words by Molly Jennings

Lets admit it. We’re all just a little bit jealous of supermodels (ok a lot jealous). But the question is how do they achieve their lithe limbs and corset-like waists? What kind of exercise do they do? Pilates? Yoga? Crossfit? What do they eat? Sushi? Nothing? An endless supply of green juice? What is it that makes their skin glow and their bodies stand out?

The answer might not be what but who. Autumn welcomes the collaboration between Raw to Door, a delicious, organic juice cleanse brand, and Skinny Bitch Collective, the hottest and most effective exercise regime on the planet. Say hello to The Raw to Door, SBC Vitality plan. This three-day plan is like no other. A super-blend of healthy meals, juices and exercise programmes that promise to leave you feeling fit, healthy and as hot as a supermodel!

Meet The Team
Russ, founder of Skinny Bitch Collective, is the driving force behind the killer bods of some of the world’s top supermodels and favourite Victorias Secret girls. His no-nonsense “get it done” attitude to exercise is refreshing and appeals to all kinds of women. From new mums to business women, Russ has got it covered. He has created eight exclusive exercise videos that are available to download when you purchase the Vitality plan.

Ex-model Natasha is passionate about nutrition and healthy cleansing. She created Raw to Door to show that cleansing doesn’t have to be painful, but actually quite fun. Not only does she offer delicious juice programs for the cleansing veterans, but also meal plans aimed at people who need to ease into the transition of the world of cleansing. Her Vitality plan is designed for women who want to be able to train hard, eat well and achieve results.

The Vitality Plan – A Cleanse with a difference
Unlike normal juice cleanses, this Vitality program includes wholesome, Palaeolithic meals and delicious, raw snacks as well as some of SBC’s signature breakfast smoothies and shakes. The idea is that you eat every two hours to avoid the classic feeling of deprivation that most people experience when they try “fad” dieting. Not only do you get nutritious meals delivered right to your door, but the plan includes SBC’s awesome, downloadable exercise plans that you can do in your local gym or in the comfort of your living room. Russ and Natasha strongly believe that this plan is all about doing things the right way to achieve optimum health and body confidence.

Prices start at £225 – for more info and to buy go to http://www.rawtodoor.com/skinnybitch/