Purifyne – The Weight Loss Cleanse

Company – Purifyne

Cleanse – Bespoke Weight Loss Cleanse

How many days? – 3 day cleanse

Tester – Harriet Chubb, Features Editor

What were you hoping to gain from the cleanse?

Having never attempted a cleanse before and having over indulged on my mum’s incredible home cooked food while living at home for a few months I specifically choose a cleanse for weight loss results, but I also wanted something that would give my diet a kick-start, shake up my bad habits and current routine and enable me to start afresh after the three days.

What information did they give/take?

I was incredibly impressed with the amount of information taken from me before the cleanse was created. As these are bespoke plans, they need to know every detail of your medical history and your current diet, lifestyle etc. It was slightly daunting writing down all my ailments but of course it is key to getting the correct ingredients and recipes. I also received a ‘pre-cleanse’ email giving me details of how to prepare a few days before, both physically and mentally! This included eating raw foods where possible and doing some dry brushing – essentially exfoliating with a mitt in circular movements towards your heart to increase blood flow.

How easy were the instructions to follow?

All three days worth of juice arrived at my desk before even I did which I was thrilled with and it was incredibly easy to follow the instructions. Four juices a day for three days and I could choose which juices I had, except for the morning juice which remained consistent – carrot, ginger, beetroot and apple. They did recommend that I choose a celery based one for ‘dinner’ but otherwise you were allowed flexibility which I enjoyed. They also kindly sent an email every day with hints and tips as to how to make it through the next 16 hours!

Were any supplements included?

The supplements – at first looked a little intimidating – but they thoroughly explained what every benefit of each one was.  There were essential fatty acids, spirulina, a super foods mix to be diluted with water and something called Colosan powder; a powder that assists with digestion and detoxing the colon.

On a scale of 1/10 how tasty and varied were the juices?

I would give this factor a 6/10, although they were all extremely tasty, I felt there could have been a little more variety, but this could be down to the fact that I was choosing a specific weight loss cleanse, maybe meaning some ingredients were off limits.

How much weight did you lose?

I lost 4 pounds in 3 days which I was very pleased with!

How did you feel after three days?

It wasn’t actually the weight loss in the end that I found the most pleasing aspect, it was the clean, pure, detoxed feeling that I adored. I felt light and un-bloated and the next day I even steered myself naturally towards raw foods, salad, nuts, seeds and the like. I felt strangely drawn to these foods that previously you would find me forcing down, it was a wakeup call for my diet – exactly what I had been looking for.

Would you use this cleanse again?

Yes definitely, I do not know how long these magic effects will last, but the cleanse certainly did its job – the rest, like everything else in life, is now up to me!