Cortisol Face - 6 Things Your Skin Does When You're Too Stressed
Cortisol Face: 6 Things Your Skin Does When You’re Too Stressed

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become an almost constant companion. Whether it’s juggling work deadlines, managing family responsibilities, or dealing with the uncertainties of global events, our bodies often respond to these stressors by […]

Lou Shares Her Staycation Travel Essentials
Beauty & Wellness Level Up: Lou Shares Her Staycation Travel Essentials

June has arrived, bringing warmer, drier weather at last. The start of summer is my favourite time of year to plan a staycation, and Cornwall is one of my all-time favourite destinations. It’s the perfect […]

6 Lesser-Known Unique Fragrances Your Friends AREN’T Wearing

Tired of the same old scents everyone seems to be spritzing? Craving a fragrance that reflects your individuality? Look no further, for Hip & Healthy has uncovered six lesser-known, unique fragrances that will leave you smelling […]

The 8 Best Travel Apps for Effortless Holiday Planning
8 Of The Best Travel Apps For Effortless Holiday Planning

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to explore our list of the best travel apps for your next adventure, whether you’re planning a staycation or venturing abroad. In today’s digital […]

Blueberry and honey cornbread
Blueberry & Honey Cornbread

This Blueberry & Honey Cornbread is actually not so far from a classic polenta cake, using ground almonds as a soft textural contrast to coarse polenta. It’s gluten-free (don’t forget to use gluten-free baking powder) […]

What To Buy, DIY & Try In Wellness Right Now
Editor’s Notes: What To Buy, DIY & Try In Wellness Right Now

In this month’s Editor’s Notes, I talk about some new multi-purpose product discoveries that combat a pesky little insect issue, a new cookbook that any wellness enthusiast will want to get their hands on, a […]

Review CABÜ By The Sea, Kent
H&H Reviews: CABÜ By The Sea, Kent

Seaside escapes have become a form of wellness for me. Pre-Covid, I’d never consider a UK holiday, but when it was slim pickings, I began venturing beyond the M25 and found myself pleasantly surprised. My […]

Lou Shares Her Kids Party Essentials
Planning Your Little One’s Birthday? Lou Shares Her Kids Party Essentials

Looking for some inspiration for your little one’s next birthday party? Here are some of my favourite kids party essentials from my toddler’s recent birthday that he absolutely loved!  Lucy Sparkles & Friends If you […]

What's New In The World Of Wellness This June
What’s New In The World Of Wellness This June

From new restaurant openings to spa launches, this month is heating up with tons of newness to get you ready for the summer. Whether you’re calling on for a meal plan to overhaul your wellbeing, […]

Expert Shares Her Dos (& Don'ts) Of Staying Sun-Safe
Confident About Your SPF Game? Expert Shares Her Dos (& Don’ts) Of Staying Sun-Safe

If there’s one thing that’s drummed into us by every dermatologist, parent, and celebrity – it’s wear sunscreen. We all know about the ageing effects of the sun and the pigmentation problems it causes, but […]

Salmon Poke Bowls
Salmon Poke Bowls

One of my first ever Cook Together recipes (over five years before the publication of this book), these salmon poke bowls are a treat. Poke is originally from Hawaii, where cooks use the off-cuts of […]

A TCM Expert Shares Her Tips For A Healthier Gut
Dampness & Digestion: A TCM Expert Shares Her Tips For A Healthier Gut

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Dampness” stands out as a significant culprit behind poor digestion and compromised gut health. Below, TCM Practitioner Maeve O’Sullivan elaborates on the implications of this issue for your digestive system, offering […]

Dopamine Detox
Dopamine Detox: Try This Holistic Approach to Reclaim Better Habits

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, the constant barrage of stimuli—from social media notifications to binge-worthy shows—can lead to a state of perpetual distraction and instant gratification. This relentless pursuit of quick rewards can hijack our […]