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How To Pick The Right Juice Cleanse For You

A juice cleanse is an effective way to reset your body if you’ve been feeding it differently from usual or you just feel the need for a refresh. By fuelling it with the goodness of […]

Win A Summer Juice Cleanse & £150 Hip & Healthy Voucher!

We’re so excited to let you all know that Hip and Healthy have partnered up with the super people at Plenish Cleanse to give you an awesome opportunity to win ‘Your Summer Fitness Kit’, which […]

Why Should You Choose Cold Press Juice?

Why cold pressed juice is worth the extra £££ ‘Cold-pressed’ has become a bit of a buzzword of late – one that’s been bandied around with multiple products from coffee to cooking oils and claims […]

Francesca Newman-Young Tells H&H About Her Plenish Cleanse Journey!

December was a heavy month for all of us. January should’ve been different, but it’s such a miserable month. Depriving myself of all the naughty things I love feels like an unnecessary torture. I looked […]

Nurture Three Day Juice Cleanse Reviewed!

The benefits of natural juices – be them organic, cold-pressed, store bought or homemade – are quietly but steadily winning the good fight against chemical laden ‘diet’ sodas we’ve always turned to for that little […]

Organic Green Vegetable Cleanse – Nosh Detox Packs A Green Punch!

Hey Hip & Healthy friends! The sun may be shining but do you feel like it is more than just the sky that is blue? Never fear! Whether you’re in need of an energy boost, want […]

Cleanse Review – The Source Juice

Company – The source juice Cleanse – The Renvoation Cleanse How many days? – 3 day cleanse Tester – Saskia Gregson-Williams What were you hoping to gleam from the cleanse? Through juicing you are able […]

Eat Clean Train Dirty: The Supermodel’s Exercise & Eat Plan

words by Molly Jennings Lets admit it. We’re all just a little bit jealous of supermodels (ok a lot jealous). But the question is how do they achieve their lithe limbs and corset-like waists? What […]

Purifyne – The Weight Loss Cleanse

Purifyne – The Weight Loss Cleanse Company – Purifyne Cleanse – Bespoke Weight Loss Cleanse How many days? – 3 day cleanse Tester – Harriet Chubb, Features Editor What were you hoping to gain from […]