track and bliss
Introducing Track & Bliss to Hip & Healthy

We’re thrilled to be stocking Track & Bliss activewear on the Hip & Healthy online store. Founder Luciana Scarabello brings her background in high fashion to the brands’ high-performance collections which merge LA’s laid-back attitude […]

Strong Women Bootcamp
Scrap New Years Resolutions – How To Make Healthy Habits LAST!

It seems as though January has been and gone in a flash as we all prepare to welcome the second month of 2017. As we say hello to February, a large proportion of us will […]

Fitspiration – Hollie Grant (Founder Of The Model Method)

How did you first get into pilates? After a terrible, stressful, depression-inducing year as a Pastry Chef – the only job I had wanted to do from a very young age – I made the […]

Fitspiration – Lottie Murphy

Tell us all about your new class, The Body. I am so excited about my next The Body Event, which will be on Sunday 17th May. The Body is about showing people that Pilates can […]

POST NATAL EXERCISE by Chloe Hodgson, Chloe’s Pilates

Pregnancy and childbirth are times of significant change for our bodies and the right exercise is a great way to assist your body in adapting to these changes as well as preparing it for the […]

Heartcore Opens A New Studio In Fulham!

For all the Pilates loving readers out there, we come bearing good news – the increasingly popular Heartcore, have opened a new studio in Fulham! Heartcore classes are all about bringing together fun and fitness […]

A Raw Treat: Hip & Healthy reviews a raw-food and Pilates retreat at Bailiffscourt Hotel.

When invited to attend a raw-food and Pilates retreat in the depths of West Sussex, in an old boutique country hotel, it wasn’t a tough decision to say yes. Upon arriving at Bailiffscourt Hotel and […]

Body By Lara – Not your average Pilates Class!

Having practiced it for many years throughout my ballet days, Pilates is completely second nature to me. I’m such a huge fan and it just feels right for me and my body. I also enjoy […]

Fitspiration of the Month

2014 is under way and H&H have decided that this year we want to bring you a new form of inspiration to keep you motivated in pursuing a healthier and happier you. Every month of […]

Pilates Skeptic Reformed

 words by Louisa Parker-Bowles I have to admit I have never really ‘got’ Pilates. As my husband will attest (with shaking head), I am normally one to jump enthusiastically onto a celebrity-driven bandwagon but this […]

Pilates Covert: One woman reveals how she fell in love with something she thought she’d hate

words by Francesca Londono-Brasington For me, it’s all about the sweat. I love it. Unless I sweat, working out seems pointless. I want to feel the burn and my blood pumping.  For that reason I’ve […]

Health Speak with Health Loving Yogi, Sophie Peach

We talk to the  yoga goddness who loves her kitten, tries not to snack and would be lost without her iPhone… read on to find out about how she stays just so hip and healthy […]

The Low Down on Pilates

words by Katherine Pentecost What is Pilates all about?! Pilates…so much to say so little time! Pilates used to be called “Contrology”, and was invented by Joseph Pilates. Derived from his experience in various forms […]