We’re so excited to let you all know that Hip and Healthy have partnered up with the super people at Plenish Cleanse to give you an awesome opportunity to win ‘Your Summer Fitness Kit’, which includes a £150 Hip and Healthy voucher, as well as a one month’s supply of Plenish Cleanse’s probiotic water and a Planish Cleanse! Woah!

Kara Rosen, founder of Plenish Cleanse has worked tirelessly to create an organic juice product, that wasn’t completely loaded with sugar (although natural) from fruit. After suffering from strep throat for over a year, Rosen discovered that the cure could lie in correct nutrition. As a result of this Plenish cleanse was born and is still rapidly growing today!

Plenish Cleanse has just released an innovative new probiotic water. A raw, dairy free, vegan probiotic drink that contains no additives, preservatives, dairy or sweeteners. This little wonder drink will help boost your body’s immunity, mood and skin. Yes please!

There are three variants of the water – zesty Lime Cucumber, refreshing Pineapple Ginger and juicy Blueberry Pear!

Penish Cleanse’s innovative probiotic water is devised with the help of nutritional experts to ensure it’s superb nutritional quality. Their probiotic water is created by placing high quality organic ingredients under pressure, rather than using heat to extract their nutritional goodness. This therefore means that every bottle of probiotic goodness is fresh and packed with nutrients.

Plenish Cleanse has also formulated a delicious juice cleanse which we think you’ll love! Devised by their in-house dietician, the juice cleanse is perfect for anyone wanting to re-energise and re-vitalise their bodies. There are three different cleanses depending on your specific goals, ranging from 1-7 days. The cleanses will have you drinking delicious, healthy and yummy juices, so get ready to feel lighter and full of energy!


In order to win your free one month’s supply of Water +, a Plenish Cleanse and a £150 voucher for Hip & Healthy, click here!

The competition closes on the 30th of June 2016.