A juice cleanse is an effective way to reset your body if you’ve been feeding it differently from usual or you just feel the need for a refresh. By fuelling it with the goodness of juice, which is easy to digest, you nourish your body while giving it time to get back to normal and iron out any digestive stresses. Not all cleanses are the same though – here’s the low-down on which one might suit you based on your lifestyle.


The Working Woman
Have you been put off by juice cleanses because your life runs at 100mph and the thought of also feeling tired and hungry is a no go? Well, PRESS have got you covered! They’ll provide you with 8 different juices per day (which is a lot) so that you don’t ever feel hungry or deprived – every time that stomach starts to rumble, you can be sure it’s time for another delicious blend. Each cleanse includes two nut milks – which are divine – so you’ll feel as though you’re getting a sweet treat while still detoxifying your body, twice! Try PRESS’s Intermediate Cleanse for a wide range of different tasty juices.



The Party Animal – Post Summer Holiday Detox
Whether you’ve let yourself loose at a festival or had a few too many gelatos in Italy, Imbibery have the cleanse for you. Their ‘Post-Ibiza Cleanse’ will detoxify you back to reality when you return from your summer holiday. The cleanse includes 6 different juices, including a yummy cashew milk, and two hot shots – the perfect way to get your sparkle back after a week of indulging!



The Active Woman and the Beginner Juicer
If you lead a super active lifestyle then a juice cleanse are not always recommended due to the lack of protein and carbohydrates in them. If you like to keep fit, Nosh can provide you with a great detox. Their Beginner Cleanse contains 6 different blends as well as herbal teas to put your hunger at bay. The Nosh cleanse is different, though, because it includes a fresh protein smoothie to boost your energy and help repair your muscles after a workout. If you’re about to embark on this detox, perhaps have a lighter/rest day at the gym or workout in the morning of your cleanse and have a rest day the day after.



The Ultimate Health Lover
Is feeling great from the inside-out a rule you live by (at least most of the time!)? Try Plenish’s Level 2 Juice Cleanse. It’s designed to boost your energy and improve skin health so you can feel on top of your game, get that healthy glow while detoxing at the same time! Plenish will provide you with six different juices including a raw cacao nut milk so you can go on a deep cleanse without going ‘all green’.



words by Katie Hafner