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Avid runners listen up… What could be better than personally customising your kicks? Nike Free running shoes let your feet move any way they want while still delivering the cushioning they need and now you can personalise the look and feel of the new Nike Free 5.0 iD and Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit iD for a running experience that’s more natural (and stylish) than ever.

Customise Your Upper

The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit iD features a strong, lightweight Flyknit upper available in three heather options for a personalised look. The Nike Free 5.0 iD lets you choose between a woven mesh upper and a knit mesh upper reinforced with supportive Flywire cables.

Choose Your Ride

Opt for the Free 4.0 outsole if you want a lower profile, a more flexible outsole and a more natural stride. If you want more cushioning, choose the Free 5.0 outsole (it’s still super-flexible).

Make It Personal

On the tongue tops, write a special name, number, date or inspirational message in a regular font or a bigger, bolder one. They now also allow you five letters where it was once only four.

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Fitness-wear is having its moment. Here at the H&H offices we are constantly bowled over with exciting new designs, cool collaborations and awesome innovations. All of which we can’t wait to get our hands on. So when we found out that Nike have upped their customisation service once again to include the super sleek Flyknits we were understandably excited! We were then given the amazing challenge of being one of the first to be able to design our own trainer. Naturally, we handed this particular task over to our Founder, Sadie, who is a big running fan and runs at least 6 times a week. Being a huge fan of the 4.0 (these kicks have just the right amount of flexibility, support and cushion to allow for on and off-road runs), Sadie picked these to customise. Due to the major trend in loud printed leggings, we have seen a more recent movement towards the understated, sleek sneaker. And being a loud-legging wearing kinda gal – Sadie chose really simple blacks and greys to pimp her new running shoes with. As a final touch she added her name to the tongue – just to be sure that no one might “accidentally” walk off with them from the gym.