get lean!


Yogis in-the-know have long been a fixture at Lululemon’s 11am Sunday morning classes, which pop up each week in their stores and showrooms across the city. With guest teachers changing each week expect to try everything from relaxing yin to invigorating disco yoga. Not into downward dogs? The Kings Road and Covent Garden stores offer a complimentary run club every Saturday.

Visit lululemon.com


Sweaty Betty Get Fit 4 Free
Sign up for a complimentary Sweaty Betty membership card and get unlimited access to an array of classes hosted by your areas top fitness experts. Available in all forty stores nationwide, try everything from circuit training to HIIT, yoga and pilates – simply book your mat online.

Visit SweatyBetty.com


Tennis For Free
Inspired by the recent Australian Open or keen to get ready for Wimbledon? Tennis For Free has a list of public courts across the country, providing ‘walk on and play access’for aspiring Andy Murray’s everywhere. The site also works with local tennis coaches to provide free weekly family-orientated sessions for anyone keen to learn.

Visit TennisForFree.com


Nike+ Training Club
Popping up in flagship stores and across parks nationwide is Nike’s Training Club offering an array of free classes and run clubs exclusively for women.Held on a weekly basis, there’s run clubs, interval and strength training, plus yoga to choose from. Unable to make it to one of these locations? Then download the smart phone app instead.

Visit facebook.com/NikeWomen


Asics Running Club
If you long to take up running but are scared to go alone, then look to Asic’s hour-long clubs which meet at their Oxford Street store at 6.30pm. Classes are on offer for all levels, so expect everything from a beginner session each Monday to interval training on Tuesday.

Visit Asics.co.uk


Always wanted to try reformer pilates but unsure if it’s for you? Well you’re in luck, a favourite amongst the fitness set, Heartcore offers the most dynamic sessions in town and first-timers can try a complimentary session at one of their seven London studios.

Visit Heartcore.co.uk


Reebok Functional Fitness
Head to Reebok in Covent Garden every Sunday for a free session that is guaranteed to make you sweat. Offering only seven places per class, expect plenty of squats, burpees and free weights under the constant watch of a Personal Trainer.

Visit Reebok.co.uk


London’s coolest new gym offers all first-timers a free taster of their carefully curated workouts. Try Reshape for an intense class which mixes treadmills with strength training, or Ride for spinning with a difference. With the most luxe changing rooms we’ve ever seen, plus a Roots & Bulbs filled with healthy treats, we can’t guarantee you’ll ever want to leave.

Visit 1Rebel.co.uk


London Friday Night Skate
Don’t laugh. Staying upright on skates is great for toning the legs and core. Skip post-work drinks, grab a group of friends and a pair of skates, before heading to Hyde Park at 8pm, where a huge group of bladers can be found every week before taking the streets.

Vist LFNS.co.uk


Prefer running in a group but can’t track down a friend? ParkRun organises mass, timed 5k runs in London’s leafiest parks. Take in beautiful scenery whilst gaining plenty of encouragement from other runners for a truly motivating workout. Do remember your printed registration though!

Visit ParkRun.org.uk


words by Harriet Tisdall



Fitspiration – Cat Meffan!

Tell us about your passion for yoga practice – what inspires you to keep pushing the boundaries of what your body is capable of in terms of holistic fitness?

When I first started yoga about 2-3 years ago, I just saw it as a way to keep up with my flexibility and didn’t really have much of an interest in the spiritual side. Over the past 18 months, I’ve changed that massively, as I wanted to open my mind more to the possibility that a new way of thinking could change my life and it really has. Health used to just mean fitness and food to me, but now it’s more about the overall wellbeing of a person – mind, body and soul.


How does yoga fit into your everyday life, surely it takes a lot of time to get that bendy?!

As an ex-gymnast and dancer I was already pretty flexible, so for me it’s more about building the strength to support my bendy limbs. I try to practice four times a week, but that can be anything from a 20-minute calm flow and stretch when I get out of bed, to an hour Sun Power yoga class. It does take up time, but it’s worth getting out of bed a little earlier for.


Besides yoga, how else do you like to keep fit?

At the moment I’m training for a 10k, but I don’t particularly enjoy running – I just like the thought of challenging myself to do something out of my comfort zone. I also do a lot of resistance and weights training – normally about 3-4 times a week.


How does regular yoga benefit your other exercise pursuits?

It can help lengthen your muscles and it allows your body to stretch out fully, rather than just a few quick stretches at the end of a workout. Over time, yoga will also help improve your range of movement, therefore allowing you perform new and challenging exercises in the gym.


Where did your health journey begin and how does it work alongside your other career as a jewellery designer?

Being active and healthy has been a part of me from a young age when I was training as a gymnast. After a knee reconstruction and having to rethink my life, things went a little downhill, being a typical teenager, but I knew I’d always get back on track. My partner really motivated and inspired me to get back to the things I loved and it’s now been four very happy years of health! Jewellery is a huge part of my life, as it’s has been in our family for years. My collection is centred around gemstones with holistic and wellbeing meanings, which lends itself nicely to my love of yoga.


How do you deal with failure, and just general “off’ “days when your goals feel a million miles away?

Meditation is an amazing way to get your mind back on track. Even if it’s just 10 minutes of mindfulness, you’ll be amazed at how it can help. As well as that, I usually call my partner to get a little pep-talk and then realise that I’m just being silly and need to think positive!


What’s your one tip for being the best, healthiest, happiest version of yourself?

Try not to compare yourself to others. Especially in the world of social media when people can make their lives look happy & glorious, just remember that we don’t know what’s going on behind each Instagram photo.


What do you love most about the health and fitness industry?

The people! It’s such an amazing industry to be part of, I’m surrounded by people who inspire and support each other and I love it.


Is nutrition an important part of your approach to all-round wellness?

It’s a huge part. I have a very balanced diet and I treat myself when I fancy it. It’s important to enjoy what you eat and there are so many healthy alternatives for naughty snacks, you just need to be willing to bake them! J


What do you eat pre- and post-workout to get the most from your training?

Pre-training I don’t like to eat much, and a lot of the time I train first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Post-training I’ll either have a green smoothie, a bowl of fruit or homemade granola with berries and greek yoghurt.


Do you have a motivational mantra that you live by?

You can’t rush something you want to last forever.


When do you feel at your most confident?

After a workout, when the endorphins are flowing and I’m on a high wearing my favourite gym kit…. Which is odd as I’m usually looking horrendously sweaty and red!


What’s your must-have beauty product for active ladies?

Coconut oil – I use it as a hair mask and as a moisturiser. Oh and it also tastes great!


Give us your number one tip for starting the day off right.

I start every day with a cup of fresh lemon and warm water – not only does it cleanse your insides, freshen your skin and boost your immune system, it just gives me that feeling of being awake and refreshed.


So what’s next for Cat Meffan?

Something rather exciting, but I don’t want to give away too much just yet! Sorry! 😉


The gorgeous Cat is sporting the Alo Yoga Tidal Flow Bra which you can buy in our activewear store here!

Sleep Like Baby – A Mother’s Guide To Making The Most Of Your Sleep!

I read in a recent report that sleep is as important to our health as eating, drinking, even breathing. It is the time when our bodies repair themselves and our minds recharge. The Great British Sleep Survey revealed that poor sleepers are twice as likely to have relationship problems and suffer from bad moods than those who get sound, regular Z-time.

I used to be the world’s best sleeper. As soon as my head hit the pillow I’d be out like a light. But this is now a very different story. I not only go to bed late but I wake up 4 or 5 times a night. When I am asleep I wake at the smallest sounds. Sometimes I am so tired before I go to bed I don’t even have time to remove my make up (a sin I thought I’d never commit). So what happened? I had a baby!

So now I find myself a (sleep) walking cliche – a new parent who has waved goodbye to her essential eight hours a night. But I am still aware of the importance of sleep. Arianna Huffington (Founder of the Huffington Post and super busy/successful/superwomen extraordinaire) recognises it in her autobiography many times as one of the most important factors that contribute to success. Scientists at Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge Universities have studied just how important it is for us to be getting our eight hours and have even examined how it can make us look younger… So, with that in mind, we have collated the best ways to maximise your sleep so that you can make the most of the spring ahead and start getting the all-important beauty sleep you deserve.


Pukka Night Time Tea

There’s nothing like a warming cup of tea to get you feeling all snoozy and Pukka’s Night Time Tea offers the perfect concoction that will do just that. The soothing lavender, oat flower and limeflower will work wonders at helping you to unwind, relax and send you off into a deep, restful sleep. And the best thing is that if you are breastfeeding – the tea’s dreamy powers will work their way into your milk and help lull your little babe softly into a slumber too. I like to drink a big mug a few hours before bedtime to give it some time to work its magic and I swear it has had an impact on how well my son has been sleeping too. To take things up a notch (though perhaps not if you are breastfeeding) try their new Night Time herbal tablets.


Ditch the Sugar

Although sugar is not considered a stimulant like caffeine, it can still effect how you sleep. Here at Hip & Healthy we like to inspire everyone to ditch sugar from their diets altogether, but if that just doesn’t seem possible, then try to make a conscious effort to cut it out completely in the evening if you are planning on having a good night’s sleep. As you may know, when we consume sugar we see a spike in our blood sugar levels which will help give us a burst of energy, once that has happened the blood sugar levels will decrease as quickly as they went up, leaving us feeling even more tired and more ready for bed than before. But here is the catch, because of this cycle, your hormones then work over time to bring the levels in your blood under control and this can effect your sleep patterns, in turn causing you to wake at odd times or sleep lightly rather than deeply. So think twice before you munch on that bowl of honey-laden granola before bed.


Bedside Thoughts Diary

A mum of a friend of mine would always sleep with a notebook next to her bed and jot down any thoughts or worries she had before she went to sleep that she felt she needed to remember for the next day. Anything from shopping lists to reminders to call family members was scribbled down before she went to sleep. It is only now that I see just how helpful a tool this is! By writing down all those little things you think about before bedtime you allow yourself to fully let them go until morning comes around. Also, as I am about to drift off it is often the case that I remember a file I need to take into work, or that it is a friend’s birthday the next day and instead of worrying about it all night I now scribble it down and can rest my head in peace knowing that I won’t forget!


Switch Off

New research has revealed that using your smart phone or laptop before bed can have detrimental effects on your sleep! Being more specific, the research concluded that two or more hours in front of a backlit screen suppresses the wonderful sleep hormone, melatonin by a whopping 22%. I have always tried to implement a no-screen rule after 9pm and when I stick to it I not only find that I manage to get to sleep much more quickly but that the sleep I have is much more restful too. Arianna Huffington is a huge advocate of the screen curfew and makes sure that she switches off long before her bedtime routine. Well if Arianna can…


Don’t forget – Clocks go tomorrow tonight!

words by Sadie Macleod

Revive Your Mind, Body & Soul At The Four Seasons Park Lane Spa!

There’s a lot to be said for perspective, being always on the go can become myopic and taking time out can often be the first aspect of health to give when things get hectic. One place in London which can certainly offer some much needed headspace is the Spa at the Four Seasons Park Lane. Being up on the hotel’s 10th floor, which is home to the expansive spa, is an important reminder that in urban life, you often don’t see the sky and that a little time up in the clouds can be all you need to jump back into the race refreshed, full of new ideas, and raring to go.

Research constantly proves that we’re at our most creative during moments of utmost calm and mindfulness, so making time dedicated to tuning into your creativity really is essential for all areas of your life. The Spa at the Four Seasons is the city’s best kept secret to incite feelings of freedom and relax the mind and is a true hub of serenity from which your can gaze upon stunning panoramic views of the metropolis, robed and with tea in hand. In a city of imposing buildings and traffic skyline, views are highly sought-after when it comes to choosing the perfect spa to unwind to the max, and the Four Seasons hosts the best panoramic views in the city. Each of the spa’s nine treatment rooms are drenched in natural light which pours through the floor to ceiling windows so you can get that all-important vitamin D fix whilst you de-stress.

And if you don’t fancy drinking in the panorama, take a chill in the spa’s relaxation pods instead. Equipped with reclining beds and multi-station headphones, these dens of tranquility provide the perfect space for meditation and reflection and nurturing creativity before taking a dip in the pool post-treatment.

One treatment which comes highly recommended is the newly launched Omorovicza Blue Diamond facial. This 90 minute treatment revitalizes tired, worn out skin to restore it to full fitness and aid in banishing signs of aging. Most importantly for us busy bees, the technique soothes and relaxes the nervous system for the ultimate reduction in built-up muscle tension and stress.

Whilst the Diamond Facial follows a formula which begins with a gentle cleanse with Omorovicza’s cleansing foam and a Blue Diamond Resurfacing peel and ends with a collagen-boosting Blue Diamond Concentrate, the therapist will assess your individual needs and adapt the facial so your skin gets exactly what it needs to flourish.

The session ends with a blissful arm and hand rub and gentle eye massage with soothing dermaglobes whilst you snuggle down under the cosy duvet and enjoy the experience, all against the backdrop of the London skyline. Nobody will judge you if you have a little snooze either…

Afterwards, the therapist will discuss with you any discoveries made about your skin during the session and make recommendations for how you can improve your skin care regime going forward.

City life, busy life, is fabulous and it’s wonderful to have things to do and to be active and social but sometimes we both want and need to take a couple of hours to be still, to be mindful, and to recuperate so we can return to our schedule rejuvenated and even more productive. We think a trip to the Four Seasons Park Lane Spa could be just what you need, go on, give yourself the gift of relaxation!

For more info on treatments, click here!

words by Rachel Bednarski


What you’ve all been waiting for…A Brand new Fitness Concept Store opens its doors in London

When a place like this opens up you wonder why no one had thought of it before. Testing out fitness products in their intended environment seems like such a simple concept and this new store has pioneered the way for a new kind of shopping.

Whatever It Takes (WIT) is a brand new fitness concept store based in Bank and since its launch in the New Year it has gained notoriety as THE destination for training gear.

The most amazing thing about Whatever it Takes is that the store simply focuses on the fitness industry. Not running (although of course runners will be well catered for), not Yoga (ditto) or any specific sports, but simply the sport of fitness. As the industry hots up and going to the gym gets trendy, sportswear companies are realising that having stylish gear is a real money maker. WIT has cottoned on, and puts a variety of brands and more under one roof. The store also stocks collections, accessories and footwear that have only been available online…until now.

Go there to buy the latest exclusive ranges from Nike, Under Armour, Reebok and RockTape (to name a few); test out a new pair of trainers with the store’s squat rack on a specially designed gym-style floor and up the ante on your diet with foodie brands like Naked Ape and Pure Pharma at the nutrition station.

Dan Williams, the founder of the store has a wealth of knowledge about the fitness industry, and is a professionally trained athlete. He and his team are on hand to cater your experience to any and all of your training needs.

The official store launch had Crossfit athletes competing against each other in a WIT-style fitness challenge, whilst guests were treated to 15% off in-store and given goodie bags filled with fitness products that would make anyone green with envy.

For more information head to www.wit-fitness.com

Whatever It Takes. 49-41 Bow Lane, London EC4M 9DJ

words by Lucy Marshall

Customise Your Run with Nike

promo logo

Avid runners listen up… What could be better than personally customising your kicks? Nike Free running shoes let your feet move any way they want while still delivering the cushioning they need and now you can personalise the look and feel of the new Nike Free 5.0 iD and Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit iD for a running experience that’s more natural (and stylish) than ever.

Customise Your Upper

The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit iD features a strong, lightweight Flyknit upper available in three heather options for a personalised look. The Nike Free 5.0 iD lets you choose between a woven mesh upper and a knit mesh upper reinforced with supportive Flywire cables.

Choose Your Ride

Opt for the Free 4.0 outsole if you want a lower profile, a more flexible outsole and a more natural stride. If you want more cushioning, choose the Free 5.0 outsole (it’s still super-flexible).

Make It Personal

On the tongue tops, write a special name, number, date or inspirational message in a regular font or a bigger, bolder one. They now also allow you five letters where it was once only four.

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Fitness-wear is having its moment. Here at the H&H offices we are constantly bowled over with exciting new designs, cool collaborations and awesome innovations. All of which we can’t wait to get our hands on. So when we found out that Nike have upped their customisation service once again to include the super sleek Flyknits we were understandably excited! We were then given the amazing challenge of being one of the first to be able to design our own trainer. Naturally, we handed this particular task over to our Founder, Sadie, who is a big running fan and runs at least 6 times a week. Being a huge fan of the 4.0 (these kicks have just the right amount of flexibility, support and cushion to allow for on and off-road runs), Sadie picked these to customise. Due to the major trend in loud printed leggings, we have seen a more recent movement towards the understated, sleek sneaker. And being a loud-legging wearing kinda gal – Sadie chose really simple blacks and greys to pimp her new running shoes with. As a final touch she added her name to the tongue – just to be sure that no one might “accidentally” walk off with them from the gym.


Fitspiration – Lottie Murphy

Tell us all about your new class, The Body.

I am so excited about my next The Body Event, which will be on Sunday 17th May. The Body is about showing people that Pilates can not only make you look great, but it makes you feel great too. By connecting with your breath and being fully present, the hour class will give you an uplifted sense of wellbeing. The class involves all my favorite and most fun Pilates moves however I am also influenced by my ballet background and yoga practice. It’s a challenging class and you will definitely feel the burn but I incorporate stretches and lots of spinal mobility throughout. You only get one body and we should take of it a little more. The Body is a little step towards doing just that.

You’re signed up for the Nike Women’s 10k in June – how are you incorporating your running training into your Pilates practice? Do the two complement each other?

I’ve never been a committed runner so this 10k is an exciting new challenge for me. I like running in the morning so the brighter spring days are definitely helping with my training. I truly believe all runners will benefit from regular Pilates sessions and I really find that my commitment to Pilates means I prevent injuries occurring. It improves flexibility and strength and helps with muscle soreness. The principle of breathing in Pilates is also key and will help runners breathe smoothly using all lung capacity.

What advise would you give ladies wanting to get started with Pilates with the hope of becoming as bendy as you?

Getting started is the first step but then staying committed is so important. Find a teacher and class you love and commit to going every week. that way the teacher gets to know you and your body and you will progress a lot quicker.

Besides Pilates, how else do you like to train?

I’m not actually fitness crazy which may surprise some people. I absolutely love my mat Pilates, reformer Pilates and yoga; I do a couple of classes a week. I walk a LOT and then do the odd spin, boot camp or PT session but I don’t have a strict routine. I use the NTC app and YouTube to train at home and will maybe only fit in a 15-minute session some days but it makes me feel better then if I was to do nothing.

What habits have you adopted which help you live healthily every day?

Healthy habits I do every day include, never skipping breakfast, always making homemade snacks and lunches for on the go, walking as much as I can, taking time to focus on my breath at various moments through the day and remembering to laugh and smile as much as often! I am still on a journey to even better health and balance and am always working to be a better version of myself. If you make mistakes or have an off day it’s about learning to brush it off, take a deep breathe and start again.

You have so many different projects on the go! How do you stay motivated to keep working towards your goals and maintain your own training and social life?

Motivation comes very naturally to me, I can honestly say that I literally jump out of bed every morning, which is down to doing what I love everyday. I feel incredibly grateful and blessed. This year has definitely been a little crazy so far but I’m loving every minute. Finding balance between my work goals and life is something I am working on; as for me there is no line between work and life. Training wise, I just make sure that I schedule in time for my own classes and workouts but as I am not strict with my routine this definitely helps. If I go a couple of days without moving my body though, I get very agitated! I would never turn down a dinner with friends; a family get together or date night. We live in a world where everything is so instant but I remind myself that it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get a blog post out on time or reply to an email instantly.

As a healthy-living blogger, former ballet dancer and Pilates instructor, how important do you consider nutrition to be to all round health?

Nutrition is such a complex and controversial subject. I have been eating a healthy whole and varied diet since ballet school and I love how it makes me feel, it’s second nature to make healthy choices because I understand the relationship between what I put in my body and my health, thoughts and feelings. However, in terms of all round health, nutrition is only part of the puzzle. You could have the most perfect diet in the world, but if you’re stressed, not sleeping well and lacking energy then something’s obviously not right there. I think a lot of people are confused about what to eat but it’s all down to what makes you feel good, what’s most convenient and makes you happy.

Which 3 foods couldn’t you live without?

Avocados, Sweet Potato and Dark Chocolate.

Give us an insight into a day in Lottie’s life…

Every single day is very different for me as I teach at different locations and times but it will look something like this. Wake up, lemon water and breakfast, shower and head to studio for clients/classes, in my breaks between sessions I might be blogging, studying or emailing. I will get in a mid morning yoga/pilates class or afternoon youtube/NTC session, I then might have meetings or a bloggers event, more classes or I’ll head home to cook a homemade meal and recently I’ve been working on my Macbook till quite late a night before my boyfriend Jamie tells me to stop working and have a cuddle! We love to watch a gripping series or some awful reality TV.

After a busy day, what’s your favourite way to unwind?

A relaxing bath and a good book or magazine.

Do you have a mantra that you live by?

“Just keep swimming” this is something my mum and I say when times are tough or we are stressed or let down for some reason or maybe just a little run down and it always gives me inspiration to never stop going after my dreams! It’s what Dory says in Finding Nemo and my mum will text me it randomly sometimes, it reminds me to take a deep breathe and just keep going, doing my own little thing!

Give us your top tip for being the best version of you!

Wake up each day and set the intention! You are in control, you have the reins, you can choose happiness and you can choose to be the best, most glowing, energised, fit and loving version of yourself… but also know that it’s okay if your not that version every single day! 😉

Want to develop your Pilates mojo with Lottie? Join her on Tuesdays at The Light Centre in Moorgate- reformer pilates or Thursdays at Urban Cave in Soho- 1-2-1 reformer pilates.

Check out Lottie’s awesome blog and youtube channel!



Meditate Your Way To A Younger You!

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In a society that only really seems to celebrate the very young end of youth, getting older is often as welcome as a grizzly bear on a camping holiday. In fact, the only time you can spot grey hair on screen in an aspirational setting is when someone selling cruise holidays, or suggesting you replace the roof on your conservatory. Given this rather limiting attitude it’s no wonder we observe the development of our fine lines with the sort of diligence usually reserved for mine sweeping.

This isn’t an entirely new phenomenon, historically people have gone to extraordinary lengths to put a stop to growing older. A Chinese emperor even drank mercury in order to achieve eternal life, only to discover that mercury is terribly poisonous; and then hurriedly expired. But with nearly everyone we see represented by the media photo-shopped to within an inch of their lives (the difference can be so marked even Cindy Crawford has famously said “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford”) you could argue that there has never been as much pressure as there is now to remain perpetually young.

Thankfully, people these days have a more sensible approach to liquid mercury and we all know the things that we shouldn’t be doing if we want to avoid premature aging. Cigarettes may as well wield a chisel and etch lines into your face, tanning beds are an open invite for age spots and overindulgence in alcohol can be a disaster for your skin. The other and often overlooked factor is stress, which does all sorts mischievous things to your body.

These things include increasing blood pressure, putting your heart at risk and making sleeping hard work, which is the opposite of what sleep should be. Lack of sleep exacerbates the problem by releasing the stress hormone cortisol, which in excess amounts can break down skin collagen and turn it into a landslide. People often try to counter these effects with lotions and even surgery, but there are other options, and aging gracefully needn’t be about doing nothing and taking everything that getting older has to throw at you.

For those of us who can’t afford to give up work and retire to a private island (one day!) to ease the strains of modern life, meditation has long been known to reduce stress significantly. Meditation produces physiological and biochemical changes that are the exact opposite of the stress response, in doses that are at least 200% stronger than that of the usual “lie about and have a guilty half nap” rest. On top of this, meditators have been known to have the collagen-destroying stress hormone cortisol reduced by a third, which makes the unpleasant prospect of a facelift much more remote.

In terms of health rather than appearance, (which is weirdly something many people think about less, possibly because our insides aren’t presented to us every day in the mirror) meditation appears to be just as helpful. Firstly, the regulation of oxygen becomes more optimised in the bodies of mediators. This results in far fewer free radicals shooting about, which means less cellular decay and a better immune system. Meditators also show reduced blood pressure, and a reduced risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Alongside this, meditation also keeps cognitive functioning sharp. Studies on long-term meditators reveal that they have a more developed hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with memory and learning. This is excellent news for anyone who harbours a secret ambition to become acidic and witty in old age, growing ever more bright eyed and ill-behaved, or indeed anyone who simply wants to maintain their current top form.

Ultimately however, meditation can mean a switch in outlook. Anxieties about growing older are natural but shouldn’t be so dominating that they distract from the enjoyment that can also be found in it. With the positive influence of meditation it can be easier to stop worrying about the first grey hair or a few laughter lines. With so much experience, happy memories and knowledge to be gained, perhaps the best way to beat old age is to embrace it.

Author Bio: Holly Ashby is a writer and illustrator who currently works at London meditation centre, Will Williams Meditation. Their aim is to help people live the happiest, healthiest lives they can through the practice of Vedic meditation.