Editor’s Notes: What To Buy, DIY & Try In Wellness Right Now

With May in full swing, I’m excited to share some lovely wellness discoveries that are bringing me joy this month. I’ve found some fresh inspo for summer cooking, a new activewear collection that’s making me feel quintessentially British, a mammoth podcast that’s sparked new thoughts about my well-being and a recent dental emergency that’s making me rethink how I manage my stress levels! 

A New Plant-Based Cookbook With A Twist

If you’re looking for a beautiful plant-based cookbook that’s got a bit of a twist then Sesame, Soy, Spice is one to check out! A debut cookbook from popular recipe developer and creator behind Veggiekins Remy Morimoto Park, this exquisitely presented book is about celebrating vegan cooking with an Asian flare. The book is a love letter to Remy’s family and the meals she grew up with while staying true to her vegan and gluten-free lifestyle and exploring the importance of heritage, identity and self-acceptance. I think it’s a masterpiece and provides plenty of summer dining inspo for the season ahead,

Tennis-Chic Activewear Is In

Now that the weather is starting to warm up a bit, it’s got me thinking about one of my favourite sporting events… Wimbledon. It’s such a fun day out and I thoroughly enjoy the British-ness of it all! I love that tennis-chic is coming into fashion at the moment and, whether you play or not, I think adding a dash of Wimbledon whites to your activewear wardrobe is a fun way to celebrate this quintessential sporting event. Varley’s Club Collection has some really gorgeous pieces that I definitely want to add to my ever-growing stash of activewear. From accessories like caps to the full-shebang white tennis dress, I think there’s something for everyone!

A Must-Listen If You’re Into Female Fertility & Hormones

I listened to an INCREDIBLE podcast recently and I swear it tells you everything you need (and want) to know about female hormones and fertility. The legendary Andrew Huberman invited Dr Natalie Crawford, MD, a double board-certified physician specialising in obstetrics, gynaecology, fertility and reproductive health to get into the nitty gritty of female hormones, fertility and vitality. It’s a whopping 3.5 hours long so strap in for the long haul but honestly, it’s one of the most informative, educational podcasts I’ve ever listened to that covers so many important topics surrounding things like birth control, fertility issues, hormonal imbalances, conception, egg health, the IVF process, nutrition for fertility and debunking some common myths that surround all of these. I’d highly recommend listening to!

Gua Sha-ing Away My Jaw Tension

Storytime… I recently experienced the most horrendous toothache and after days of increasing discomfort, I discovered I likely have a hairline fracture in my tooth. My incredible dentist very quickly was able to get me out of pain (praise modern medicine!) but she did explain that cracked teeth are becoming a bigger issue she is seeing in practice and she thinks it’s down to higher levels of stress. Jaw clenching is not uncommon but it’s having detrimental effects on people’s teeth, causing them to become weak over time due to the increased pressure. The result? Cracked teeth. Eeeek. One root canal later (don’t let the internet scare you… a good dentist will numb you to high heavens and you won’t feel a thing) and I can tell you I am on a mission to reduce the tension in my jaw. I’ve been given a mouth guard to help but I’ve also been turning to Gua Sha massage to release any tension I may be holding on to. It’s become a nice ritual in the evening before bed and I’m hoping, over time, I’ll experience less stiffness in my jaw and have no more cracked teeth! 

A New Sleep Aid

I’m a sucker for anything Jo Malone and also a sucker for a good pillow mist so when I discovered the Moonlit Camomile Pillow Mist I knew it would be right up my alley! I tend to shy away from overly lavender-y pillow sprays because I’m not a massive fan of the scent so soothing Camomile is a great alternative if you’re a bit like me. I love how everything from Jo Malone feels luxurious and special… this pillow mist feels like a proper bedtime treat that I look forward to every evening.

Showing My Locks Some Love

On my latest trip to the hairdresser for a long-overdue cut, my stylist shared some of his secrets to keeping hair, particularly the ends, hydrated and healthy. One thing he said I need to prioritise more is hair masks after I ashamedly admitted I NEVER do them! I’m quite low-maintenance with my hair but I’ve realised that I need to tend to my tresses a bit more if I want to avoid lack-lustre locks and the dreaded split ends. I’m testing Aesop’s Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque and trying to incorporate this ritual into my routine once a week and so far, I’m reaping the nourishing benefits. I feel a hair mask spree might be on the cards when I run out!

18 Food Buys To Add To Your Shopping List This May

This month we’ve got new items to add to your supermarket sweep, with launches from best-loved brands and newcomers. First, we must express our excitement about the debut cookbook ‘So Good’ from social media sensation ‘Em The Nutritionist’…if you haven’t yet discovered her drool-worthy recipes on IG (where have you been?!) then this is your chance to embrace her easy-yet-nourishing culinary skills. Protein-packed foodie buys seem to be a recurring theme, helping you hit those all-important macros with boosted peanut butter and cereal. Want to impress your dinner guest with minimal effort? The Fresh Pasta Co. has you covered with rave-reviewed ravioli. From snack bars to functional drinks to veggie burgers and zingy shots, here are the food buys to add to your shopping list this May.

Tenniscore Is Having A Moment: 15 New-Ins For Summer Court Style

Tennis, beyond being a sport, embodies a lifestyle of grace, power, and determination. It’s not just about the forehands and backhands but also about the flair and finesse one brings to the court. Just as a perfectly executed drop shot or a powerful serve can capture the essence of tennis mastery, so too can the right ensemble capture the essence of tennis chic. As the “tennexcitement surrounding Zendaya’s new movie “Challengers” brings the spotlight back onto the world of tennis, we’re serving up 15 tennis fashion staples from classic whites to must-have accessories.

Alo Tennis Skirt

– £91

The New Restaurants To Try In London This May

Miraculously, London’s resturant scene just continues to exceed itself. The influx of superb eateries trickles out from the city to leafy neighbourhoods, spanning cuisines from around the globe, or even better a fusion mix! From mindblowing Caribbean vegan food in North London to authentic Sicilian street food in South West London, below delve into our pick of restaurants that are Hip & Healthy approved.

Jam Delish, Islington
Tucked behind Angel, Jam Delish has made a name for itself in the restaurant scene. First starting out at food markets, founder Jordan Johnson found his niche through a passion for plant-based food and his Jamaican heritage. Jam Delish has outgrown the stalls, stepping up to a pop-up at the Sun & 13 Cantons pub in Soho, renowned for incubating big names in the resturant world. Fast forward to now, the concept has transcended into ‘the’ place to devour plant-based Caribbean food, with a flagship in Islington. Capturing the tastebuds of vegans as well as carnivores, the uncanny fried ‘chicken’ and curry ‘goat’ would fool die-hard meat-eaters, with a texture that mimics tender, succulent cuts of meat. Spring welcomes a new menu, developed by head chef Nathan Collymore, harnessing Caribbean flavours and ingredients to create a tantalising array of dishes that will have you ordering the entirety of the menu. Bajan “codfish” tacos with sweet peppers, okra, plantain crisps dolloped with a Caribbean rendition of tartar sauce and the jerk aubergine drizzled with sorrel teriyaki topped with pineapple kimchi are two crowd-pleasing small dishes not too miss. The ‘chicken’ skewers are where the lines between faux and fur become very faint, on a bed of fluffy rice, embellished with scatterings of pomegranate and lashings of herbs, this is a top pick on the big plates that will not disappoint. If you’ve got room for dessert, the banana cake with coconut caramel, caramelised banana and a scoop of ice cream is a signature fave for a reason…think sticky toffee pudding meets banana split!

Mildred’s Victoria
The OG plant-based restaurateur, Mildred’s has opened its doors in Victoria. The new all-day outpost is spacious inside and boasts an outdoor terrace for alfresco dining. Contemporary touches embellish the interiors, with a fresh colour palette that reflects the food. As the season rolls, Mildred’s menu is spruced up for spring/summer with new dishes to accompany returning favourites that are engrained into the menu. The chefs steal flavours from global cuisines to create an amalgamation of dishes, from the Italian-influenced Arancini Rossi to the Mexican-inspired Mojo Verde Chick’n Skewers and the Thai-imagined Pineapple Som Gaeng Rice Noodles. As a purely plant-based resturant, Mildred’s creative take allows humble veggies to take the spotlight, sourced sustainably and locally where possible.

Nobu Café, Shoreditch
If you’re yearning for Nobu’s exquisite sushi minus the formal setting, look no further than the new café menu at Nobu Hotel London Shoreditch! Offering their iconic sushi maki and crispy sushi buns alongside lunchtime favourites like sandos and salads, this café presents a stripped-down version of Nobu’s renowned dishes. The laid-back Japanese café and bar provides an ideal setting for solo dining or bringing your laptop for remote work, accompanied by chill lofi beats. Top picks from the menu include the Tuna Sashimi Salad with Matsuhisa Dressing, Daikon and Paper-Thin Vegetables and the Salmon and Avocado Cut Roll with Ginger and Wasabi.

Café Petiole, Somerset House
If Café Petiole lives up to the standard set by Tendril, the (mostly) vegan restaurant master-crafted by Rishim Sachdeva, we’re in for a treat! Renowned for his flair with vegetables, Rishim Sachdeva’s newest venture shapes this month at Somerset House in the form of a plant-first café. Serving up an elevated take on a café menu, dishes include blue corn tostadas with smoked artichoke and lime puree and mushroom focaccia with daikon pickle. Available to ‘grab & go’ or dine in the charming neoclassical courtyard, Café Petiole is one to add to your list this summer for an alfresco lunch! Whilst you’re there, stock up on Rishim’s exclusive home condiments to level up your home cooking, from the ‘chilli garlic’, ‘white bean spread’ and his ever-popular ‘Chinatown soy glaze’.

Volonté, Fitzrovia
Volonté is on a roll, opening doors to a third location in Fitzrovia. The brainchild behind PT, Haylene Ryan Causer and chef, Vidushi Binani, Volonté is a cafe-come-studio, drawing in a wellness-loving crowd. The menu showcases healthy lunch dishes that are brimming with nutritious ingredients for a well-balanced meal. From grain bowls to salads, wraps, sandwiches, protein shakes and refined-sugar-free sweet treats, the meals promise to leave you fuelled and satisfied. The whipped egg omelette is a winner, with a fluffy cloud-like consistency that’s packed with protein. In the basement you’ll find the studio, facilitating Pilates, yoga sessions and mindful meditation classes. The hybrid space offers a new wellness hangout in a prime spot, whether you need somewhere to sift through your emails whilst sipping on a smoothie or you’re catching up with a friend over yoga and lunch.

Noci, Richmond
Opening doors in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in SW London, Noci is soon to become the go-to spot for pasta in Richmond, boasting quality and affordability. Beautifully decked out, the restaurant leads itself well to date nights or dining with friends, boasting a collection of small plates for sharing. The menu hauls pasta dishes and Sicilian-street food-inspired snacks with a changing menu, focusing on seasonality. Firm favourites include the mouth-watering ‘brown butter cacio e pepe ziti’, the ‘tiger prawn gnocchetti with roasted red peppers, red onion, orange and tarragon’ and signature ‘silk handkerchiefs with sautéed leeks, mint, peas, walnuts and confit egg yolk’.  

By Isabelle Shury

Courgettes, Whipped Feta & Crispy Chilli Oil

The technique of charring the courgettes and then roasting them here really brings out their natural savoury flavour, making the very best of this everyday vegetable. Whipped feta is one of the most moreish umami things you can eat, and anything topped with crispy garlic and chilli is sure to pique my interest! You’ll have some of the garlic and chilli oil left over, and if you keep reading this book, you won’t need me to tell you what to do with it. But just to mention that it’s great for salad dressings, drizzling over pizza, tossing with pasta or frying an egg.

INGREDIENTS – Serves 2-4 as a side

2 courgettes

2-3 tablespoons olive oil

1 lemon, halved

small handful of oregano, leaves picked, to garnish salt

For the crispy garlic & chilli

100ml (3½fl oz) olive oil

6 garlic cloves, finely sliced

1 red chilli, finely sliced into rounds

For the whipped feta 150g (5½oz) feta cheese

2 tablespoons cold water

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


Preheat the oven to 200°C (180°C fan, 400°F), Gas Mark 6.

Cut the courgettes in halflengthways and score the cut sides in a crisscross pattern. Pour over the olive oil, season with salt and rub it in with your hands so that all the surfaces are well coated.

Heatalarge frying pan over a high heat. Once hot, add the courgettes, cut-sides down, and fry for 3-4 minutes until the flesh is charred and blackened (you may need to do this in batches, depending on the size of your pan) – you aren’t cooking them all the way through here, just getting some colour and flavour before roasting them. Transfer the courgettes to a large, low-sided roasting tray and roast for 10-15 minutes until tender.

Add the lemon halves, cut-sides down, to the hot pan and char for a minute, then transferto a plate to cool.

While the courgettes are roasting, prepare the crispy garlic and chilli and oil. Set a sieve over a heat proof bowl. Add the oil to a frying pan, then add the garlic and chilli with a pinch of salt to the cold oil. Place over a medium-low heat and heat the oil up gently with the garlic and chilli in it (this is the key to avoid burning the garlic). Fry for 3-4 minutes, stirring often so that the garlic slices don’t stick together and cook evenly, until lightly golden. Keep an eye on it here, as once it starts to turn golden, it will quickly burn. Pour the oil, garlic and chilli into the sieve so that the bowl underneath catches the flavoured oil. We’ll use this oil, so don’t throw it away!

Blitz the feta, cold water and extra virgin olive oil in a blender until smooth and creamy, then spoon on to a serving platter. Pile on the courgettes, followed by the crispy garlic and chilli, the oregano and a drizzle of the garlic and chilli oil, then squeeze over the juice of the charred lemon.

Sprout & Co Saladology: Fresh Ideas for Delicious Salads

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Each set includes: 4 Big Ceramic plates and 4 Small Ceramic plates with beautifully hand-painted palm trees.

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What’s New In The World Of Wellness This May

In May, the wellness landscape welcomes a wave of new supplements and holistic treatments boasting an equal measure of bliss and health benefits. Recovery seems to be a recurring theme, with new hotspots hailing the latest tech in a bid to recoup mind and body. From hormone-balancing meal plans to eco-conscious period care, discover what’s new in wellness this month.

The Gut-Loving Supplement By Em The Nutritionist

If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across one of BSC qualified nutritionist, Emily English (@emthenutritionist) recipes. Emily has captured social media with her flawless recipes that just hit the spot… nutrient-dense, easy to make, satisfying and ‘SO good’, she truly has taken the industry by storm! Venturing off the screen and into the world of supplements, Emily has launched Epetōme, a daily gut-loving synbiotic duo capsule. Delivery is key when it comes to gut supplements with most capsules disintegrating before they reach the gut. Epetōme offers 30x survival rate, delivering the dose to the intestines, where the inner core dissolves to releasing 50 billion bacteria alive and in an effective condition. In the complex world of wellbeing, where gut health is a huge buzzword, Epetōme cuts through the noise with an evidence-based formula, designed to restore gut distribution which is the major cause of chronic inflammation throughout the body.

The Hormone Balancing Body Treatment

It’s hard to envision experiencing complete renewal in just 90 minutes, yet The AXO Method surpasses expectations, delivering thorough rejuvenation from head to toe. Integrating osteopathic scooping movements, stretching therapy, and lymphatic drainage, this intense technique targets the fascia tissue and irons out areas of tightness for a full-body MOT. Founder, Guillaume Guibordeau and his team of skilled experts across the globe are maters in bodywork, it’s both mesmerising to watch and satisfying to experience. The unique concept works on a deeper level to simulate the hormonal systems and optimise digestion, blood circulation, lymphatic function, urinary processes, and immune responses from the initial session. Diverging from conventional treatments, the AXO Method feels pioneering while drawing inspiration from ancient holistic practices. With only 28 dedicated therapists worldwide, operating in London, Ibiza, Dubai, and across France, this intricate body treatment can be delivered from the comfort of your home or at exclusive healthcare spas.  Beyond its undeniable aesthetic benefits of reducing excess fluid retention and cellulite, there’s another compelling reason the AXO Method becomes somewhat addictive to those who experience it: the profound release of energy flowing through the body.

Richmond’s Recovery & Wellness Hub

Wellbeing rituals don’t stop at fitness and nutrition. The enthesis is put on recovery, an area you should be prioritising, at KOYO, the newest wellness hub to open in Richmond. Harnessing cutting-edge treatments, state-of-the-art facilities and skilled experts, KOYO optimises both physical, mental, and emotional health in their beautifully presented wellness space. Founder, David Finch, built his mission after experiencing the transformative benefits of cryotherapy first-hand. It planted a seed in an idea, a place dedicated to enhancing recovery, addressing ailments, and ultimately leaving you feeling invigorated and nurtured. Housing the latest in recovery innovation including, a cryotherapy chamber, contrast therapy rooms with private infrared light therapy saunas and cold plunge tubs, compression therapy and red light therapy spin, KOYO has doubled down on their offerings, as blended these highly effective services to unlock your full potential. Adding a personalised element to the mix, the 1-2-1 assisted stretching is led by expert therapists, all fully qualified in dynamic stretching. 

Kensington’s New Chinese Medicine Clinic

GinSen established itself as one the most reputable clinics to seek Traditional Chinese Medicine back in 2002. Over 20 years later, GinSen has opened a 2nd location on Kensington Church Road, offering acupuncture, cupping, reflexology, moxibustion and lymphatic drainage massage. The rigorous consultations are a crucial part of GinSen’s process, asking a varied selection of questions applicable to TCM, to allow the doctors to best support your needs, entailing effective outcomes. Acupuncture has been known to be hugely beneficial in supporting fertility, and this new branch specialises in this area, providing a trusted place to pursue top-quality natural fertility treatments and herbal medicines. From hormone balancing to tackling stress and anxiety, fatigue, menopause and allergies, GinSen’s team of Chinese medical doctors can assist with holistic treatment methods and herbal supplements that address the root cause rather than masking the problem.

The Hormone Regulating Meal Plan

Looking to enhance hormonal support through nutrition but lacking the time and knowledge to do so? The Detox Kitchen’s 10-Day Balance Plan implements nutrition and lifestyle changes that hone in on the latest research and insights from experts in the field of nutrition and hormonal health. Following The Detox Kitchen’s ethos of harnessing nutrient-rich foods to create delicious, satisfying meals, this plan traces holistic solutions to alleviate symptoms and optimise wellbeing. Delivered prepped to your door fresh each morning, the 10-day plan provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus a juice, health shot, snack and pudding, to keep hunger and energy levels at bay. From tofu poke bowls to turkey black bean chilli, both the protein and vegan options follow an anti-inflammatory, whole-food approach, rich in essential nutrients, fibre, protein, and healthy fats. This supports hormone regulation by nourishing the gut microbiome, stabilising blood sugar levels, and aiding natural detoxification. Alongside the meals, The Detox Kitchen has partnered with Laura Dodd from The Yoga Class, with a series of low-impact classes to support different phases of your cycle and gift a selection of wellness goodies from brands including MPowder, Votary, LUNA and Dr. David Jack.

The Social Wellness Spot Inspired By The Scandi’s

Shoreditch’s new spot to experience contrast therapy is Sauna & Plunge, inspired by the Scandinavian fjords. Facilitating heat and cold therapies, and wellness classes, you’ll find infrared and Finnish saunas, eco-friendly cold plunge pools and a studio all under one roof. Partnering with leading breathwork expert Rob Rea, guests can utilise the audio guides incorporating breathwork to support through cold plunges. The timetable is filled with mindful classes, making a change from adrenaline-fuelled sessions. Instead, you’ll find breathwork, meditation, somatics, sound healing and yoga, designed to calm your nervous system and reset the mind. The hub frequently hosts workshops led by industry experts, enhancing the wellness journey with valuable insights. Centred on community, Sauna & Plunge offers a serene space for socialising while prioritising well-being.

The Holistic Massage To Melt Away Physical & Mental Tension

Nestled in Belgravia, House of Kalmar is a wellness gem, filled with self-care products to settle your mind. Bringing Kalmar’s mood-boosting essential oils to life, the newly launched signature wellness massage blends massage techniques and energy healing. Cocooned inside the pink treatment room, the 60-minute treatment melts away physical tension from muscles and fascia, whilst unleashing mental barriers in the process. Bespoke to the energy you’re emitting, the intuitive therapists are guided by what your mind, body and spirit are craving most to restore balance. Moments of bliss don’t get much better than an hour in this treatment room, get scooped up in the magic House of Kalmar has to offer and indulge in this energetically healing treatment.

The Mood-Boosting Bodycare

There’s a reason This Works products consistently live up to its moniker, and it’s down to the blend of science-backed formulations with the ability to ignite moments of joyful self-care. The latest body range includes the Perfect Body Smoothing Wash and Perfect Body Vit C Glow, transforming lacklustre skin into a dewy, smooth texture. The advanced power duo pair active ingredients such as Vitamin B12 and C, hyaluronic acid and PHA’s with functional fragrances to uplift the senses. Surprisingly, the Perfect Functional Fragrance, infused with geranium and sweet orange essential oils, has been scientifically validated through fMRI brain imaging scans. It demonstrates a tangible increase in mental capacity for pleasure, reward, and comfort, highlighting the profound impact of self-care on mental wellbeing.

The Natural Sleep Aid

Sleep is a major topic in wellness, the battle between modern, tech-driven lifestyles and getting a sufficient 8 hours doesn’t seem to be winding down. If you’re at the end of your tether with broken sleep patterns, subsequently leaving you grouchy all day, you will be intrigued by the inaugural product from DIOME, the new supplement brand on the scene. Rested has been developed diligently to target the symptomatic and root causes of sleeplessness and night-time disturbances. Backed by over 150 scientific studies, the ingredients, including chamomile, linden and lemon verbena, synergistically leverage the body’s healing mechanisms, to naturally calm the overstimulated nervous system. Short-term, you’ll notice a surge in energy, but long-term is where the worthwhile health benefits kick in. From ageing prevention, boosted immunity, reduced stress and anxiety and improved brain health, sleep plays a pivotal role in our overall health, so if you’re after a natural remedy that’s backed with science, Rested is targeted for regeneration. 

The Green Period Care

Grace & Green is the new brand making waves in the world of period care. Female-founded, the product range consists of sustainable tampons, pads, and liners crafted from organic materials, and reusable menstrual cups with two sizes to fit your flow. Creating the calibre of period care your body deserves, all products are made of 100% certified cotton and bamboo, plus are free from chlorine bleaches, pesticides and other synthetic materials. Proud to be the highest-ranking B Corp in disposable period care, Grace & Green is on a mission to evolve an industry full of plastic, toxins and stigma for the better of the planet and the people!

The Activewear Launch

Gyms interact with fitness enthusiasts daily, giving them insight into activewear preferences. It’s no surprise that 1Rebel has launched its first performance-led apparel collection, aligning with these needs. Influenced by streetwear and engineered with technical sweat-wicking fabrics, the 1R Collection introduces three distinct lines, Seamless, Tech Pro, and Tech Leisure. Designed for your workout and beyond, the collection executes flattering silhouettes and comfortable loungewear, perfect for your post-workout fit. Crafted with attention to detail, 1R have listened to the feedback of members, with concealed zips, displaced seams, and invisible lines. 

WIN an Apple Watch Series 9

For the ultimate in fitness trackers, it doesn’t get much better than the Apple watch…

Look after your heart: With the ECG app, Apple Watch Series 9 is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single‑lead electrocardiogram. And with the Heart Rate app, you can get notifications for high and low heart rate too.

Keep your health in check: Take on‑demand readings of your blood oxygen as well as background readings, day and night.

Sleep better: The Sleep app doesn’t just keep track of your time asleep. It shows you how much time you spent in REM, Core or Deep sleep, as well as when you might have woken up.

Track your cycle: Apple Watch Series 9 has an innovative sensor that tracks your temperature while you sleep, so you can see changes over time. Cycle Tracking uses this data to provide a retrospective estimate of when you likely ovulated.

Plus it also has the magical double-tap control and a brighter and more powerful screen

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My Daily Collagen Supplement Has Become A Non-Negotiable… Here’s Why

My introduction to collagen supplementation was through a desire to help improve my skin but it is the longevity benefits that have kept me hooked on this particular brand and here’s why…

As I approach my 40s I think more and more about how I can support my skin in a natural way. Our collagen production, the thing that keeps our skin looking firm and youthful, starts to dwindle in our late twenties and early thirties. But it’s when you start to reach your 40s that you really begin to see the effects of this. And as much as we all wish sometimes that we could apply a magic potion to our face that will result in smoother, younger looking skin – it’s actually much more important and effective to look at supplementing our collagen loss. Having reviewed a long list of different supplements (such is the benefit of being a wellness Editor) I started to work out exactly what I wanted from my own collagen supplement; effective; science-backed; sustainable; and easy to use. This is where Correxiko comes in. 

Correxiko is sustainably sourced marine based collagen supplement, founded by a Gastroenterologist Doctor, Dr Dinuk, who witnessed the remarkable healing benefits in using collagen post-surgery. He created Correxiko after witnessing the amazing healing effects that taking collagen had on his patients’ recovery. He went in search of the perfect collagen to recommend but after much research couldn’t find anything at the standard that he would want for himself, his family or his patients. And so Correxiko was born. I now use it daily, adding it to either coffee or my morning smoothie. And, although I started taking collagen to help improve my skin, Dr Dinuk also explained to me the amazing benefits it also has on my body and how, especially for women entering perimenopause and menopause, it is essential for everything from my bones to my gut lining, and of course, my skin and hair too. Just a quick stat for you – women have around 50% less collagen post menopause than at the start of menopause.

What is Collagen

Collagen is our most common protein and is found throughout our bodies (it accounts for 30% of our body’s protein). It is super important when it comes to keeping our skin, hair, nails, joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, veins, arteries, heart, brain, liver, gut, healthy! We’re born with high amounts of collagen, which is why babies have such plump smooth skin, but as we age our body collagen levels naturally fall steadily every year. You can get collagen from foods like bone broth and chicken skin, but collagen supplements are a much more efficient way to get our collagen intake these days as we tend to not actually eat the parts of the animal that are rich in collagen anymore (ie the cartilage). 

Collagen For Longevity + To Support and Active Lifestyle

Although I was drawn to try collagen to help fight the signs of aging, it is actually its longevity benefits that have meant that I would now never start a day without adding Correxiko’s collagen to my morning routine. I love to run and in order for my body to keep on running well into middle age I need to take care of my joints. Supplementing with collagen has been shown to help build muscle, repair tissue and fight joint inflammation, and even strengthen joints and ligaments as well as accelerating injury recovery time.One study in 2017 by the University of Freiburg, Department of Sport and Sport Science, Germany – evaluated the use of collagen peptides in reducing pain in athletes with functional knee problems during sport. And found that the supplementation of collagen peptides in young adults with functional knee problems led to a statistically significant improvement of activity-related joint pain. That’s all the evidence I need to make sure that I add two tablespoons of Correxiko’s powder to my morning smoothie! And that is not all, osteoporosis and reduced bone density is one of the leading causes of death in older women and is largely associated with the loss of oestrogen that has a severe impact on the strength of our bones. However, a study done by the Department of Nutrition in Florida State University showed compared postmenopausal women taking collagen peptides with calcium and Vitamin D, versus a control group with only calcium and Vitamin D. Evaluating results after one year showed the study group’s results support the addition of Collagen peptides in reducing bone loss in postmenopausal women.

How I Take My Collagen

I love to take my collagen in the morning with either my morning smoothie or coffee. The powder dissolves so easily in liquid, so I have also used it in herbal teas, lemon with water and soups, so there are plenty of options. If you have tried flavoured collagen before and have not enjoyed it, Correxiko’s collagen is free of artificial sweeteners, flavourings or sugar and doesn’t have any noticeable taste to it, which makes it super versatile and easy to add to just about anything. I actually really love it in my coffee as it makes it taste much smoother and slightly creamy, as I drink coffee every morning, it is such a hassle-free way to incorporate it into my usual morning routine. 

My Smoothie Recipe:

1 banana

1 cup kale

1 cup blueberries

1 cup raspberries

(1 handful of any blackberries / goji berries / frozen wild blueberries I can get my hands on)

2 cups Plenish oat milk

2 tbsp Correxiko Collagen Powder

2 tbsp Form Nutrition

1 tsp Free Soul Greens

1 tbsp Flaxseed

Want To Escape The Heat This Summer? 8 “Cool-Cations” To Book Instead

As summer approaches, the allure of cloudless skies and sun-kissed beaches beckons travellers to embark on idyllic getaways. However, the traditional notion of a summer holiday is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the escalating temperatures experienced in popular destinations like Italy and France. In recent years, these once-temperate havens have sweltered under record-breaking heatwaves, prompting travellers to seek refuge in cooler climes. This shift in travel patterns reflects not only a desire for comfort but also a growing awareness of the impact of global warming on our planet.

The effects of climate change are palpable, with rising temperatures reshaping the travel landscape in profound ways. From melting glaciers to scorching heatwaves, the consequences of global warming are increasingly evident, forcing travellers to reconsider their holiday plans. In response, a new trend has emerged: the rise of “cool-cations,” where travellers eschew traditional summer destinations in favour of cooler locales. This shift is not merely a matter of preference but a reflection of changing attitudes towards travel and the environment.

As temperatures soar to unprecedented levels, the appeal of escaping the heat has never been stronger. For many travellers, the prospect of sweltering in crowded tourist hotspots has lost its charm, replaced by a yearning for refreshing breezes and temperate climates. This shift in mindset has given rise to a new breed of summer destinations, where cool temperatures and pristine landscapes offer respite from the relentless heat.

Below are some ideal destinations that epitomise the essence of “cool-cations,” each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and outdoor adventure. From the rugged fjords of Norway to the mist-shrouded highlands of Scotland, these destinations promise a refreshing escape from the summer heat.


Nestled within Scandinavia’s embrace, Norway offers a tapestry of natural wonders and cultural treasures. The country’s majestic fjords, carved by ancient glaciers, beckon visitors to explore their rugged beauty. From the vibrant city of Oslo, with its museums and modern architecture, to the charming streets of Bergen, Norway seamlessly blends urban sophistication with untouched wilderness. Adventure seekers can embark on scenic train journeys through the mountains or venture north to witness the ethereal spectacle of the Northern Lights dancing across the Arctic sky.

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Storfjord Hotel


With its sprawling forests, crystalline lakes, and picturesque islands, Sweden is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The capital city of Stockholm enchants visitors with its medieval old town and vibrant waterfront, while the remote landscapes of Swedish Lapland offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. From kayaking along tranquil waterways to camping beneath the midnight sun, Sweden offers endless opportunities for exploration and rejuvenation.

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Arctic Bath


Known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes,” Finland captivates visitors with its pristine wilderness and unique cultural heritage. Helsinki, the capital city, exudes Scandinavian charm with its neoclassical architecture and bustling market squares. Beyond the city limits, Finland’s vast expanses of forest and tundra invite travellers to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of nature. Experience the magic of the midnight sun in Finnish Lapland, go hiking in one of the country’s national parks, or unwind in a traditional Finnish sauna for the ultimate relaxation.

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Arctic Treehouse Hotel


Despite its name, Iceland boasts surprisingly mild summers, making it an ideal destination for those seeking cooler temperatures. From the otherworldly landscapes of the Golden Circle to the dramatic vistas of the South Coast, Iceland’s natural wonders never fail to inspire awe. Explore cascading waterfalls, soak in natural hot springs, or embark on a thrilling glacier hike to witness the raw power of the island’s volcanic landscapes. With its rich Viking heritage and vibrant cultural scene, Iceland offers a truly immersive travel experience.

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Deplar Farm


As the second-largest country in the world, Canada boasts a diverse range of landscapes and experiences to suit every traveller’s taste. Explore the vibrant streets of Vancouver, with its multicultural cuisine and stunning waterfront views, or immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Banff National Park, where soaring peaks and turquoise lakes await. From whale watching off the coast of Newfoundland to hiking through the pristine wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, Canada offers endless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

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Sonora Resort

New Zealand:

While it may be winter in the Southern Hemisphere during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, New Zealand’s temperate climate ensures comfortable temperatures year-round. Explore the rugged landscapes of the South Island, where snow-capped peaks and ancient glaciers vie for attention or embark on an epic road trip along the North Island’s scenic coastline, dotted with pristine beaches and charming seaside towns. With its friendly locals and laid-back atmosphere, New Zealand invites travellers to slow down, unwind, and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

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Bay of Many Coves


With its mist-shrouded highlands, ancient castles, and picturesque lochs, Scotland offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and rich history. Explore the vibrant city of Edinburgh, with its medieval old town and iconic castle perched atop an extinct volcano, or venture into the wild landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, where rugged mountains and heather-covered moors stretch as far as the eye can see. Sample fine Scotch whisky at a traditional distillery, attend a lively ceilidh dance, or simply soak in the breathtaking scenery – Scotland promises an unforgettable experience for every traveller.

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Lydia Millen On Her Captivating Love Affair With Nature & Journey To Mental Wellbeing

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Lydia Millen, a luminary in the world of content creation whose journey has gracefully evolved over time. Originating from the worlds of beauty and fashion, Lydia has seamlessly transitioned into a leading lifestyle content creator, guiding her audience on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being and mindful living (still with doses of fashion and beauty thrown in for good measure!). 

In our conversation, Lydia shares intimate insights into how her profound connections with nature serve as a wellspring of inspiration for her creativity and content creation process. From enchanting foraging expeditions to tranquil sunrise strolls in her garden, she illuminates the profound impact of these simple yet soul-nourishing experiences. Her latest literary endeavour, “Evergreen,” stands as a testament to this harmonious relationship—an embodiment of nature’s timeless wisdom and seasonal shifts captured within the pages of her book. 

Beyond her profound connection with nature, Lydia navigates the digital landscape with a mindful equilibrium—a journey that she openly acknowledges has required time and inner work to refine. Prioritising offline activities for mental rejuvenation, she leads by example, fostering a life brimming with peace and purpose through honest self-reflection and intentional lifestyle changes. Lydia’s journey serves as an inspiring beacon, empowering others to embrace authenticity and cultivate lives filled with joy and meaning.

How does spending time in nature contribute to your mental well-being, and do you have any favourite outdoor activities that help you recharge?

Being in nature is one of the most grounding aspects that I strive to incorporate into my daily life wherever and whenever possible. It provides me with a real sense of perspective amidst the general hustle and bustle of life, including those moments or elements that feel particularly overwhelming. Witnessing nature’s ability to adapt to and endure freak storms, harsh winters, and dry summers inspires me to adapt to unexpected aspects of life and better endure personal storms. To be truthful, while I have explored creative ways to spend more time outdoors such as foraging courses, horse riding, and caring for my two sausage dogs, as well as establishing an optimistic kitchen garden with six raised beds and a Victorian greenhouse in an unused part of my garden, sometimes, something as simple as a morning walk around my garden at sunrise or a brisk walk to the local pub instead of driving is enough to ground myself again in a world that can sometimes feel like it’s spinning out of control.

Do you find that connecting with nature influences your creativity and content creation process, and if so, how?

I’d go as far as to say that when it comes to creativity and content creation, nature is my greatest inspiration, and I am genuinely guided by it through every aspect of the creative process. Whether it’s crafting content for my social media channels, decorating my home for the upcoming season, or even choosing my attire, nature influences my decisions. So much so that in 2023, I made the decision to encapsulate everything I do, everything I’ve learned, and the joy of embracing nature in this manner into my first book, “Evergreen.”

How do you balance your digital presence as a content creator with the need for unplugged time for mental rejuvenation?

In the early days, I found this very confusing, so I try to be understanding of what I didn’t know back then. Looking back, it wasn’t clear when my hobby evolved into my career, nor was it evident when the line between my career and personal life as a content creator became blurred. However, during COVID, I became determined to find a way to harmonize my career with my life. This led to many honest discussions with myself about which aspects of my career were causing the most disruption, and fortunately, I was in a position to change those elements. Now, I believe I don’t need to unplug from it all as a dedicated practice. Instead, I have filled my life with more offline activities, leading me to a very peaceful place. It’s important to note, though, that while this may sound simple, it has taken a lot of time and self-work to reach this point.

Your beautiful book Evergreen celebrates nature in all its seasonal glory… What do you want people to take away from reading it?

Firstly, I hope it serves the reader with many reasons, if they haven’t found them just yet, to reconnect with nature.

Secondly, I want it to serve as reassurance that, no matter what season of life you are in—whether it’s a glorious summer or a bleak winter—the lessons found in the natural world can guide, reassure, and even galvanize you into action if you pay attention to them. The fallen trees after the recent freak storms can often evoke strong emotions, as they do for me. However, the way nature weaves a new tapestry of life in their place serves as a reminder that just because something is lost—whether it’s a relationship, a loved one, or even a job—something beautiful will always fill the space left behind, albeit in a different form.

What role do fitness and movement play in your overall wellness routine?

Health and fitness have always been significant aspects of my life. It’s fascinating how our relationship with them evolves as we age. In the early days, the focus was largely aesthetic, but now, at 36, it’s more about how I feel mentally and physically. I’ve found that I perform best when I exercise in the morning, so that’s become my routine. I tend to engage in two personal training sessions per week, with one always scheduled for Monday to set a positive tone for the week. The mental boost I gain from this routine is invaluable.

Additionally, I vary my workouts with activities like pilates classes, 30 minutes of swimming, and in the summer, I enjoy fair-weather running. I also incorporate dog walks and gardening into my routine, which provides a balanced mix of intense workouts and gentler forms of exercise.

Moreover, I find solace in Yoga, especially Yin, for its physical release. Both my husband and I enjoy following YouTube classes at home, which we find hugely beneficial.

Do you have any specific wellness practices that have significantly impacted your well-being?

About a year ago, I began tracking my menstrual cycle using Natural Cycles and my Oura ring. I started noticing some very strange patterns, which led me to track those symptoms more closely this year. From there, I was diagnosed with PMDD in January. For those who don’t know, while it’s very under-researched at the moment, PMDD is an extreme sensitivity to hormonal changes in the body. I have to say, it was a relief to finally understand many of the things I had been experiencing. I delved into researching PMDD and what I could do to help alleviate at least some of the symptoms. I noticed that in many cases (though not all), there was a clear link between gut health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

This diagnosis gave me the opportunity to take a long, hard look at parts of my life and make serious changes. I did my best to remove as much ultra-processed food as possible and incorporated more whole and organic produce into my diet. I started prioritizing my sleep and introduced new supplements to support my gut health. You know, all those cliché things we all know but haven’t been doing seriously enough? Well, I did them, and it worked wonders. I’m almost four months into these changes, and I feel like a different person.

What has been your approach to designing your beautiful home? Where do you draw inspiration from?

Some context about our home is necessary here. Essentially, it’s the old gardener’s house for the stately home next door and is situated in a small hamlet between two villages in a conservation area in the Northamptonshire countryside. The old cottage was demolished, and in its place, they built a three-storey cottage, which is almost fully adorned with floor-to-ceiling glass at the exterior, offering views over a small woodland. Therefore, the landscape surrounding the house is integral to its identity. My first mission was to bring as much of the natural beauty of our surroundings indoors. I set about replacing many of the finishes; synthetic carpets were replaced with beautiful jute runners and wool carpets, porcelain tiles were swapped for tumbled and etched limestone, and I endeavoured to introduce as much raw wood and greenery as possible to truly foster a connection with the natural landscape.

If you could imagine your perfect evening routine, what would it look like?

I’d say finishing work on time at 5pm and taking a stroll around the garden. Then, getting straight into my “comfies,” enjoying a good hearty dinner followed by a glass or two of wine in the living room with the fire roaring. Curling up on the sofa with Lumi, our cat, and our two sausage dogs, Porter and Berkeley, while my husband watches something on TV. I’ll likely be reading a magazine or a book next to him. 

How do you approach goal-setting both in business and personal development?

I have a very pragmatic approach to life and business, aiming for peace in both aspects. If what I’ve strived for is a calm and peaceful life, you can imagine how incredible it feels when anything beyond that materializes. Speaking from personal experience, it’s easy to get lost in the pursuit of more. I’m determined to enjoy a happy life as much as possible, for as long as possible, so finding contentment in the everyday is integral to that goal.

Finally, if you could choose to spend a day with your past or future self, which would you choose and what would you say to that Lydia?

I’d take past Lydia for a long walk in the fields around her home, pointing out all the natural beauty that she’s been missing out on for so long. Then, I’d tell her that she would find happiness far greater than she ever imagined, and after all that searching, it lived within her all along.

Evergreen is out now.

Blackened Scallion & Edamame Dip

This green edamame dip, high in protein and rich in flavour, comes together in 10 minutes or less. Taking inspiration from classic hummus, the dip is a puree of edamame beans and other Asian ingredients. Enjoy with Carrot Chips (page 98) or Beetroot Flax Crackers (page 94), or use as a spread for your favourite sandwich. It also stores well, so it can be made ahead for parties or even meal prep.



8 whole scallions (spring onions) plus thinly sliced greens for garnish

1 cup cooked shelled edamame beans

Juice of 1 lemon

2 garlic cloves, peeled

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil, plus more for optional garnish

1/4 cup Chinese sesame paste

1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more to taste

3 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

1/2 cup ice water, plus more as needed

Toasted black and white sesame seeds, for garnish


Start by charring the scallions: You can use a kitchen blowtorch to char them on all sides, or a grill if you have one. Alternatively, char them in a dry heavy-bottomed pan over high heat until their exteriors are blackened, 5 to 6 minutes.

Place the scallions, edamame, lemon juice, garlic, sesame oil, sesame paste, and salt in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Continue to process while pouring in the olive oil, followed by the ice water, adding more as needed to achieve the desired texture (some like it smooth, some like it a little chunkier!).

Adjust the seasoning to taste. Garnish with sliced scallion greens and toasted sesame seeds, along with toasted sesame oil, if desired.

Sesame, Soy, Spice by Remy Morimoto Park