Why cold pressed juice is worth the extra £££
‘Cold-pressed’ has become a bit of a buzzword of late – one that’s been bandied around with multiple products from coffee to cooking oils and claims many a health benefit. The product we’re excited about, and seemingly the one gaining the most gravitas at the moment, is the cold pressed juice. From independent vendors to prime spots in established department stores, it’s almost impossible to miss in London. But what’s all the fuss about and is it really worth the extra cash?

What is cold pressing?
Where juicing is concerned, cold pressing is the gentlest method (as opposed to centrifugal or masticating, which most high street juicers are) and involves steel plates that squeeze the fruit or veg between them with hydraulic force. Emma Wood, founder of Blend & Press in Covent Garden, tells us that the cold pressed method may be pricier but the result “leaves a much greater concentration of vitamins, minerals and living enzymes in tact in the juice, giving a huge body boost”. She goes on to explain that the increased density of nutrients and labour intensive (but far less wasteful) process is why the juices can be twice as expensive but also why they’re so worth it.

So what are the benefits for you?
First of all, and aside from opting for cold pressed, Emma tells us to make sure we look for organic juice that is not HPP (High Pressure Processed). The abundance of nutrients are untouched and undamaged and what that means for your body, we’ve put simply here:

  • Vitamins & minerals – help the body maintain healthy teeth, bones, skin, soft tissue, blood, nerves, chemical reactions, energy levels, and immunity – you name it, we need them both in their purest form to be able to function properly.
  • Enzymes – essential for the break down of nutrients ensuring our bodies actually absorb the vitamins and minerals – the heating of fruit or veg destroys the enzymes making it harder for your body to digest the food you’re eating.
  • Naturally occurring probiotics – keeps your gut healthy, aiding digestion, healthy metabolism and immunity.
  • Proteins – essential for growth and repair in the body as well as nerve and brain health.

The Hip & Healthy cold pressed juice directory


Great for: The wellbeing aficionado 

Blend & Press

Location: Covent Garden

Website: http://www.blendandpress.com

 Price: £7 (500ml)

Great for: The fashionista

Raw Press

Location: Wolf & Badger, Mayfair

Website: http://www.rawpress.co

Price: £7.50 (500ml)

Great for: The foodie

Roots & Bulbs

Location: Marylebone & South Kensington

Website: http://www.rootsandbulbs.com

Price: £5.99 (500ml)

Great for: The busy bee

Press London

Location: Selfridges food hall (and other locations)

Website: http://press-london.com/

Price: £6 (500ml)

Outside of London

Great for: The bride to be


Location: Online & various stockists

Website: http://www.plenishcleanse.com/shop/

Price: £13.50 (500ml)

Great for: A tailored juice cleanse


Location: Online & various stockists

Website: http://www.imbiberylondon.com

Price: £12 (500ml)

Great for: The design junkie 

Leeds juicery

Location: Yorkshire (online)

Website: http://www.leedsjuicery.com

Price: £3.25 (500ml)

words by Jessica Latapie