Tell us all about your new class, The Body.

I am so excited about my next The Body Event, which will be on Sunday 17th May. The Body is about showing people that Pilates can not only make you look great, but it makes you feel great too. By connecting with your breath and being fully present, the hour class will give you an uplifted sense of wellbeing. The class involves all my favorite and most fun Pilates moves however I am also influenced by my ballet background and yoga practice. It’s a challenging class and you will definitely feel the burn but I incorporate stretches and lots of spinal mobility throughout. You only get one body and we should take of it a little more. The Body is a little step towards doing just that.

You’re signed up for the Nike Women’s 10k in June – how are you incorporating your running training into your Pilates practice? Do the two complement each other?

I’ve never been a committed runner so this 10k is an exciting new challenge for me. I like running in the morning so the brighter spring days are definitely helping with my training. I truly believe all runners will benefit from regular Pilates sessions and I really find that my commitment to Pilates means I prevent injuries occurring. It improves flexibility and strength and helps with muscle soreness. The principle of breathing in Pilates is also key and will help runners breathe smoothly using all lung capacity.

What advise would you give ladies wanting to get started with Pilates with the hope of becoming as bendy as you?

Getting started is the first step but then staying committed is so important. Find a teacher and class you love and commit to going every week. that way the teacher gets to know you and your body and you will progress a lot quicker.

Besides Pilates, how else do you like to train?

I’m not actually fitness crazy which may surprise some people. I absolutely love my mat Pilates, reformer Pilates and yoga; I do a couple of classes a week. I walk a LOT and then do the odd spin, boot camp or PT session but I don’t have a strict routine. I use the NTC app and YouTube to train at home and will maybe only fit in a 15-minute session some days but it makes me feel better then if I was to do nothing.

What habits have you adopted which help you live healthily every day?

Healthy habits I do every day include, never skipping breakfast, always making homemade snacks and lunches for on the go, walking as much as I can, taking time to focus on my breath at various moments through the day and remembering to laugh and smile as much as often! I am still on a journey to even better health and balance and am always working to be a better version of myself. If you make mistakes or have an off day it’s about learning to brush it off, take a deep breathe and start again.

You have so many different projects on the go! How do you stay motivated to keep working towards your goals and maintain your own training and social life?

Motivation comes very naturally to me, I can honestly say that I literally jump out of bed every morning, which is down to doing what I love everyday. I feel incredibly grateful and blessed. This year has definitely been a little crazy so far but I’m loving every minute. Finding balance between my work goals and life is something I am working on; as for me there is no line between work and life. Training wise, I just make sure that I schedule in time for my own classes and workouts but as I am not strict with my routine this definitely helps. If I go a couple of days without moving my body though, I get very agitated! I would never turn down a dinner with friends; a family get together or date night. We live in a world where everything is so instant but I remind myself that it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get a blog post out on time or reply to an email instantly.

As a healthy-living blogger, former ballet dancer and Pilates instructor, how important do you consider nutrition to be to all round health?

Nutrition is such a complex and controversial subject. I have been eating a healthy whole and varied diet since ballet school and I love how it makes me feel, it’s second nature to make healthy choices because I understand the relationship between what I put in my body and my health, thoughts and feelings. However, in terms of all round health, nutrition is only part of the puzzle. You could have the most perfect diet in the world, but if you’re stressed, not sleeping well and lacking energy then something’s obviously not right there. I think a lot of people are confused about what to eat but it’s all down to what makes you feel good, what’s most convenient and makes you happy.

Which 3 foods couldn’t you live without?

Avocados, Sweet Potato and Dark Chocolate.

Give us an insight into a day in Lottie’s life…

Every single day is very different for me as I teach at different locations and times but it will look something like this. Wake up, lemon water and breakfast, shower and head to studio for clients/classes, in my breaks between sessions I might be blogging, studying or emailing. I will get in a mid morning yoga/pilates class or afternoon youtube/NTC session, I then might have meetings or a bloggers event, more classes or I’ll head home to cook a homemade meal and recently I’ve been working on my Macbook till quite late a night before my boyfriend Jamie tells me to stop working and have a cuddle! We love to watch a gripping series or some awful reality TV.

After a busy day, what’s your favourite way to unwind?

A relaxing bath and a good book or magazine.

Do you have a mantra that you live by?

“Just keep swimming” this is something my mum and I say when times are tough or we are stressed or let down for some reason or maybe just a little run down and it always gives me inspiration to never stop going after my dreams! It’s what Dory says in Finding Nemo and my mum will text me it randomly sometimes, it reminds me to take a deep breathe and just keep going, doing my own little thing!

Give us your top tip for being the best version of you!

Wake up each day and set the intention! You are in control, you have the reins, you can choose happiness and you can choose to be the best, most glowing, energised, fit and loving version of yourself… but also know that it’s okay if your not that version every single day! 😉

Want to develop your Pilates mojo with Lottie? Join her on Tuesdays at The Light Centre in Moorgate- reformer pilates or Thursdays at Urban Cave in Soho- 1-2-1 reformer pilates.

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