As a brand new mum to your gorgeous daughter, how do you manage to fit in training around mummy duties, time with family, and your career?
It’s definitely a juggle especially when you want to do really well at something, but you just have to find the time. Setting myself a new challenge with the Vitality World Triathlon London in May has been a great aim and motivation to find the time to train. So whether it’s getting up a few hours early and sneaking out before Willow wakes-up or finding ways to train at home, you just have to make the time. My living room is my new gym with a stand-alone bike to work my stamina, some light weights and bands to test my resistance and lots of yoga. Also getting Willow involved in my workouts from push-ups kissing the baby to squats holding her has been great, it really soothes her and entertains her. 

Do you pay attention to your nutrition when it comes to your training?
I definitely pay attention to my nutrition – food is fuel when it comes to doing something like a triathlon. It’s about making sure you are cutting out all the unnecessary fats, getting protein help me rebuild and recover after a workout and eating carbohydrates when I need them. If I have a good workout in the morning I would typically go for breakfast with a mix of carbohydrates and protein. Or if I am on the go then just grab a MaxiNutrition Promax protein bar. Even though one of my goals is to lose the baby weight it is important to eat right for exercise. 

Were you intimidated at all, taking on the Vitality World Triathlon London? It’s a very different sport from the dancing you are used to!
When I said yes to the Vitality World Triathlon London I didn’t say yes with an intimidation factor, but once I realized what I was getting myself into I realized it is not just something that you walk up to and try on the day but if I want to do well, which I really do then I have to train for it. I think if you look at it as I am doing a triathlon and rock up on the day it is intimidating but if you get stuck into each day and what you have to train for so you can mentally and physically prepare then on the day you will be ready to do it. I think that is how I focus on any performance whether I have a big show at Wembley or a TV appearance if you think about it you are going to do you get intimated but if you focus on each day as it comes and train for it, then you will be in the right space for it when the time comes.

How do you deal with body confidence since becoming a mum? Has it changed your views on your body at all?
Your body changes. It is part of being a woman and it is a beautiful thing. My baby is only 14 weeks old so there are parts of my body that aren’t quite the way they used to be and might never be the way they used to be but I think having something like a triathlon to challenge myself with, allows my physical stature to be framed in a way that is going to make it the healthiest and fittest it can be at the moment and that’s what I am looking for – to be the healthiest I can be.

On top of everything else, you have your own line of cosmetics – which are your must-have products for working out in?
Definitely Beautiful Movements mascara, I go nowhere without mascara. And the lip gloss is fantastic as it is moisturizing and has jojoba oil in it so your hair doesn’t stick to your lips when you are working out. I also sometimes wear a little foundation. The foundation is made from minerals so has naturally occurring SPF in it and has Zinc Oxide so if you have any spots it dries them up while working out.

Did you continue to exercise during pregnancy?
I kept exercising up until the day before I gave birth to Willow. I had to tailor it a bit as I didn’t want to do crunches and a bunch of long distance running in the later stages – I know some people do, but I just had to listen to my body. I did a lot more Pilates and yoga and brought the intensity down the further I was in my pregnancy but made sure I kept my body moving. When I was 6 months pregnant I was still performing on Got To Dance. 

As a model, your husband, Max, must be equally as health conscious. How do you two motivate each other to stay on track?
We really drive each other. He has to make sure he is at his best just as I like to be at my best and although our bests are quite different we still push each other to achieve them. He needs to put on as much weight as he can while I need to watch what I eat so I don’t put on any weight but it kind of works to my advantage as I can still cook really big meals but give him ¾ of it and I can take the smaller portion. But he has been really good with my triathlon training, he came to the pool with me and was shouting encouragement at me and giving me what I need – I like shouting I need to be pushed. He has really been supportive and really helpful. If I am tired at night he won’t let me slack. He has been my motivator; we really try and motivate each other.

Will you be encouraging Willow to follow in your athletic footsteps?
I like to say walk the walk instead of talk the talk and I hope that my actions help inspire her to make good choices in fitness.

How do you like to relax and unwind after a busy day?
My husband is really into films, being a director and film writer, so we just love to watch old fashioned black and white movies as well as new films. Now we go to the big scream where you can watch a film with your baby and don’t have to worry if they start to cry. In our off time Max and I like to stay creative together and film and make fun things. He is currently filming a new short called Red Pillow.

What’re your favourite pieces from the Hip & Healthy store?
I love all the bright coloured pattern leggings. They are so fun and really get you in the mood for a workout. Especially the Rockwell Black Leopard Elite Compression Tights.

Do you have a motivational mantra or words of advice that you live by?
Be your best is my ultimate motto. It is not about what others are doing but what you can do, never compare and just be your best.

Give us a sneaky insight into a typical day in your life.
Now it always starts with a feed. Then I usually do a juice for breakfast and try and get in a workout. After that I am then usually on emails and working, or going to events or meetings or perhaps filming. I come home and usually get in another sneaky workout or just hang out with the family, make a nice dinner, watch some films, spend some time with the little one and make her laugh as much as I can. Sometimes we try to go for a nice long walk. It really varies from day to day and week to week. 

Kimberly is taking part in the Women Only ‘Tri It’ Distance at the Vitality World Triathlon London, taking place in Hyde Park on May 31st. Secure the best seats in the house to watch Kimberly and the world’s best triathletes by purchasing Grandstand tickets here: http://london.triathlon.org/event_info/grandstand/