New Gym Class Heroes
Sometimes it can feel like ground hog day when it comes to exercise classes. Trying something new is a great way to restore your love for the gym. Virgin Active has begun offering Willpower and Grace™ classes nationwide; great for those who find yoga too ‘slow’, it is said to combine the self-awareness of yoga practice with the energy of a boot camp. www.virginactive.co.uk

Update your Music
Dr. Costas Karageorghis, an Associate Professor of Sport Psychology at Brunel University has proven that the music you listen to whilst you work out does effect performance. Having studied the effects of music on physical performance for over 20 years, he discovered that a song’s tempo is one of the most important elements in motivating you. One that scores highly in getting you moving is Salt ‘n’ Pepper’s Push It. As if we needed an excuse to listen to that.

Seek Expert Help
“Book a session with a Personal Trainer, even if it’s just for an hour, they can design specific programmes based on your exercise likes/dislikes. It will also be more enjoyable and inspiring than going to the gym with no real structure to your session. ” Alex Manos, Personal Trainer and Founder of Vital Fitness.