For all the Pilates loving readers out there, we come bearing good news – the increasingly popular Heartcore, have opened a new studio in Fulham!

Heartcore classes are all about bringing together fun and fitness while making sure that workouts are always the most effective they can be! The founder of Heartcore, Jess Schuring, had a vision of developing a totally holistic workout experience that was exciting and motivating, and kept her clients interested in their own overall wellbeing, as well as delivering the ever important results!

Jess began her health and fitness journey in Santa Monica, California at the National Personal Training Institute. Once highly qualified, she then began personal training, and with her clients’ results selling themselves, it is hardly surprising that she was in high demand! Luckily for us, however, Jess had visions of offering something more, and relocated to London to try her hand at a new type of workout – and so, Heartcore was born!

Full body, dynamic classes for workouts leaving you toned and tightened from head to toe are available in the form of Reformer Pilates (for both beginners and the more experienced), Barre, Cyclecore, Kettlecore and TRX at Heartcore – and this diverse range of workouts means that you are more than likely to find something to truly challenge your mind and body!

With gorgeous studios already in Kensington, Chelsea, Hampstead and Notting Hill, Heartcore have now also ticked the Fulham box so for the South Londoners out there, this really is a must-try!

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words by Olivia Murphy