March is here!! Hello Spring and see’ya later Winter! Spring is such a glorious time of year and when it comes to physical and mental wellness, it provides a boost on all fronts which is much-needed after enduring a long, cold season. As the days stretch longer I’m looking forward to taking my workouts al fresco, adding a dose of spring to my recipe repertoire and looking ahead to summer holiday plans!

Lululemon Groove Pants

I’m still obsessed with my Lulu Aligns but a newcomer into my workout wardrobe is the Groove Pant. They’ve got a little flare with all the same buttery softness of the aligns and they’re not only perfect for workouts but they transition incredibly well into a casual weekend outfit where you want to prioritise comfort and still look kinda cute. I pair them with black converse, an oversized crew neck and a cosy coat for a simple winter weekend look. I do workout in them also, I promise!

Daylesford’s Soups launch in M&S

Two of my favourite food brands have collided and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Daylesford have just announced their delicious soups and broths will be available in selected M&S foodhalls and I hope it’s the start of a bigger partnership. Daylesford’s soups are fantastic if you need a quick and nourishing meal, whislt their broths serve as a great base for recipes like risotto. I love their Butternut, Honey & Sage Soup for an easy WFH lunch (alongside some toasted sourdough) and their Chicken Bone Broth with Ginger & Greens for those days when you’ve been struck down by a cold. 

A 15-min dinner that packs some pea-power

I bloody love peas. They may be a basic little veg but honestly, I can’t stop eating them. If there’s a shortage of peas in the UK, it’s because I’m buying them all! I want to find new ways to consume them and Green Kitchen Stories have the perfect recipe for solo dining evenings when the hubs is working late. Pasta. Check. Peas. Check. Goodness. Check, check! Give this Greenest One-Pot Pasta a whirl… with the addition of Cavolo Nero, Broccoli, Basil and Mint, I think this recipe is a true celebration of all things green! 

Post-work tread sessions

Our Echelon Stride Tread is getting a whole lotta love and I’m super happy about it! I’m a bit controversial in that I prefer fitting in my exercise AFTER my working day is done (I’m so not a morning person) and the tread has been a great addition to our home. I love everything from a good power incline walk whilst watching a youtube vid or listening to one of my favourite podcasts. For when I want to run, a set of sprint intervals with a high-energy playlist is just what I need to finish my day with a bang. I’m sure it’ll get a little less use in the summer as I take my workouts outdoors but it’s been a god-send over the colder months of the year. 

Day Experience at Thyme’s Meadow Spa

There are many wonderful spa hotels in the UK (we’re really spoilt for choice!) but I have a soft spot for one that sometimes flies under the radar. Thyme’s Meadow Spa may not be the biggest, wide-ranging facility compared to others, but it’s got a peacefulness that I’m really drawn to. Set in the grounds of Thyme (a true gem of The Cotswolds), Meadow Spa is inspired by it’s nature-filled surroundings and partners with Aurelia London (a H&H fave) for it’s skin treatments. I have a Mr & Mrs Smith voucher to use from Christmas and I might earmark a stay combined with one of their heavenly day spa experiences this summer. I fancy the Bertioli Experience which consists of a Nurture, Breathe and Restore treatment (with Bertioli products of course!) followed by lunch in the Orchid House and use of their outdoor pool. Hello Summer sunbathing! Bertioli is Thyme’s own brand and their signature scent “Water Medow” is to die for. I’ve currently got their hand wash and hand lotion sat proudly next to my sink and I can’t think of anything more delightful than a whole body treatment with this scent.  

Skin+Me Brighten + Boost Regulating Vitamin C Serum

I’ve spoken previously about my love for Skin+Me (in case you don’t know, they provide prescription-grade personalised skin topicals from dermatologists, cutting out the expensive middle man) and they’ve recently launched their Brighten + Boost Regulating Vitamin C Serum which is very exciting. I’ve tried vitamin C before and my sensitive skin didn’t get on well but with 12 months of Skin+Me under my belt, my rosacea is well under control and I feel ready to try again. The benefits of vitamin C for the skin are plentiful so I’m thrilled a brand I trust has release a serum that will work with my skin.