The Other House- The New Members’ Club Heading Up Holistic Wellness

South Kensington’s new member’s club, The Other House has headed up a holistic wellness programme set to rival any others of its kind in London. Spread across 11 grandeur Kensington townhouses, The Other House operates as a hotel, members’ club and private residences, fit with a lounge space, a screening room, an all-day café, a bar, a co-working space, a gym and a wellness area.

The curated menu of spiritual, alternative and holistic sessions is exclusively available to residents and members of The Other Space. The Wellbeing Concierge is on hand to help you navigate the right type of treatment for you, which is necessary as they have a variety of holistic therapies and practices you may not be familiar with. The antidote to city life, these unique offerings are an opportunity to explore the ‘Other’ side of yourself.

The Wellbeing Menu features…

Reiki, Reflexology, Chakra Cleansing, Yoga Workshops, Breathwork sessions, Cacao ceremony, Acupuncture, Tarot readings, Hypnotherapy, Crystal healing, Tea ceremony and Sonic acupuncture.

I’ve been searching high and low for somewhere that offers sonopuncture, so was buzzing to see it on The Other House’s menu. Sonopuncture (Sonic acupuncture) is a sound balancing energy that works in the energetic biofield to envelop the body. The Sonopuncture sessions are led by Bella, one of The Other House’s intuitive practitioners, her speciality is sound therapy as a means to healing the body. Working in the realms of vibration, Bella will transport you to another entity, using tuning forks to release blockages in the body. Bringing in elements of her other practices such as sound therapy, breathwork and Reiki, this 1-to-1 session will unveil a cathartic release to realign and create equilibrium in your body.

Adorned with swoon-worthy jungle chic interiors, The Other Space has crested the wave of Londoners craving for a cool hang-out spot, whereby you can dine, work and exercise under one roof. With grand plans to roll out serval more swanky hubs over the coming years, including Covent Garden in 2024, The Other House has solidified its place as one of London’s covetable members’ clubs.

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Equinox Hotel: A Wellness Mecca In The Middle Of NYC

Whether the reminder comes in the form of a pandemic or the shape of a common cold, life often and in various ways shows us what really matters – if we pay attention. Because it may take a bit of an effort to notice the messages among the clutter and noise of our everyday lives, full of to-do’s and busy schedules, but when we actually become aware of how important our health is, it changes and re-orders everything. Luckily enough, more and more businesses and industries have started to realize that wellness isn’t just something we dedicate an hour to once in a while – it is essential and should be our highest priority since it impacts all parts of life and determines both its quality and our overall longevity.

A company that has understood the importance of holistic health and integrating it into our lifestyle, even when travelling, is Equinox. About 30 years after the iconic fitness brand opened its first gym in New York, it built one of the city’s most incredible hotels, Equinox Hotel. And while a retreat and wellness getaway in the city that never sleeps might sound a bit strange, Equinox has actually made that possible.

“We are not building the hotel for an age group as much as we are building the hotel for a mindset, which is a more laidback and a more relaxed approach to luxury. I think this more relaxed view is where the world is going towards,” explains Chris Norton, CEO of Equinox Hotels, while also adding that their philosophy is “for those who want it all” – an ethos mirrored in every single detail; the food, the products in the mini bar, the lightening, materials in the room, even the umbrellas have unique features and their own story behind them, all to create the best possible experience for the guests.

The hotel is located in the 1,000 feet tall skyscraper, overlooking the iconic building The Edge and famous monument The Vessel, in the emerging district of Hudson Yards in Manhattan. With a gym club and spa facilities on the lower floors, the lobby, restaurant, and over 200 rooms and suites can be found on the 24th floor and up. With a smaller entrance and lobby, the hotel has dedicated as much space as possible to well-being facilities and to make the hotel a tranquil oasis in the middle of the hectic city buzz. 

The Rooms

While the whole building itself is remarkable, one of the main highlights is definitely the astonishing rooms, designed with both restoration and performance in mind. Made in collaboration with a sleep psychologist and an “Equinox Sleep Coach”, the rooms feature handmade beds, stuffed with natural materials such as seaweed and charcoal, and Norton explains that there has been a huge emphasis on sleep hygiene during the creation process; “We scientifically engineered the rooms as sleep chambers to give you the best sleep experience. The ideal sleep chamber is a totally dark room that is quiet and that has a temperature of 17-18 degrees Celsius.” Thankfully, the mattresses and bed linens are available for purchase on their website (*adding to cart*), and on top of that, the room also offers on-demand videos of morning and evening routines, including yoga and stretching, that you can watch on the TV. A mini-bar stacked with supplements, sheet masks, superfood powders, a foam roller, and workout clothes is another favourite feature, as well as the room-service menu where an IV drip is just a click away in case you’re feeling jetlagged.

The Gym & Spa Facilities

Just a few floors down is Equinox’s most spacious gym ever – a 60,000-square-foot fitness heaven that spans two floors, including studios for classes such as heated yoga, barre, and Pilates, as well as a PT Pilates reformer studio and two pools. Mingle with the locals as you try out the machines and equipment, and make sure to book a Trilogy Barre class, which is a ballet-inspired workout that uses custom-designed resistance bands – a challenge for every single muscle in your body. If you, somehow, still have energy left, go downstairs to enjoy a SoulCycle class (there is a Juice Press right next to it in case you need some fuel before). Another must is visiting the unreal outdoor pool and sundeck – an unbelievably striking area offering jaw-dropping vistas overlooking the city, as well as heated sauna barrels. 

When it’s time to regenerate and recharge, schedule a visit to the astonishing spa, where acupuncture, massages, facials, cryotherapy, infrared saunas, and IV treatments grace the menu. The ICOONE treatment is fantastic (especially if you’re an avid LPG devotee), as well as any of their luxurious Biologique Recherce facials. A session of cryotherapy followed by a few minutes in the sauna is another great way to feel both refreshed and energized. 

Moreover, what really elevates this wellness sanctuary is the hotel’s curated packages and transformative programs guided by a coach, with the purpose to optimize your health and lifestyle routine. The journey starts with an in-depth assessment laying the foundation of your personalized wellness roadmap, including treatments in the spa, personal training sessions, and nutritious meals.

The Food

Speaking of food, the hotel’s restaurant, Electric Lemon, is the place for mindful indulgence. With a close collaboration with farmers and food artisans, the restaurant’s vibrant and nutritious menu is proof of how healthy food doesn’t need to compromise on taste. Revel fresh juices and beet yoghurt bowls for breakfast, and make sure to order the cauliflower flatbread for a dinner. Sip on a mocktail while soaking in the soaring views over the surrounding majestic high-rise buildings at the gorgeous outdoor bar and rooftop terrace. This area comes alive in the late afternoon during the warmer months and truly models the notion of that wellness can be integrated into every aspect of our lives – even when out and about with friends.

The reflections and thoughts that you get after a 360-degree wellness immersion like a stay at Equinox evolve around priorities. Equinox Hotel really models how wellness can be incorporated in all areas of our lives, and although it really helps spending a few days at this luxurious well-being sanctuary (where you have advanced treatments, an enormous gym, and healthy meals available under the same roof), the hotel actually inspires and reminds you that living a healthy life ultimately comes down to priorities and effort. We have the power to choose what we fuel and nourish ourselves with – even when traveling, socializing with friends, or during a spare evening after work. And by intertwining wellness into all aspects of life, hence looking at health from a holistic perspective, every single step we take and small choice we make eventually creates the lifestyle that focuses on what truly matters in life – health.

words by Matilde Wergland

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Editor’s Notes: What To Buy, DIY & Try In Wellness Right Now

The New Year cobwebs have well and truly been shaken off and the darkest month of the year is firmly in the rearview mirror. Hoorah! With February being such a short month, it does feel like spring is just around the corner and I’m certainly in full-on garden prep mode so I can have a pretty vista to look out to from my kitchen when warmer days are finally upon us. Every month, I’m sharing what to Buy, DIY & Try In Wellness and this month, I’m turning my attention to sowing seeds, spring cleaning and whipping up a green goddess salad that not only went viral on Tik Tok but viral at home too! 

Spruce Floor Cleaner

I love my doggie Rosie HOWEVER… During the winter months, it’s a constant battle to keep our floors clean from all the muck she brings in from the garden and her walks. I’m currently in an uphill battle against dirt and feel I’ve got the broom and mop out on a daily basis! One new discovery from eco-cleaning brand, Spruce, is their Floor Cleaner. Their non-toxic formula can be used on all surfaces (including our wooden kitchen floor… I know, I should have opted for tiles but I’m a style over practically kinda gal!) and their packaging is plastic-free and home-compostable. 

Cawston Press Juices 

Since I don’t drink alcohol, I’m often on the lookout for delicious soft drinks that aren’t loaded with sugar and could work well for lunch gatherings with family and friends. I love Cawston Press and their new juices are right up my street. Nothing from concentrated and no added sugar and generally minimal ingredients which I love. I’m already thinking about garden lunches and picnics this summer!

TikTok’s Viral Green Goddess Chopped Salad

If you haven’t made Tik Tok’s viral Green Goddess Salad then are you even into wellness??! Jokes aside, this is such a yummy chopped salad recipe, I wanted to share the original recipe by Melissa Ben-Ishay (AKA Baked By Melissa) that got the internet in a spin! It’s the greenest, most more-ish salad you’ll ever eat and you’ll just revel in the fact that something so healthy can be so delicious! 

Sowing Sweet Pea Seeds

I grew sweet peas last year and it was such a joyful experience watching the seedlings grow into the most beautifully fragrant blooms. There have been countless studies proving the mental health benefits of gardening, so much so GPs are now “nature prescribing” to their patients as part of their treatment plan. Pretty cool right? With sweet peas, the more flowers you pick the more the plant will produce and I harvested such a decent amount last year I constantly had a vase full over the summer! I’m sowing my seeds that I bought from Sarah Raven and wanted to encourage you to do the same because the end result is bloomin’ lovely, 

1 Night “Birch Beauty Sleep”

We’ve reviewed Birch here so have a little read if you’re not familiar with the wellness concept but if you want a little well-being-focused getaway this Spring then check out their Birch Beauty Sleep experience to help you feel revitalised and recharged. Tone down any tension and melt into your inner zen with the special Beauty Sleep bundle… offering a one-night stay, two invigorating massages and a space in one of their daily yoga sessions, you’ll be loosey-goosey in no time.

The Female Curve

One thing I feel like I’m slowly mastering is learning to eat and move in accordance with my hormones and cycle. It’s definitely something I’m being mindful of because, throughout the month, us women constantly change and deal with different peaks of hormones, energy levels and nutritional needs. A brand that also understands the importance of tuning into your body is The Female Curve – a new 8-12 week online fitness and nutrition programme designed for women. The Curve delivers completely bespoke fitness and nutrition guidance tailored to each woman’s menstrual cycle and lifestyle, by carefully analysing their personal data, including mood, sleep, energy and stress levels, nutrition, menstrual cycle symptoms and workouts. So whether their goal is based around aesthetics, building strength, helping with PCOS, PMS, Osteoporosis, or fertility (all of which the coaches can help with), it will be completely specific to their needs.

words by Molly Jennings

5 Reasons Why Nutritionists Hail Seaweed As A Must-Have Beauty Food

Seaweed has become increasingly popular over the past few years; even megastars such as the singer Beyonce have been adding it to their diet, so it’s no surprise we are hearing more about this nutrient-rich sea veg and why it’s so good for our beauty and wellbeing.

We asked Nutritionist (BSc) and Chartered Psychologist (PhD), Dr. Naomi Newman-Beinart, to tell us about why seaweed is quickly becoming the most talked about beauty and wellness secret of 2023. This is what she had to say:

The relationship between what we eat and how we look is undeniable. When we’re healthy, it shows in our appearance. Glowing skin, healthy nails and shiny hair are all associated with good health. But how is looking gorgeous related to this slimy green stuff? 

Seaweed is a natural iodine-rich food for glowing skin

Seaweed contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are well known for their ability to protect the skin and help fight signs of aging. But the real secret is its natural iodine content. Iodine is an essential mineral that your body can’t make by itself, so we must depend on food or supplements to get what we need. Iodine is needed for your body to produce thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones can help your skin cells to regenerate more efficiently.  

Seaweed contains collagen-promoting nutrients

Seaweed contains the well-known antioxidant Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the maintenance of collagen in your body and is needed for collagen synthesis. Collagen is the main structural protein found in your body’s connective tissues and is a major component of your skin, hair, and nails.

Seaweed helps you get stronger nails

Unlike certain nutrients like vitamin E – which are frequently discussed by both health and beauty experts – there are often critical nutrients that go without mention. One of the many undervalued and misunderstood nutrients that can have a positive impact on health and appearance is iodine. The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has found that iodine also helps to maintain healthy skin, and there’s also evidence that iodine and a normal functioning thyroid contributes to healthy hair and stronger nails, too.  

Seaweed helps your hair grow faster

Yes, you read that right! One study found that it can make your hair grow up to four times faster than normal. Researchers found that people who ate seaweed with recently cut hair had a regrowth rate of 95-100% and people that did not eat seaweed had a regrowth rate of 25-30%. 

Seaweed helps tackle dry skin 

Seaweed is a natural source of iodine, and many women appear deficient in this essential mineral, which results in them often finding that their skin is dry and flaky. Research shows this is primarily due to low thyroid hormone levels, which can be affected by low iodine levels. 

How to get your seaweed beauty boost? 

Looking good on the outside starts with feeling good on the inside, and seaweed can help you achieve that. Many more people are eating vegan diets, which can be low in iodine and in turn, can cause us to have dry skin and thinning hair. One study by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) explored iodine levels in participants following either mixed or vegan diets. It found that a third of vegans had iodine levels below 20 micrograms per litre, which is the threshold for serious deficiency defined by the World Health Organisation.  

1. Eat more sea veg – Try adding more sea veg to soups and salads to get a daily boost of naturally occurring iodine. I use Clearspring’s dried wild seaweeds, which, once rehydrated by soaking in liquid, are easy to enjoy in everyday foods. 

2. Take a seaweed supplement – Don’t fancy munching on seaweed to get your iodine fix. I recommend Doctor Seaweed’s vegan and organic ‘Weed and Wonderful’ Hebridean Ascophyllum capsules. They contain only natural ingredients from food sources, and you know how much iodine you are consuming with each capsule.  Also much easier for those who don’t like the salty taste!

3. Have a Seaweed Bath – If you don’t live by the coast – you can bring the coast to you with Voya’s Lazy Days Detoxifying Seaweed Bath. Just add to a hot bath and it will release its soothing and hydrating properties as well as detoxify the skin leaving it feeling super silky and clean!

Words by Charlotte Dormon

6 Ways To Hone In On Your Gut Health For Better Immunity

The immune system’s health and efficiency are intimately correlated with the condition of your digestive system. The gut microbiome plays a variety of beneficial tasks, including managing your metabolism, mood, cognition, hunger, digestion, and immunity – with between 70-80% of your immune cells present in the gut. Vital information for people that burn the candle at both ends this winter. 

Supporting a healthy gut-immune response is a multi-factorial process. Author and nutritional therapist, Eve Kalinik, suggests 6 ways to support your gut health this year: 

Aim for 30 plants a week– Increasing our overall plant diversity supports a more diverse gut microbiome and immune system. This can be from vegetables, fruit, whole grains and nuts & seeds as well as spices and herbs. Consider making up nut & seed mixes that you can sprinkle over soups, salads, cooked vegetables, overnight oats and more. 

Consume Gut Nourishing Foods – This includes organic bone broth, fermented foods, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, salmon, mackerel, prawns, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, spinach and more. Spices such as turmeric also contain vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, amino acids and types of fibre that all help to support the health of the gut and the immune system. Try making up a stewed apple compote with cinnamon that you can serve alongside breakfast or as a tasty snack. 

Supplementation – Whilst a food-first approach is recommended, if you are struggling to get enough fibre to support your gut health from your diet, you could also consider using a high-fibre supplement, such as Bimuno. Bimuno is an award-winning, scientifically-backed prebiotic supplement that feeds bifidobacteria, a ‘good bacteria’ found in the gut, connected with digestive health, immunity, and mental wellbeing. Gluten-free and taste-free, the sachet powder can be added to any food or drink and is shown to begin working in just 7 days of routine daily use. 

Include key co-factor nutrients – Vitamin C and zinc are integral for the health of the immune system. Vitamin C is found in strawberries, avocado, broccoli, peppers, spinach and citrus fruit. Zinc is abundant in shellfish, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, cashew nuts and traditional hard cheese, which also includes a boost of beneficial bacteria for the gut too! 

Let the Sunshine in – This is a key component of how our body makes vitamin D. This can be trickier in the winter months as the sunshine is not as strong, so if you are living in the UK you might want to consider taking supplements. 

Prioritise Rest – It’s one of the busiest times of the year, from both a work and social perspective. Too much stress and not enough sleep can encroach on the health of our immune system. Allowing sufficient time before we go to bed without the devices in sight can help to cultivate a more restful night’s sleep.

words by Eve kalinik

Can These Expert-Approved Supplements Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Every pregnancy and conception journey is different however, there are a few things that you could be doing to help increase your chances of conceiving and optimise your fertility. Taking a really good quality supplement is recommended by nearly all doctors when you start your pregnancy journey – even before you’ve conceived. But when it comes to the supplement market it is key to understand that not all supplements are created equally – things such as additives and fillers can find their way into supplements, making it so important to find a brand that says no to these nasties. This is where Proceive comes in – they really are the superior supplement on the market for those looking to conceive. With each product extensively researched using the latest scientific evidence, Proceive offers the most functional, comprehensive and evidence-based nutritional supplements for men and women tailored for each stage of conception, pregnancy and even breastfeeding. 

No matter what stage of life you are at, it’s important to understand the facts about your fertility. Contrary to what we’ve all been led to believe it actually takes 12 months to make a baby! Sperm is renewed every three months and an egg cell also takes approximately three months to mature. In those three months, the quality of these cells can be hugely affected by external factors. The growing demands of a modern lifestyle are having a significant impact on our nutritional health. Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, dieting and poor nutrition all impact our body’s ability to absorb the nutrition needed to optimise reproductive health. So it pays to start paying attention to what you are consuming and doing in the few months before you start trying to conceive, trying to reduce stress as much as possible and eating the best you can. However, there are some things that we just can’t control though – busy jobs causing increased stress, or times in those three months when you can’t fill your body with nutritious food but this is where Proceive can help. Designed to correct any nutritional deficiencies associated with the reproductive cycle, Proceive will ensure that the environment is right for you and your partner to create the best quality sperm and egg cells possible.

Superior Formulas

Proceive came into the market following a number of years of meticulous research by their team of medical and nutritional experts who reviewed the products using clinical data from a wide range of scientific studies on key nutrients that support the processes involved in both fertility and pregnancy. Both Proceive Conception and Proceive Pregnancy provide tailored nutrients at the appropriate levels for each stage of the conception and pregnancy journey. Each ingredient is delivered at the optimal strength in highly absorbable forms – which means you get the maximum benefit from your supplementation.

What’s in Them?

All Proceive products contain the recommended 400mg of folic acid in the L-Methylfolate form for increased absorption, meaning that you do not need to worry about taking additional supplements at any stage in your journey. Minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper (gluconate), Manganese, Selenium, Chromium, and Iodine all work together to create a synergy that supports the body with conception and fertility. In many cases women (and men) have mineral deficiencies without any symptoms, including women coming off the contraceptive pill, meaning that they never know or do anything about it – Proceive wanted to make sure that this wasn’t the case for any of their customers which is why they contain such a comprehensive mix of essential minerals. Plus, Proceive also contains 13 essential vitamins that are vital for the production of energy in the body and therefore reproduction. Amino Acids, Omegas and CO-Q10 are also all in there to ensure the healthiest possible body and start for your conception journey.

And What’s Not In Them…

Regarding supplements, it is true that what is in them is just as important as what is not. Proceive’s award-winning formulations do not contain any fillers, binders or artificial colours or preservatives. They are also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians (with the exception of their Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement). This dedication to only using pure science-backed ingredients is what keeps them ahead of the competition when it comes to achieving results and helping their customers to feel like their best selves! 

What The Experts Say


“As a fertility specialist, I understand how important good quality nutrition is for couples trying to conceive. At Neo Fertility, our aim is to optimise the pre-conception environment and help couples achieve a successful pregnancy. I recommend a comprehensive fertility supplement like Proceive, with relevant dose levels of multivitamins and minerals when trying to conceive.”


“As a nutritionist working in the area of fertility, I recognise the need to use a nutritional supplement to support conception. Formulations containing vital nutrients that are important to support a healthy conception are available now. I highly recommend Proceive to any man or woman who is considering having a baby to take a good fertility supplement.”

The Proceive range is available from Boots and Holland & Barrett stores and online. Visit for more information.

Club Health- London’s Luxury Rehab & Performance Clinic

Suffering from injuries affects the vast majority of people at some point throughout their life, many of which we choose to neglect for as long as possible, especially if they seem fairly trivial at the start. The fact is, whether it’s a minute niggle or chronic pain, we shouldn’t be leaving our bodies unaccounted for. In the same vein that you book your annual dentist check-up, your body deserves an MOT too! Chances are, even the most insignificant twinges have a tendency to escalate, so stopping them in their tracks is the key to optimal wellbeing…Enter Club Health.

Curating an unparalleled experience, Club Health is a Rehab & Performance clinic with locations in Chelsea and Notting Hill. Delivered in a chic state-of-the-art setting, their unique slick approach to bodywork and movement health will indisputably get to the root of your concerns.

Much like the H&H mission statement (‘inspiring others to be the best version of themselves’), Club Health’s philosophy thrives to help you achieve your 100%. The word ‘your’ is paramount, as each and every person who walks through the door will have a bespoke experience, tailored to their individual needs.

The driving force behind Club Health is the expert professionals who are top-tier specialised in their devoted fields, spanning physiotherapy, rehab training, medical massage therapy and clinical Pilates. Having acquired a long list of acclamatory qualifications and extensive years of experience between them, the team work seamlessly together to bounce their complementary knowledge off one another to attain the best possible outcome for their clients.

All newcomers commence at Club Health with a comprehensive consultation led by founder Luis Ribeiro, the UK’s leading Consultant Physiotherapist. Luis’ expertise are infatuating, from the moment you meet he’ll be analysing your movement patterns to gain a deeper understanding of your body mechanics and posture. After delving into your health background as well as outlining any issues you’re experiencing, it’s hands-on from the outset, getting straight to the physiotherapy.

Moving away from one-dimensional fixes, the initial consultation will form the framework for your tailored 360-degree treatment plan using clinical reasoning and muscular movement systems. No two plans look the same, incorporating a mix of rehab, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, manual therapy sessions and clinical Pilates, all under one roof to achieve optimal health and longevity.

If repetitive slow-paced consultations with physios in the past have put you off, don’t let it pass your judgement. Club Health have reinvented physiotherapy and rehab as we know it, and the rebrand is impressive to say the least. It’s truly changed the way I move which is remarkable after just one visit. I’ve brought a newfound attentiveness to my posture with cues that I can implement in my every move. I finally have a firm diagnosis of the hip injury that’s been hindering my performance for years. Luis clearly connected the dots between my postural alignment and the pain, making for a real ‘aha’ moment…I felt like I’d struck gold, with visible and physical changes after just a couple of hours in the presence of Luis and rehab coach, Joel.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, dealing with body imbalances, or simply looking to enhance your fitness, health, and nutrition, Club Health is the place to go. This is the closest match to elite athlete level care you’ll find. Not only treating your problems but preventing them from recurring, a visit to Club Health is equally as efficacious as it is pleasurable, by virtue of the luxury aesthetic and the amiable team.

Click here for more details on Club Health

What’s New In The World Of Wellness This February

Moving into February, the wellness industry has lots of exciting things launching this month. Food ventures are a clear focus for 2023, with authentic food delivery services and baby weaning made easy. The travel world also has lots to offer, as does the beauty and fitness space. Here’s what’s new in wellness this month…

This Glow-Getting Shroom Has A Residency At Farm Girl

DIRTEA, the functional mushroom brand that’s taken the industry by storm, has collaborated with Farm Girl, pioneers of London’s healthy brunch scene, on a limited edition beauty-boosting menu using DIRTEA’s newest addition to their range, the Tremella Mushroom powder. Regarded as the glow-getting shroom, Tremella is high in fibre and has insane skin-enhancing properties, think of it as nature’s own Hyaluronic Acid, packed with a high concentration of Vitamin D, as well as Vitamins A and B, plus it’s a valuable source of minerals including potassium, copper, manganese and phosphorus. Available at both Farm Girl’s Soho and South Kensington locations until the end of March, the menu, spiked with collagen-boosting mushroom extract, features a Brightening Acai Bowl, Super Skin Shake and the Hydrating Cacao Hot Choc.

Where Cutting Edge Tech & Quality Skincare Collide

Two brands from different regions of the wellness industry have come together to create the ultimate skincare tool. OSKIA and TheraBody’s TheraFace Pro is a multi-tasking device that gives visible instant results, utilising percussive therapy to reduce tension and relax facial muscles, microcurrent technology to firm and tone and rejuvenating LED and infrared light therapy for anti-bacterial and anti-ageing benefits. Complimented by the OSKIA skincare range, the TheraFace Pro upgrades an indulgent skincare routine into an efficacious tech-driven facial. OSKIA’s Isotonic Hydra-Serum allows the TheraFace Pro to glide with ease across the face, sculpting into your facial structure to relieve any puffiness. The TheraFace Pro Skincare Bundle will work harder for your skin and give you the most out of your self-care rituals, this really is the future of skincare.

Weaning Made Simple 

Poppets Baby Food takes a healthy, modern approach to baby weaning. Producing organic, plant-based baby food in small batches. With seasonal menus packed full of superfoods, their products are made to order using the highest quality ingredients and flash-frozen to preserve nutrients. Poppets recently released a new range of pasta sauces, perfect for even the fussiest toddler and full of hidden goodness. These familiar feeling sauces are packed with nutrition and are suitable for 6 months plus. Each box contains 12 portions, including Pea Pesto, Creamy Butternut and Roasted Vegetable sauces. These clever cubes will be your new favourite go-to dinner. Poppets are delivered frozen to your door, using sustainable packaging, allowing you the convenience of delicious, superfood-filled baby meals, ready in minutes from your freezer.

The Wellness Enhancing Countryside Escape

Heckfield Place has announced a plethora of innovative wellbeing initiatives to enhance your stay at the secluded sustainable-led hotel that spans 400 acres of Hampshire countryside. New to its roster of nature-inspired wellness offerings, Heckfield Place has introduced Cold Water Immersion Therapy, Forest Bathing, Farm Fit and sessions with Master Practitioners. Plunge into the lake with guidance and coping techniques to experience the full benefits of cold water exposure, including boosted dopamine and serotonin levels. Heckfield has cherry-picked a select group of Master Practitioners guided by the healing powers of nature. Each specialises in a different realm spanning naturopathy, osteopathy, emotional wellbeing and bodywork. Shinrin-Yoku, better known as Forest Bathing, is an opportunity for guests to reconnect with themselves, and with nature. The guided walk encourages mindful breathing and meditation-based exercises. Finally Farm Fit is the new circuit-based training program, built on Heckfield’s very own biodynamic farm with standard equipment replaced in favour of weighted milk churns, ropes, hay bales, logs and sandbags.

The High-Performance Fitness Apparel Collab

Functional fitness wear brand WIT has joined forces with luxe streetwear brand, REPRESENT on a collab that will style up your activewear wardrobe. The new unisex range is built into REPRESENT’s 247 sub-section which comprises premium athletic wear. WIT, the go-to apparel brand and retailer for CrossFit and functional training, brings its expertise to 247’s brand’s aesthetics in clean silhouettes to create a collection of functional-optimal garments that can be worn for active and casual intent, with every purpose in mind.

The Form-Focused Studio That Will Help You Move Better

CORE LDN is the newest studio to open its doors in South West London, housing a blend of physiotherapy, Pilates and wellness to create a 360-degree approach to rehabilitation and performance. Founder, Claire Mills, has poured her 15+ years of expertise into creating this beautiful hub that primarily aims to help you move better. Unlike other studios, CORE LDN requires all new clients to undergo a private intro session prior to booking a Pilates class to conduct an in-depth assessment of their posture, control and movement patterns to ensure the optimal Pilates journey. This is a testament to how dedicated CORE LDN are to ensuring their clients get the most out of the tailored experience, this isn’t just another studio jumping on the reformer trend that’s for sure. CORE LDN offers reformer and mat Pilates sessions, plus private 1-to-1s. Following the intro, the team will recommend whether their ‘Pure’; traditional Reformer or ‘Core’; geared towards rehabilitation, will be best suited to you. The group sessions are intimate and precise, meaning there’s no chance you’ll ever be performing the incorrect technique, resulting in maximum results. The Physiotherapists are on hand to assist with all types of injury and treatments including manual therapy, acupuncture, myofascial release, taping and innovative exercise rehabilitation. CORE LDN also offer a specialist service dedicated to supporting pelvic health, an area that affects the majority of women at some stage, yet is so often overlooked! CORE LDN’s philosophy is a refreshing approach to wellness, their friendly experts genuinely care about your needs and will work with your body to whatever you individual needs are.

Switch Up Your Mundane Lunch With Fresh Summer Rolls

From the team behind Farm Girl, Notting Hill’s cult healthy eatery, Roll Baby is their new venture geared up for grab-and-go style lunching in a prime spot in South Kensington station. Contrary to the standard salad or sandwich we’ve been programmed to eat forever, Roll Baby brings a cool, vibrant spin on lunchtimes with their summer rolls, which FYI aren’t just for summer! The extensive menu of rice paper salad rolls varies from meaty, veggie, zingy, herby, nutty or spicy, all of which are bursting with colourful ingredients to brighten your day. Each roll is accompanied by your choice of dip for a taste sensation..from Tahini Ginger, spicy Sriracha Mayo, Sweet Chilli or Satay. Finish it off with one of the health-boosting sweet treats including the peanut butter maca brownies and rocher energy balls, made only with wholesome ingredients. 

The Retreat That Integrates Into Your Everyday Routine

Founder of Health By M, Matilde is a firm believer in creating small moments throughout our day to prioritise wellness. After putting your rituals into practice over time, those small steps become something more sustainable. Building a solid well-being routine doesn’t happen overnight and that’s where The Retreat comes into play. Think of it as the online platform to pave the way for your bespoke ongoing retreat that forms the foundations of your lifestyle. From guided meditations, workouts, healthy food, practices, rituals and more this is your guide to creating your own retreat and establishing a healthy routine which works anywhere and anytime. H&H readers can get 1 month free if selecting the monthly membership option by entering the code HIPANDHEALTHY. Code valid until 1st April 2023.

The Online Food Marketplace Delivering Authentic Meals To Your Door

&Dine is a unique new food marketplace concept that connects incredible chefs and independent food businesses with customers to bring their culinary skills into your home! Delivered fresh to your door, &Dine’s wide selection of food boxes spans cuisines all across the globe. What we love most about the concept is the variety on offer, whether you’re ravenous to try authentic jerk chicken or you’re craving homemade Indian curry that hasn’t been tampered with for the Western palette, &Dine is the middleman that pairs great cooks and food lovers! The platform is simple to navigate and accommodates all dietary requirements. You’ll be able to read up about the food maker you’ve selected and where they get their influences from.

The App To Help You Manifest Your Dreams

Created by manifesting coach, Dalila Salgueiro, The Manifesting App is a new platform to help people manifest their desired life and live intentionally. There’s more to manifesting than simply jotting down your goals and expecting them to magically happen, you need to actively work towards whatever it is you desire and this app will help you do so. Combining the principles of positive psychology to elevate your vibration, the platform provides personal daily quotes, manifesting tasks, affirmations and journaling reflections to cultivate your mind and thoughts. Ultimately manifesting is about truly believing you deserve everything you desire and this app will give you the tools to break down the mental roadblocks you encounter to achieve your dreams no matter how big they are.

Level Up Your Walks With These New Shoes 

Who doesn’t love a walk in the great outdoors? Value-led shoemakers KEEN, have crafted the WK400 walking shoe to keep you comfortable and supported for hours on long walks. Think of the WK400 as a hybrid between sports trainers and hiking boots, giving boosting elements alongside stability for the optimal blend, ideal for a brisk walk. After countless months designing, developing and testing a sole that would meet the high level of quality they desired, KEEN.CURVE™ technology was created. Providing plate technology that helps maintain a smooth rolling stride and a high-energy midsole to give you the feeling of forward momentum, the WK400 will give you a spring in your step as we enter the season to get outside for mindful walks.

words by Isabelle Shury

Midlife Overwhelm: How To Take Back Control

Our Midlife writer, Nicola, is back with another incredibly relatable (and hopefully helpful!) article on midlife overwhelm and how you can take back the wheel as you navigate this busy chapter of life.

It’s 3am and my mind is racing – what day was that hospital appointment? Did I put it in the family diary? Does it clash with football training? Who is doing school pick up? Did I save my notes for the new client zoom tomorrow morning and so it goes on …  I only got up for a pee and now find myself in a state of high alert with no chance of going back to sleep.

Overwhelm is not new, and it certainly isn’t solely the preserve of midlifers, but combine it with fluctuating hormones, careers, running businesses, add a sprinkling of elderly parents and a garnish of young children or in my case, teens, and you have quite a potent cocktail. 

The midlife sandwich
I spoke to several midlife chums on the subject and found that I am definitely not alone, midlife overwhelm is a growing issue. For some, the covid lockdowns provided a moment to press “pause” on the world and the noise, they used it to consider their lifestyles, career paths and identify what they really want to be doing.  For others, like me, the lockdowns were a haze of homeschooling, looking after the needs of elderly parents and trying to keep a business afloat. 

In my experience, anxiety and overwhelm in midlife are one of the trickier symptoms of menopause to manage – our hormones are in disarray, and we find ourselves the meat in the sandwich of life, neatly placed between elderly parents and youngish children. I wake with a feeling of dread most mornings wondering “what will happen today” subtext: what will I forget, cock up, stick my metaphorical foot in? 

Jo Glynn Smith is a transformation coach who sees lots of midlifers struggling with this issue, she says “Midlife anxiety and pressure is normal as at this stage in our lives as we are managing multiple, very grown up, responsibilities such as teenage kids, ageing parents, greater financial pressures, senior jobs, relationships etc as well as our hormone changes. What puts more pressure on us these days, versus 20 years ago, is the added social media pressure of comparison culture which fuels our insecurities and sadly enforces those feelings of ’I’m not doing well enough’, or ‘I should be doing better”

What the experts say 
Hormone fluctuations can play havoc with our mental balance, it can make things that you would have managed easily in your 30’s, feel that little bit harder in your 40s and 50s. I have good friends who left jobs and careers they were thriving in because they felt they weren’t up to it anymore – it can chip away at your self-confidence, leaving you with a lack of motivation, lack of energy, loss of interest in day to day activities which in turn can lead to a quiet withdrawal from life and a disconnect from friends. Even driving at night or deciding what to cook for dinner can seem daunting.  In her book “The perimenopause solution” co-written with nutritionist Emma Bardwell, Dr Shahzadi Harper says “in early perimenopause, women tend to attribute their mental health concerns to a stressful job, a difficult relationship, ill parents or teenage children. You would feel far more resilient and able to cope with everyday stresses if you weren’t enduring the hormonal changes caused by perimenopause at the same time” she recommends that diet, exercise, and stress management should all play a part in parallel with any medical intervention. 

Take action
If you are feeling that something might be off, take control – could it be perimenopause? Familiarise yourself with the symptoms – get a blood test to assess your hormone levels, and your FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) a high level can be an indicator of perimenopause but also be aware that some conditions can mimic perimenopause such as nutritional deficiencies: iron and vitamin D levels for example, thyroid disorders and chronic fatigue which are all more prevalent in midlife. but as Dr Harper and Emma Bardwell are keen to point out, “it’s not about the numbers, it’s about how you feel- levels can vary day to day, it is about you and your symptoms

Diet in Midlife
Gut health is something that I have become increasingly interested in since entering perimenopause and I can tell you I can really feel the difference mentally.  Emma Bardwell, registered nutritionist, says “food is fundamental to our physical and emotional wellbeing” she recognises that when we are feeling overwhelmed or low, our instinct is to reach for chocolate or a glass of wine which are all high in sugar.  Choose nutrient-dense foods instead, such as legumes (lentils, chickpeas etc) nuts, seeds, green leafy veg and fermented foods (sauerkraut, kefir) which are all known to have mood-boosting properties and if you must, reach for dark chocolate to get through the extra tricky patches! We all need a treat now and again. 

Exercise in Midlife
Exercise has become part of my routine – I plan my workouts into my weekly diary so there is no excuse!  I aim for 3 times a week and more if I can, but I find it really helps calm the emotional noise.  The benefits of exercise in midlife are many, from increased metabolism to better sleep and improved mental health and the best thing about it – it’s never too late to start! I do a mix of weights, great for bone health and muscle mass, cardio or HIIT (high-intensity interval training), for fat burning and yoga/pilates for strength, flexibility, and relaxation.

Therapy to navigate Midlife
If you are being pulled in different directions by parents, kids and work, Jo Glynn Smith advises seeing a coach to work on boundaries, and to explore why pleasing others is a priority for that person versus looking after themselves. 

Setting boundaries enables one to say  “no”, nicely but firmly and mean it and helps us avoid taking on too much –definitely a skill to master and good to have in your midlife tool kit.  She recommends being present in the moment – if you are out for lunch with a friend – be there 100%, don’t be worrying about emails piling up or the dry cleaning you haven’t picked up – watch your son play football and be there, in the moment.  Get those positive thoughts flowing by practising gratitude – this can be as simple as saying: I am happy that ‘enter happy thought here’ every morning before starting your day. 

When you find worry is running away with you, think about what you can control, and deal with what is in front of you – deal with facts, not thoughts and take action – it will make you feel more in control.   

When the going gets tough, these little tips can help:

  • A bit of self-care goes a long way – run a bath, use that decadent bath milk… I love Weleda and their Lavender bath milk is wonderful and relaxing.  Pop on a face mask for optimum relaxation try the Evolve bio retinol gold mask for tired skin – which plumps, smooths and evens skin tone
  • Improve sleep quality I recently tried the Subtle energies patches for sleep and focus – they were brilliant and I slept like a baby I also love Voya pillow spray which smells divine 
  • Magnesium – I swear by taking magnesium at night – it helps relax me I take this one from nutritionist Emma Ellice Flint but Beauty Pie also do a good one
  • Movement – if the gym isn’t your thing, throw on a club anthem and dance in your kitchen – it amps up the endorphins and gets the heart rate up! 

words by Nicola De Burlet

Dr Rupy’s “Jewish Penicillin” Recipe

This nourishing and spicy “Jewish Penicillin” is my favourite meal to prepare for the family when they need a boost. It has a great collection of polyphenol-rich spices, anti-viral allium vegetables and plenty of warming flavours. I prefer to keep the spices like cloves and peppercorns whole, but feel free to remove them before serving.

INGREDIENTS – Serves 2-3

2–3 bone-in chicken thighs (350g), skins removed and reserved (optional)

2 tbsp olive oil

1 large onion (180g), thinly sliced

3 celery sticks (175g), thinly sliced

6 garlic cloves, peeled and bashed

30g fresh ginger, sliced

2 bay leaves

4–5 thin slices of fresh turmeric or 1⁄2 tsp ground turmeric

2 tsp cumin seeds

2 tsp coriander seeds

1 tsp black mustard seeds

1⁄2 tsp black peppercorns

3 cloves

Small bunch of parsley, leaves and stalks chopped separately

100g brown basmati rice, thoroughly rinsed

1.2 litres chicken stock or vegetable stock

160g spring greens, finely shredded


Spring greens: spinach, pak choi or hispi cabbage


If serving with crispy chicken skin, preheat the oven to 180oC fan.

Spread the chicken skins flat on a baking tray, sprinkle with a little salt and roast in the oven for 20 minutes. Leave to stand (they will crisp up as they cool), then season lightly and break into shards.

Meanwhile, heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a deep saucepan over a medium heat, add the chicken thighs and brown all over for 5 to 6 minutes. Remove from the pan and set aside.

Add the remaining oil to the pan and fry the onion and celery for 5 minutes until softened.

Add the garlic, ginger, bay leaves, turmeric and whole spices and fry for a further 1 minute.

Add the chopped parsley stalks and rice. Return the chicken to the pan then pour over the stock. Bring to a simmer, cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Add salt to taste (it may not need it if the stock was salty).

Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside to cool slightly. Pull the chicken meat from the bones, roughly chop, then put into individual bowls. Check for seasoning, add the shredded greens to the pan and simmer gently for a couple of minutes until wilted, then finish with the parsley leaves.

Ladle the soup into the bowls and top with shards of the crispy chicken skin, if you like.

Dr Rupy COOKS – Healthy, Easy, Flavour – Published by Ebury

Head To St-Tropez For Your Pilates Fix This Spring

Spring marks the season of new beginnings and there’s no better way to realign your mind and body than embarking on a hiatus from the everyday. Mellowing the pace of city living, Heartcore’s 5-day retreat taking place in May, seek out your inner sense of serenity, encompassing mind-body movement following Heartcore’s signature method.

For those not familiar, Heartcore is London’s leading studio renowned for dynamic reformer Pilates that provides results like no other. Founded by Jessie Blum, who you’ll be excited to learn is hosting the retreat, the vision of Heartcore was initially to enlighten people through transformative low-impact workouts that are equally effective for both the body and the mind. Quickly, Londoners became hooked on the unique heart-led method, and thus more studios gradually popped up in and around the capital’s most popular neighbours. Accessible to all, the inclusive group sessions take place on the mat or the Coreformer, plus on a 1-to-1 basis.

Booking a proper retreat sometimes requires a bit of courage, especially if it’s your first time, likewise, if you’re planning on going solo, it can seem daunting. Navigating the right retreat for you is key to getting the most out of the experience, which is where we come in handy! Think of us as your trusty guide, we know a thing or two about wellness retreats, what works, what doesn’t and where best to invest your pennies. Top of our picks for 2023 is Heartcore’s Spring Retreat. The programme has been fine-tuned by the Heartcore team, cherry-picking top-tier experiences that create the perfect balance of expert-led Pilates, wellbeing, relaxation and pleasure. 

A stone’s throw away from the jet-setting town of St-Tropez, 5-star boutique hotel, Villa Cosy will be transformed into a Heartcore hub for retreaters. Setting the tone, the villa is decked out with luxe contemporary interiors and earthy neutral hues inspired by farmhouse style. Guests will be well catered for with plush beds, homely amenities and welcoming hospitality. Complete with a heated outdoor pool, hammam, sauna, treatment room, outdoor whirlpool, zen area and gym, Villa Cosy ticks all the boxes to house an idyllic retreat.

St-Tropez is a honeypot for tourists during the height of the summer, but during the off-season, guests will be utterly spoiled with a picture postcard town all to themselves, giving you the chance to live like a local. The French Riviera melds white sandy beaches glazed over by turquoise waters, quaint cobbled streets with historic architecture and scenic coastal paths to explore. There are pockets of free time amidst the itinerary to wander around the idyllic town, take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea and stroll along the routes that trace the beaches.

Taking a tranquil approach to retreating, the curated plan of action is the dream agenda for those looking to delve into mindful movement, enjoy nourishing meals, connect with like-minded wellness lovers and restore a harmonious mindset. 

Laced in the Heartcore method, mornings commence with the signature dynamic Pilates sessions around the pool. Led by Jessie, the class is a full-body workout that unleashes your inner warrior and opens your heart. Heartcore’s signature class is a results-driven formula that works on building strength, increasing flexibility and improving your posture. There’s no doubt your limits will be tested as the burn from these 90-minute sessions is real, whether you’re experienced or a beginner, you’ll flow through at your level to excel throughout the retreat. Under the surface, you’ll uncover the mental benefits and expect positivity, focus and gratitude to ripple into your thoughts as you overcome the physical endeavours of the classes. Alongside the daily Pilates sessions, guests will have the opportunity to join in other guided sessions, such as beach walks, runs and coastal hikes with Jessie and the Heartcore team. There’s no pressure to take part in every activity on offer, you’re welcome to dip in and out as it suits you! 

Leisurely afternoons are encouraged, bury yourself in a book lazing around the pool, indulge in the spa for a spot of R&R, stroll along the beach trails that offer lusting views or wander into St-Tropez to marvel over the charming town. An excursion out to sea for a sunset catamaran trip is scheduled into the itinerary as well as a 60-min full body massage to compliment the invigorating exercise. Optional extras such as personal training, golf and tennis lessons, additional massages and body treatments can be arranged for you by the team.

Wake up to a light breakfast, with freshly baked pastries and seasonal fruits laid out to fuel you for the morning session. The lunch spread features nourishing salads and sandwiches dotted out on sharing platters to graze on post-workout. For dinner, guests will head out to various hidden gem restaurants to dine like the locals. A rarity on traditional retreats, dining out adds to the element of balance that Heartcore has implemented that harnesses an elevated experience. Indulge in the favoured dishes of the French Riviera whilst sipping on regional wine in your little retreat bubble.

One thing to make clear is you do not have to be a Heartcore regular to go on this retreat. Complete newbies are cordially invited with open arms to be part of their community, think of it as your fast-track to fostering into the Heartcore family, with Jessie initiating you in! Heartcore’s philosophy is routed in embracing every single person with an open heart to make newcomers feel accepted, safe and happy. Breaking down barriers and allowing yourself to be vulnerable is part of the process of growth. The outcome results in the beauty of human connection, compassion, care, authenticity and joy! 

Alluring an eclectic group of compatible people, from all corners of the globe, this retreat is a chance to mingle with new people, make lifelong friends and be inspired by others. Sparking awe moments, you will feed off the energy of others to leave uplifted by the bonds created in this intimate, safe space.

Satisfying your wanderlust desires whilst enriching your mind and body, Heartcore’s spring retreats are a chance for you to press the pause button. A 4-night break is just the right amount of time to guarantee a reset without spending too much time away from home commitments. There are a number of reasons why this retreat is calling your name, whether you’re on the brink of burnout, you’re looking to ignite your love for mindful movement, you’re craving some vitamin D or quite simply this sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, this retreat is the ultimate act of self-care.

Heartcore Spring Retreat is taking place on 10-14th May 2023.

READER OFFER: 10% discount for first 5x Hip & Healthy readers that sign up for the retreat, upon enquiry quote ‘Hip & Healthy’ to redeem the discount


10% off below package:

Private Suite package £4,725

Private Poolside Room package £4,175

Shared Suite package £3,375

Shared Poolside Room package £3,050

*The price per room includes all meals, two alcoholic drinks per evening, one complimentary 60-min full body massage, a sunset catamaran trip, pre-dinner petanque, two daily classes (x10), enjoyment of the spa, sauna, hammam and jacuzzi. Transfers and flights are to be arranged privately by attendees.

Garlic Up Your Nose? Onions In Your Socks? TikTok Health Advice Debunked

With the huge recent popularity boom of TikTok, it’s no surprise that amongst the funny videos of dogs, there’s a growing library of health and wellbeing “advice”. Just as Dr Google is often the first port of call for health issues, there now appears to be a significant increase in those turning to TikTok for medical problems. In fact, more than a quarter of UK adults have tried a wellness or fitness trend after seeing it on social media, according to a recent study

From onions in your socks to garlic up your nose, it’s becoming ever more important to separate fact from fiction. To that end, experts at health and wellbeing app, Evergreen Life, have taken a look at TikTok trends to debunk the nonsensical health advice that is growing ever more popular. 

If you’d like anymore information or any details about the information in this article, please let me know. 

Garlic cloves up your nostrils to clear sinuses

A recent ‘garlic nose hack’ trend has seen users peeling cloves of garlic and shoving them up each nostril for 15-30 minutes to unclog their sinuses. Apparently, once the time is up and the cloves are removed, the excess mucus streams out of the nose and clears the nasal passage. Whilst TikToks appear to show this, it is not known how effective this actually is.

TikTok views: Searches for #garlicsnots have 115.2K views on the app. 

Evergreen medical expert, Dr Brian Fisher, says: “Although garlic has well-known activity against bacteria and viruses, putting garlic up your nostrils could damage your nose and sinuses; the garlic chemicals can cause irritation, and bits of garlic could get stuck up your nose. Garlic as an infusion would be much safer.” 

Teeth whitening using hydrogen-peroxide 

TikTok ‘dentistry hacks’ are here with a teeth whitening trick using 3% hydrogen peroxide on cotton swabs, which are then wiped across the teeth. This method of whitening is extremely concerning to dentists and our experts alike due to risks associated with these chemicals. 

TikTok views: #hydrogenperoxidechallenge has over 2.2 million views. 

Evergreen medical expert, Dr Brian Fisher, says: Frequent usage of hydrogen-peroxide can cause serious and long lasting damage to gums and teeth, not to mention the dangers of having bleach in your mouth that could potentially be swallowed.”

Removing moles with vinegar and DIY chemical peels

During the pandemic, a high volume of people on TikTok turned to vinegar and DIY chemical peels to scrape off their unwanted moles rather than seeking advice and treatment from a dermatologist. This dangerous trend can be hugely damaging to the skin, with dermatologists warning it can cause wounds which could become infected and even leave scars.

TikTok views: #moleremovalovernight has racked up 359.8K views on the app. 

Evergreen medical expert, Dr Brian Fisher, says: “The issues outlined by dermatologists are very real, however this is only secondary to the potential dangers below the surface; with some moles being cancerous. We recommend getting your moles checked by a verified professional for this reason.”

Sunning your bum

This somewhat interesting trend sees a huge number of users strip off and point their bums up towards the sun in order to gain the apparent benefits of ‘sunning your holes’. General benefits supposedly include boosting vitamin D intake, improving concentration and creativity, and bettering sleep.

TikTok views:  #perineumsunning has garnered over 2.8 million views

Evergreen medical expert, Dr Brian Fisher, says: “The skin down below is particularly sensitive, so I’d strongly warn against this practice as too much UV exposure can lead to sun damage and, in some cases, skin cancer.”

Eating raw meat 

Brought into the mainstream by the rise in popularity of characters such Brian Johnson, aka ‘The Liver King’, this recent trend promotes eating raw meat for its apparent health benefits of increased cardiovascular health and weight loss. If stored and prepared incorrectly, raw meat can be harmful and dangerous to humans when ingested due to potential bacterial contamination. 

TikTok views: #rawmeatdiet reached a massive 225.6M views.

Evergreen wellbeing expert, Anna Keeble, says: “Caution needs to be applied here as viruses and parasites from raw meat stored and prepared incorrectly can cause food poisoning and lead to diarrhoea, sickness, and stomach cramps. Some meats, such as chicken or turkey, should never be eaten raw due to the high risk of salmonella.”

Raw onions in your socks to cure a cold  

Although it isn’t a revolutionary finding, a cold and flu remedy that dates back to the 1500s – slicing up onions and putting them into your socks as you sleep – has had a resurgence on TikTok. While this isn’t a dangerous practice, there aren’t any proven advantages and it may leave your bedroom with quite an odour. 

TikTok views: #onionsinsocks has 408.7K views on the app. 

Evergreen medical expert, Dr Brian Fisher, says: “The apparent benefit of absorbing germs or toxins from the body via the feet has never actually been proven, so you may be better off using them to create a warming soup rather than sticking them in your socks.”

Sun cream contouring 

Some TikTokkers are taking make-up to the extreme with a trend which shows users applying sun cream to only certain parts of their face and allowing the rays from the sun to colour (or damage) the skin to save them from contouring daily. Despite the dangers of skin cancer and the importance of UV protection for your skin, this ‘trend’ has had over 325K views. 

TikTok views: #sunscreencontour has 325.2K views on the app. 

Evergreen medical expert, Dr Brian Fisher, says: “The significant dangers of UV exposure to the skin are being severely overlooked in priority of ‘looking good’. If the sun is strong enough to bronze or burn you, you need to use SPF on all exposed skin.

‘What I eat in a day’  

The currently popular ‘What I Eat in a Day’ trend often features videos of the slim and toned bodies of TikTokkers alongside small quantities of food, more often than not accompanied by the calorie count per serving. These types of videos can give impressionable viewers distorted views of calorie counting and dieting based on someone else’s low calorie diet. 

TikTok views: #whatieatinaday has 14.7 billion views on the app. 

Evergreen wellness expert, Anna Keeble, says: “Social media can be great for accessing valuable and inspiring content on how to eat well from nutrition experts. However, there is also a wealth of content from unqualified people that can potentially fuel body dysmorphia and disordered eating through misleading content that focuses on calorie counting rather than nutrient density.” 

Our resident medical expert at Evergreen Life, Dr Brian Fisher says:“Here at Evergreen Life, we are very supportive of people increasing understanding about their health and healthcare. However, the significant rise in the usage of social media apps such as TikTok, especially by the younger generation, to self-diagnose their medical anxieties is extremely worrying and could be dangerous. This new phase goes one step further than Dr Google, which was the main source previously for people’s medical queries. Google can serve a purpose as a first port of call as long as the website is credible and trustworthy, however on TikTok this is more difficult to ensure. If you are worried about a medical ailment or issue, your GP or NHS 111 are the best places to get advice.”