Just a quick blog to shout about a fantastic face mask I have discovered from little-known brand A’kin. I honestly can’t rate it highly enough. I have always approached using face masks with caution as they often bring me out in spots the next day or don’t really make any difference at all. That was until I discovered A’kin’s Multi-Fruit & Willow Bark Instant Radiance Facial Masque. Packed with multi-fruit AHA, which is fantastic for calming and preventing skin break-outs, it also instantly makes my skin feel and look more even, reducing the appearances of wrinkles, pigmentation and blemishes.

I now rely upon this mask to give my skin a boost. Its so easy to use and, because of its clay base, dries quickly, drawing out impurities as it does. Its also fantastic for scarring due to the rosehip and Vitamin B3 and the hyaluronic acid (which sounds harsh but really isn’t) is fantastic for moisturising and plumping out the skin. I have listed the key ingredients below:

Bilberry Fruit Extract (AHA)
Echium oil
Hyaluronic acid
Pomegranate Extract [CO2]
Rosehip oil
Vitamin B3
Willow Bark Extract (BHA)

The A’Kin range is available from Holland & Barrett, Bentalls, John Bell & Croydon, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, www.lookfantatsic.com and www.eco-essentials.co.uk. For details of your nearest stockist please call 01622 859898.