Spring is so close I can smell it – quite literally – my kitchen is filled with potted daffodils and hyacinths all of which have started to bloom at long last.  This month, my wellness must-haves include some of the people I have at hand to help me feel my absolute best, as well as three hero products that have helped heal my eczema. And because I always treat myself to a new pair of kicks come Spring I have also shared with you my faves that are in the shops right now.

My Little Black Book of Experts


Beata Aleksandrowicz

Beata Aleksandrowicz should have her hands insured. She has a unique touch when it comes to facial massage and healing that I have never experienced before. Her treatments are as healing as they are effective – expect to come out looking ten years younger – she refers to this as her inner botox method. But with a waitlist over 6 months long, Beata has found a way to bring her unique Face Therapy concept to a wider global audience with a series of online Masterclasses. The series includes eight individual classes (£35 each) which encompass lymphatic drainage, massage secrets to smooth “time-lines” as she refers to them and techniques to lift, open, relax and firm muscles to reveal younger-looking skin.


Annie Clarke

After returning to work full-time following the birth of her first son, Annie Clarke has relaunched her online yoga studio, The Practice – which focuses on a holistic approach to wellness. I’ve known Annie for years – and can vouch for what a wonderful person and yoga teacher she is – I just know that this relaunch is going to be brilliant and perfect for anyone trying to incorporate yoga into their lifestyle. 



If you want to find out what’s going on under the hood of your hormones, then look no further than to Hertility – a brand that is focused on getting to the bottom of what is going on with your hormones. Their at-home hormone and fertility test has provided answers for many women who had questions about conceiving, general hormone health and menopause. Founder and CEO, Dr Helen O’Neil says “We have spent years researching reproductive health and hormones to create a clinically validated diagnostic solution powered by a unique set of algorithms to provide answers for every person, no matter what stage they’re at.”

Quote of the month

“If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.”

– Tom Hanks


3 Things That Have HUGELY Helped my Eye Eczema

About two and half months ago I suddenly developed eczema around one of my eyes, after another month it had spread to both eyes. Although I have never had any facial eczema, I wasn’t entirely surprised to see it – mainly because I had just been through an intense and very stressful period of life. The doctors prescribed steroids, which worked a dream, until I stopped using them. You can only use steroids for a very short period of time or it can have lasting damaging effects. So, I started down the road of finding holistic solutions. Of course I needed to get on top of the stress – which I am doing slowly but surely. But I also needed to address the eye eczema topically as well. I can happily report that after about 2 weeks of consistent use of the below my eczema is showing signs of abating (thank god). Here’s what I am using:

Forest Spa Finland Nordic Adaptogen Serum

Experts in Nordic Skin Wellness, Forest Spa only have a few products but they are mighty. Their serum is pretty incredible, and when I told their Founder, Daniel, about the amazing success I had with it he wasn’t surprised “The serum has 2 particular adaptogens – Cloudberry extract and Sea Buckthorn oil, which are amazing skin healers and anti inflammatories. The Birch Sap base helps moisture barrier building to support the repair process.”

Current Body LED Mask

I’m not normally a huge fan of facial tools but this one has absolutely changed the game for me – my face benefits hugely from just a few sessions. I find that the LED helps make spots or blemishes heal faster, improves my overall tone and calms any inflammation – including my eczema. I could not love it more!

Wildsmith Skin Super Hydrating Overnight Mask

I was testing this out for our awards and am so happy to have stumbled across it – the product soothes irritation, improves moisture and protects against oxidative stress – and this is absolutely evident in my skin. I love it so much that I use it morning and night as my skin just drinks it up. Its anti-redness complex contains ginger, turmeric and probiotics and these have had a great impact on my eczema.