by Kathleen Flemming

A healthy diet is crucial to looking fabulous so this summer try supercharging your diet with some of our favourite superfoods…

Coconuts conjure up thoughts of tropical beaches. It is the perfect summer superfood. Coconut meat can be eaten raw on its own or added to your morning muesli or yogurt. It is packed with fibre which helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Coconut water is another super product of the coconut as it contains potassium and electrolytes making it a perfect sports drink or for rehydration on a hot day. (We like to drink ours after Bikram yoga!)

Cherries are full of healing antioxidants, which help with pain relief, decrease inflammation, promote a healthy heart and may help to prevent cancer.  Cherries also contain meltonin with regulates sleep and delay the ageing process. Plus they contain Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron and fibre! Although in the UK, cherries are often found in shops all year round, the summer is the best time to buy cherries as they are in season and most abundant. Another brilliant thing about cherries is that they can be frozen and will still retain their nutritional value – a great addition to summer smoothies or an alternative to sugary ice lollies.

Chia Seeds seem to be the superfood of 2012. These super C seeds are packed with good fats, protein, minerals and antioxidants. In fact chia seeds have 100% more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon and six times more iron than spinach. They are extremely versatile and can be added to nearly anything. Lots of people sprinkle a teaspoon onto their muesli or porridge or blend the seeds into a smoothie. You can also sprinkle them over summer salads or blend them in dips like humus or guacamole.

Quinoa isn’t a super C but it is a super duper food and perfect in summer salads. Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah, is a seed not a grain but it is a perfect grain substitute. Quinoa is a complete protein and contains higher levels of important minerals than most grains. It’s an ideal food for vegetarians and vegans because of its protein content. Quinoa is also very versatile and it can be eaten cold in salads or warm with curries and stir fries. In addition, many people make their morning porridge using quinoa as it makes for a protein packed brekkie. My favourite way of eating quinoa is in a salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spinach and beetroot. A delicious summer superfood salad!

Image by: www.flickr.com:photos:steffypeeageayemm:5836522646