Words by Harriet Chubb

After my rigorous investigation of the London spray tan market, it’s difficult to remain satisfied with my English rose complexion, so I took to trying a few at home products as well, here are my top three:

WinnerSt Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. Hands down the best at home fake tan I have ever used. Applied with a mitt, this light mousse glides over your body and brilliantly shows up on your skin so you can see instantly where you are applying it and if you need more coverage. This method pretty much guarantees no streaks once dry, which only takes 4 hours, before showering off. It looks as natural, if not more, than their spray tans and is so easy, quick and fuss free to apply. I am a convert. www.st-tropez.com

Runner Up – L’Oreal Body Expertise Nutrisummer in Medium. This has been my old faithful for many years now and never fails to get an even, natural tan, with, most importantly, no trace of that tell-tale biscuit smell. In a moisturiser format, you can’t see where this is going when you apply it, however, I have not yet had a streak from it. It takes a while to apply as you need to make sure you have really rubbed in the cream to each part of your body, but the moisturising effect is delicious and worth the extra time. Apply a couple of hours before you go to bed to avoid staining your sheets and wake up happily bronzed with no need to wash off. www.loreal-paris.co.uk

Runner Up –  Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan in Matte. This is the perfect antidote to pale legs that need a quick fix just before a night out, applied with a mitt, it smoothes on with no developing time – you can put this on instantly and walk out of the door feeling sun kissed. I would recommend the matte version over the shimmer, as the blinding sheen can me a bit much picked up in the light. www.rimmellondon.com


Image: Seafolly – Happy Hour Kaftan and Amelia Sunglasses