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Seafolly; for some of the world’s sexiest bikinis

Nike trainers; always effortlessly cool

Pai Rosehip Oil; a Hip and Healthy fave

Baies Diptyque Candle; come rain or shine this always makes us smile

Spirit Junkie; a fantastic read and this year’s essential holiday reading

Zico: 100% coconut water that contains more potassium than a banana

A Day in the life of Emily Evans

My alarm chimes at 6am. I automatically hit snooze… twice… and then drag myself out of bed and straight into a bath. It’s important that I get ready before the rest of the house wakes up otherwise all order is lost and things tend to go wrong. I cannot function without tea in the morning so as soon as i’m dressed I go downstairs and make tea for myself and husband Matthew, and get the milk and breakfast ready for my three girls.

The children wake up at seven am and they all clamber into my bed for their breakfast. Then the nanny arrives and gets my youngest, Pearl, ready for her playgroup whilst I attend to the school run. First stop is my eldest, Starr’s school. She has different activities most mornings so has to be in around 7.45 – 8am. She has developed my dreadful paranoia of being late! I then take my second daughter, Dolly to nursery.

Next stop is Harrods’ fourth floor, where I have a concession. I go in before the store opens most mornings, check that everything looks perfect and steam and hang any new deliveries. We get new stock all the time as our customers always want something new and interesting. After I have checked that everything is in order, I have a quick catch up with my staff and then grab a coffee from Starbucks before heading to my office, which is attached to my Sloane Street store.

I discuss what needs to be done that day with my assistant, Sarah, who I work very closely with. A lot of my time is spent coordinating with suppliers and factories, and dealing with our own wholesale accounts who stock 9 London’s clothing and body products. I often oversee new deliveries that have come into the shop that day and maybe have a meeting with a supplier or go over any PR and marketing.

Then it is time for a quick lunch, often soup and a sandwich, before heading back to Harrods for some further discussions regarding plans for the brand and new developments with body products. Most recently I have launched our own brand of stretch mark cream. I really wanted to produce a range of products for pregnant women that not only looked and smelled great but most importantly, actually worked! The baby range comes out this summer which will include a nappy cream, top to toe baby wash and a massage oil.

At 3pm I go back to the shop to see how things are going. I also love to serve and chat with our customers and I may have a quick meeting with a stylist who is choosing clothes for a shoot.

I manage to collect my eldest daughter from school twice a week. She does Suzuki violin, so I drive her over to her teacher in Notting Hill for her lessons. We often go out for a quick bite to eat on the way home as she can feel a bit neglected sometimes having two baby sisters.

I try to be home by 6pm. Starr normally has homework to do so I make sure that is all done and try to spend some time with the two younger ones before bed. I then get everything ready for the next day so there is no panic in the morning.

Matthew comes home at 9pm from work and cooks dinner. I don’t like eating so late but there really isn’t time before that. I then catch up on any emails and prepare myself for the next day. I make it my aim to try to get to bed before midnight before it all starts again!


Visit http://9london.com/ to see Emily’s website.




Showing Almonds some Love

Try supplementing your diet with Almonds this month. Not only are these little nuts highest in protein, Vitamin E and calcium when compared with their nutty brothers and sisters, but Almonds have also been proven to help those suffering with Type 2 Diabetes. They are also rich with Vitamin E and are known for their skin healing properties making them the perfect summer snack. Buy a small bag from Waitrose and carry them around with you or leave them in your desk draw to stop you from nibbling on naughty things like chocolate!

Hip and Healthy loves all things….Pour Les Yeux

Our harsh winter climate has a negative effect on the delicate skin around our eyes and as a result by spring, we suffer with dark circles, puffy eyes and more pronounced lines. Thankfully these aliments can be banished and Hip and Healthy have discovered the most fabulous and effective eye treatments worth investing in.

1. Amanda Lacey’s Illuminating Eye Gel (£85) instantly soothes and radically revives the under-eye area. Morning puffy eyes are visibly reduced with brilliant results. (H&H top tip: try to incorporate a gentle sweeping motion when applying your eye gel to help your lymphatic system flush away any excess toxins which leads to puffiness). www.amandalacey.com

2. We fell in love with Sisley’s Eye and Lip Contour cream (£105). After just 2 weeks the skin around the eyes are more hydrated and softer which in turn reduces fine line and the early signs of ageing. The beautiful texture has just the right levels of richness and applied morning and night leaves a feeling of total luxury. Cream www.sisley-cosmetics.com

3. Clarisonic Opal (£155). This clever gadget ensures eye creams and serums are dispensed deeper into the dermis of our skin which using your finger alone does not achieve. The device, which has become very popular amongst celebrities, aids lymphatic drainage that waves goodbye to those unsightly bags. http://www.clarisonic.co.uk 

4. Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Eye Cream (£62). This miracle eye cream from Chanel firms and naturally lifts the eye area. Results after just 2 weeks included a noticeable decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Skin is toned and more resistant to signs of fatigue. Available at Harrods. www.harrods.com

5. Waitrose Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel £12.99 treats delicate skin to Vitamins A and C while tackling puffiness and dark circles. Invigoratingly cool in the morning, soothingly gentle at night, very easy to use and well within our budget. We love! www.waitrose.com

6. Dr Lowe Puffy Eye Gel £15.31. Our eye area felt cooled and tighter and is an excellent product to apply before makeup in the mornings. The anti-inflammatory properties in the chamomile gave a flawless eye area and the results are long lasting. www.drnicklowe.com

Hip and Healthy Top Tip:

A good night’s sleep (7-8 hours to ensures the skin has time to repair itself) along with a balanced healthy diet with plenty of water all will help fight anti-aging around the eyes. Cut down on salt which can cause puffy eyes and apply creams and gels sparingly.

Words by Emma Reeve

Top Ten Healthy Holidays with Adventure Temples

Healthy holidays don’t have to be hard work or repetitive. Alongside the classic yoga and holistic healing packages AdventureTemples, a new luxury adventure travel company, bring you their Top 10 Activity Holidays, guaranteed to get your blood pumping without compromising on luxury, comfort, and service.


1. Rock-climbing Calories: 650
Best place for it: Railay, Thailand (Andaman Elements*)
WOW Factor: Climbing the natural rock stacks and mountains of Railay, Thailand gives beginners and experts alike a challenge in stunning surroundings. Your base is the opulent 5* Rayavadee set in a secluded estate with private activity classes, spa services and fine dining healthy cuisine. From £2250 B&B

2. Heli-Skiing Calories: 500
Best place for it: Blue River, Yoho, Canada (1 year BC*)
WOW Factor: The ultimate ski lift: a helicopter. With no queues, practically private slopes, and your own personal guide, you can really put yourself through your paces down the Wiegele terrain. Prepare for tomorrow’s run with a deep tissue massage, and a gourmet meal at the exquisitely intimate 5* Albreda Lodge; the most perfect ski experience it is possible to imagine. From £9995 All Inclusive.

3. Mountain-biking Calories: 500
Best place for it: Badia, Dolomites, Italy (Dolo-mighty*)
WOW Factor: Feel the burn as your reach the top of the climb, then experience it ebb away as you look back at the spectacular views of jagged mountains and evergreen valleys. Breathing in such crystal air mountain air clears body, mind and spirit, filling you with fresh energy. Your home for the week is glamorous 5* Rosa Alpina, with Michelin-star cuisine and a fabulously innovative spa. From £1995 B&B.

4. Scuba-diving Calories: 450
Best place for it: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (Galapa-gosh*)
WOW Factor: Scuba-diving in the Galapagos won’t feel remotely like exercise, being home to some of the richest tropical marine-life on the globe you’ll be concentrating on counting species rather than calories. Wake to made-to-order breakfasts on the Aggressor; your luxury live-aboard scuba-diving cruiser, complete with a Jacuzzi on the bow. From £4750 All Inclusive.

5. Glacier-trekking Calories: 370
Best place for it: Torres del Paine, Chile (Pleasure and Paine*)
WOW Factor: Traversing one of the world’s largest glacier fields this far south, means that keeping warm in the snowy surroundings melts away those Christmas calories. The 5* award-winning adventure base Hotel Salto Chico offers personal guides and a prized position in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. Alternatively, opt to experience Patagonia Camp, Chile’s first 5* luxury camp. Both offer gourmet fare and an opportunity to truly connect with the environment. From £3,250 all inclusive

6. Jungle-trekking Calories: 300
Best place for it: Arenal, Costa Rica (Turtle Swings*)
WOW Factor: Trekking through the Arenal Volcano National Park feels like walking back in time, back to nature in its rawest form. With the help of the humidity levels you’ll soon sweat into great shape. Cool off with a dip in one of the many natural hot-springs at either 5* Tabacon Grand Spa at the base of the Volcano, or 5* Arenal Kioro in the midst of the jungle. From £1,975 B&B.

7. Horse-riding Calories: 300
Best place for it: Cibolo Creek, USA (Cowboy Creek*)
WOW Factor: Feel your muscles work and your spirit soar as you set off into the sunrise with genuine cowboys to guide you on your adventure. Or help the ranch-hands herding buffalo to hone and perfect arms, shoulders, torso, legs and glutes. Unwind in true A-list Southern style at the ultra 5* Cibolo Creek Ranch with a luxuriating massage to ease the strains. From £1,795 Full Board.

8. Surfing Calories: 230
Best place for it: Essaouira, Morocco (Atlas Air*)
WOW Factor: Put your core muscles to the ultimate test with a surfing trip to Essaouira, and rest assured that mastering the delicate art of balance will tighten your body like few other sports will. The desire to catch a wave is so addictive, the hours simply disappear along with your unwanted inches. Follow up with an invigorating Hammam massage/scrub, and end the day with a fusion of French-Berber cuisine on the expansive terrace of 5* Heure Bleue Palais. From £1075 B&B.

9. Yoga Calories: 190 (depending on type of yoga)
Best place for it: Kottayam, India (Backwater Bliss*)
WOW Factor: If you’re looking for revitalisation and a break from a hectic working lifestyle, nothing beats yoga. Stretch and connect your mind and body with the guidance of experienced and approachable Yogis. The stunning setting of the Body Temple, an island in the centre of a lagoon is guaranteed to bring innermost peace and calm as well as an enormous sense of wellbeing. Stay ‘where the Gods unwind’ at 5* Zuri Kumarakom, home to the award-winning Maya spa.  From £1095 B&B.

10.Hot Springs Calories: 0 (but oh so satisfying!)
Best place for it: Dead Sea, Jordan (Petra-fied*)
WOW Factor: Nature holds the true key to health and wellbeing, so what better way to immerse yourself than to take a dip in a natural hot spring. Sinking into the warm springs with their mineral rich mud and inhaling the fresh, cool air is more effective than a hundred pots of beauty cream. Experience this from Jordan, the birth of Spa culture, at the5* Kempinski Ishtar on the Dead Sea shore and the 5* Evason Ma’In Hot Springs. From £1035 B&B.

These are just some of the 88 activities AdventureTemples offer, each one featuring a myriad of activities to stimulate mind body and spirit. Plenty to keep one and all enthralled, and fighting fit.

Notes to the Reader:

* refers to the AdventureTemples holiday titles, searchable on www.adventuretemples.com and in The 50 Best Luxury Adventure Holidays in the World 2012 edition, out now.

**based on figures from www.nutristrategy.com

(NB All guideline prices are per person, for seven days based on two sharing, including flights.)

Hip and Healthy loves… all things oil

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil, £15.GREAT FOR: Nights in plus indulgent baths with a glass of wine and a magazine.

Rodin by Recine Luxury Hair Oil, $60. GREAT FOR: Lustrous long locks in need of some revival. Perfect post-holiday treatment.

Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil by The Sanctuary, £17.35.GREAT FOR: Plumping up dull & tired skin and restores your natural oils.

Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil by Clarins, £33. GREAT FOR: Wrinkles and fine lines by preventing loss of moisture.

Rejuvenate Face Oil by Suti, £28. GREAT FOR: helping to erase scars or calm down red and irritated skin. It also smells beautifully zesty!

Res-vering Nature

If you’re going cold turkey this January, do not fear, you can still get the benefit of Resveratrol without a glass of red passing through your lips, says Lee Osborne

Resveratrol has been getting anti-aging enthusiasts across the pond into a frenzy in recent times. Readers of Hip & Healthy’s Sept/Oct issue will already be familiar with this strange sounding anti-oxidant that is a major component in red wine, present in the stems, leaves and skins of grapes. resveratrol, is renowned for its healing effects on heart and cardiovascular health, eyesight, energy, vitality, sleep and weight management.

The underlying problem in the anti-aging community up until recently, was how to get the benefit of resveratrol without drinking vast amounts of red wine, which, given the large amounts of alcohol that would be ingested, could negate any potential benefits.

The supplement:
Scientists have found a way to extract resveratrol from red wine and put the advantages of the compound into a health supplement, which is readily available in health food stores and nutri centres across the UK.

It appears that resveratrol supplements pose the same benefits on health and lifespan as calorie restriction, without the need for reducing what you eat, for instance improved insulin sensitivity, blood sugar balance and mitochondria* function.

Numerous scientific studies have investigated the supposed health benefits of resveratrol, and the findings make encouraging reading. The renowned Harvard Medical School in the United States published findings of a major study in to the effects reseveratrol had on mice. Scientists were staggered, not only to discover that resveratrol extended lives of the mice by 20%, but that actually it helped control their weight and significantly increased their energy levels. Whilst anti-ageing studies of resveratrol have not yet been performed on humans, it is proven to aid with age related degenerative diseases, thus supporting the theory of its positive effect on longevity.

If this theory were to be applied to humans, it is thought that your life expectancy could be raised by up to 30 healthy years, with some scientists believing it could possibly extend the normal life span of a human being to 125 years old.

Closer to home, Professor Patrick Schrauwen and his colleagues from Maastricht University in the Netherlands conducted a small-scale scale study of the resveratrol supplement in the latter part of 2011. The findings were intriguing. He came to the conclusion that resveratrol has similar metabolic effects to exercise and calorie restriction. His team handed a group of 11 obese men either a daily 150mg or a placebo supplement for 30 days. The same men swapped supplements 4-weeks later. Regular monitoring showed resveratrol lowered blood sugar levels and improved insulin sensitivity, as well as cutting triglycerides – fats found in the blood that can increase heart disease risk. resveratrol also decreased both sleeping and resting metabolic rate and cut blood pressure.

What does it do?
The pill has 1000 times the potency of red wine. It literally slows down the genes that control the aging process and activates your body’s natural defences against the ravages of time. It is possible that you will start to notice the effects, such as increased energy, better sleep and improved mental concentration after just one week.

How much of the stuff should we be taking? Are there minimum resveratrol doses that are recommended? Fortunately, people do not need to glug bottle upon bottle of red wine to achieve the right resveratrol dosage.

H&H asked Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Donna Milligan, who runs the Cottage Therapy Studio in Bedfordshire, her opinion: “The Italians know it, the French know it. A little red wine appears to do you good. But there is a way to sidestep the alcohol content, in the form of a potent, bio-available resveratrol supplement that gives you all the benefits without the risks of associated with excess alcohol. So if you are under stress, don’t eat a great diet, are exposed to environmental pollution or chemicals, don’t exercise enough or don’t sleep enough or you just want to try and delay the aging process then this little capsule may just be a life saver.”
Milligan advises that “dosage is very individual depending on a number of factors such as weight and why you might take the product. Average dose would be 1x 30g capsule a day as part of a prevention programme but if taking for a specific purpose such as cardiovascular problems the dosage may be higher. I would advise people to check with a health professional or nutritional therapist if they are unsure”.


The Cottage Therapy Studio: www.scio-wellness.com
The Nutricentre: www.nutricentre.com

Baby Bump Beauty

We asked our hippest and healthiest pregnant ladies to rate the top pregnancy products on the market, as well as some firm favourites, to make your nine months as easy and comfortable as possible…


Emily Evans Stretch Mark Cream
Beautifully packaged (my toddler played with the pretty russian doll box for hours) and in a weighty glass bottle, this anti-stretch mark cream’s fragrance is pleasingly spa-like. Using a unique blend of seaweed, vitamin E and shea butter this special cream both moisturises and renews helping keep those horrible red marks at bay. http://9london.com

Mama Mio Range: Tummy Rub, Boob Tube, Lucky Legs
Tummy Rub not only smells fabulous but glides on smoothly and sinks in super fast, despite how thick it feels as you scoop it out of the tub – it’s easily used twice a day and it’s tempting to slather over more than just your tummy! After just a week my skin felt much softer and smoother, without feeling greasy. Similarly luxurious but lighter, ‘Boob Tube’ lotion is also lusciously scented – and I regularly took their advice and used it on my face as it felt gentle and light and I liked how it improved skin tone. This is a product is will definitely be using Post birth to maintain skin elasticity and tone. I have been plagued by ‘restless legs’ throughout my pregnancy. Once I got the hang of how much you actually need (less than you think – the first go had me thinking I had accidentally swung my legs into the freezer) I was surprised by how effective it was – it certainly stopped the restless leg issues, for at least 10 minutes (long enough to fall asleep) and smells amazing – plus makes your legs pleasantly tingly. www.mamamio.com/uk

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil
Recommended to me by a professional mum of two as ‘the’ oil to use in pregnancy (as opposed to bio-oil which is double the price and half as delicious smelling) Palmers Skin Therapy Oil has been my daily indulgence for the last four months. My skin is softer than ever and there is not a stretch mark in site – yet – touch wood! At approximately £10 a bottle, if used daily all over body one bottle lasts about two to three months. It goes far and is not greasy unlike baby oil. I will definitely continue to use it after pregnancy too. I could also swear that it has softened my leg hair too! www.uk.palmers.com

Bloom and Blossom: Soothing Nipple Balm and Anti Stretch Mark Oil
The scents of lavender and ylang ylang are what sets Bloom and Blossom Anti Stretch Mark Oil apart. Thicker than Palmers Skin Therapy Oil and in a smaller but beautiful bottle Bloom and Blossom’s oil doesn’t go quite so far so I used it daily on just on stretch mark prone areas like bump, bum and hips. It’s rich and luxurious and takes a little longer to absorb so perhaps best left for a weekend treat rather than a rushed work day morning! But the all-natural ingredients and pretty packaging are definite bonuses. Their ‘Soothing nipple balm’ will probably be of more use when I start breastfeeding but is lovely on dry nipples. It reminded me of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream but thicker and more luxurious, and wonderful as a lip balm!  My favourite thing about it though is that the sweet taste of the coconut oil used to soften the skin also encourages your baby to feed. www.bloomandblossom.com

Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous  Bath and Shower Gel
Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous Bath and Shower Gel is the perfect pick me up for tough morning after a nights broken sleep, which is most nights given that I am now 7 months pregnant. It’s also ideal for after a fitness class as it smells amazing, really fresh, herbal and zingy and leaves you feeling squeaky clean and pampered. Although I have a tendency to prefer to use a more creamy shower gel in the mornings for a a bit of extra moisture, this is packed with essential fatty acids, which help protect the skin and pamper it. www.cowshedonline.com



The Secret Ingredient

Want glowing skin and everlasting radiance? It’s all about finding the ingredient that works… Professional Beauty Therapist, Claire Aggarwal, reveals what works best


To book a Perfect Ten massage, beauty treatment or even wax then www.perfect10mobilebeauty.co.ukfor more information.

Image by:  www.flickr.com-search-q=beautiful+face&m=tags&l=4&page=2

Winter Running: What to know before you go… we quiz extreme runner, Andy McMenemy



Here in the UK you need to be prepared for all sorts of weather… if you are serious about running. I run in running tights and a wind-stopper top, hat and gloves when it’s really cold. The 10 degree rule still applies. Set of on your run dressed as if the temperature were 10 degrees warmer than it is. That’s because by the time you’ve put in a couple of vigorous miles your body temperature will be up. You can overheat very quickly by being overdressed.

For the really horrible wet weather or slushy conditions, I use a pair of Sealskins socks.

I prefer to stick with ASICS and currently use the Gel Nimbus Shoe.

I go off road as much as I can especially when it’s frosty or icy, and just enjoy my runs at a moderate pace, winter running can be real fun.

The risk of slipping increases during icy and wet weather but in general as long as you run sensibly all should be okay.

I run outside during winter because fresh air makes all the difference, but I also use treadmills for a fast session.

I love early morning frosty runs, so porridge for warmth and the slow release of carbs works perfect for me, add in some fruit and honey for an extra treat. Afterwards I usually stick with a protein recovery shake, and then something warming like French onion soup for lunch.

On longer runs I still consume about 330mls of water per hour no matter what the weather conditions are. It’s always important to be well hydrated before your run.

To regulate your breathing when it is so cold outside start your run gently, and gradually increase the pace, your breathing will follow. I wear a Buff around my neck, and pull it up over my mouth and nose on those really nippy days until my breathing feels okay, just to prevent the cill and burn of the frosty air.

In order to motivate myself I think about the winter runs as maintenance runs, I always hate having an injury and a lay off and then having to break the inertia and build fitness after a long delay, so ticking over through winter is just great. Remember you never regret going for a run but you always regret not going for one!


Yummy Mummy Diaries: Yummy Mummy Goes Swimming

Yummy Mummy, Matilda Sturridge, reveals how she taught her wonderful baby Rudy to swim at just four-and-half-months-old.


The many stories of how my family and extended family were taught to swim have been regaled around my kitchen table for as long as I can remember. My Aunt will always beam with great pride when discussing how her daughter (now 24) was swimming at just seven-months old  after being taught while they lived in France. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t learn until I was two.

I had forgotten about this competitive swimming streak my family carry until one of my weekly mother and baby yoga sessions – I heard a few of Notting Hill’s yummiest mummies discussing the Baby Spa they all take their little ones to. I know what you may be thinking, and believe me – I thought the same – there is no way I would take my baby to a spa, not only is he only four-and-a- half months old but I don’t plan to enter him into any baby beauty pageants just yet! However, I must admit that I was intrigued, and after I wangled my way into the conversation I soon learned that this ‘Baby Spa’ was not really a spa at all but a family-run private swim-school where babies and toddlers can learn to swim. Run by a South African woman called Laura Sevenus, a national competitive swimmer in the sixties, she and her family  launched these fantastic schools to teach babies from birth to swim. She has even developed her own method, aptly named the Laura Sevenus Swimming Method – proven to be incredibly effective. At £45 a session it is certainly not cheap but due to the amazing reviews and perhaps a little down to the idea that my gorgeous baby Rudy might just be the youngest swimmer in our family yet, I booked us in for our first session.

Each session begins with a ten to twenty minute float. Laura’s husband has designed a special head float that gives the babies (from birth to six months) an amazing freedom in the water; literally allowing them to happily float around. The babies then swim alone in a Jacuzzi sized neo-natal tub filled with warm purified water. I can’t tell you how much Rudy loved it. Laura encouraged him to move around and play. After about 15 minutes Rudy was taken out of the water and wrapped up in a warm towel, he was then given a full-body massage using organic baby massage oils. He was in heaven. Not only was it clearly relaxing for him, it was also just as relaxing for me. After his session finished he was incredibly hungry so Laura lead me to a tranquil, dimly lit breast-feeding area where we melted into the comfy sofas. I fell in love with the whole process and made the decision to go back weekly.

Rudy, now almost one, has moved onto the next stage of Laura’s program. Every Sunday we go to Chiswick, which is where Laura’s other school, Sevenus, is situated. It is for babies who have out-grown the spa and children up to the age of ten. Here, Rudy’s sessions consist of a half an hour swim lesson where parents are encouraged to join their children in the pool (a much bigger pool but just as warm as the Baby Spa pool). Rudy can now even swim underwater – he loves his time swimming which completely fills me with pride, not to mention that it felt great to tell my Aunt this Christmas; “you’ll never guess what, Auntie, my son learnt how to swim at just four-and-a-half months old.”