Having practiced it for many years throughout my ballet days, Pilates is completely second nature to me. I’m such a huge fan and it just feels right for me and my body. I also enjoy HIIT as part of my exercise routine, I love the burn and it’s fast paced style. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone invented a method that combined the precision and strength of Pilates with the short, heart-raising bursts of interval training? Well I think I’ve found it!

Spiral Body, a quaint little Pilates studio in Kensington, is where I headed off to one sunny afternoon to experience its most popular class, Body By Lara. Founded by body conditioning guru, Lara Hassan, this technique focuses on re-sculpting and shaping the body. And when I say body, I mean your WHOLE body! I don’t think there was a muscle I didn’t use!

After a speedy but adequate warm-up we were straight in to toning and pulse like movements that targeted everywhere from your thighs, to your triceps. Lara’s enthusiasm and energy willed me to push through the burn (on many occasions!), and within minutes I was as red as a rose! I loved the fact it was mostly body weight and low impact and it was all very rhythmical and dance-esk – each move flowing into the next, almost like a dance routine. I really enjoyed the constant change between signature Pilates moves to the super intense, sweat inducing exercises. Lara knew exactly how to challenge me and make me work to the best of my abilities, but there was never a point where I felt uncomfortable. She got the balance just right. Time flew by and towards the end of the 50-minute session, we focussed on some deep breathing and some cool down ballerina stretches, which I really enjoyed and most definitely needed!

The best part about this class is that after a challenging, heart-pumping workout, I had all the energy in the world! I felt amazing! My endorphins were buzzing and my metabolism was flying high! Body By Lara at Spiral Body is a guaranteed feel-good class that will leave your mind as well as your body feeling healthy and happy.

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