2014 is under way and H&H have decided that this year we want to bring you a new form of inspiration to keep you motivated in pursuing a healthier and happier you. Every month of 2014, we will be interviewing a person who is an inspiration to the health and fitness world. It’s a chance to get an insight into their lives at what motivated them in their own journey to becoming fitter and healthier. Enjoy!

January FITspiration: Pilates Instructor Chloe Hodgson

Hip and Healthy are delighted to introduce Chloe Hodgson! Chloe has always had a passion for fitness and soon fell in love with Pilates because of a back injury. She discovered the many amazing benefits Pilates can have on the body and mind and decided to take her passion into teaching. She trained with Stott Pilates, which incorporates modern exercise principles, and applies proven and safe practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. This Pilates method works with the natural curve of the spine and helps rebalance the muscles and the joints. Based at the stylish and exclusive healthy London hangout, Lomax, she likes to give her clients a mixture of classical Stott Pilates and Dynamic Pilates to help them achieve beautifully lean bodies. Also, make sure you check out her blog, Chloe’s Pilates where she gives her tips and advice to living a healthy and fulfilling life.

What is your favourite Pilates exercise?
The full teaser because it took me about 6 months to perfect it and now I can do it, I can reap all the benefits!

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra?
Live every day as though it’s your last.

What is your go to breakfast?
Oats soaked in almond milk with a dollop of Greek yogurt, blueberries, and loads of flaxseeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds!

What are your gym bag essentials? 
Music and water.

What songs will we find on your workout playlist? 
Losing you by Solange. Keep your head up by Ben Howard. Charlie boy by the Lumineers. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. And anything 80’s!!

Do you have a favourite pre-workout snack? 
A banana and a handful of brazil and almond nuts.

What are the top three benefits of Pilates?
Improving posture and flexibility; Increased core strength; Improved stability and balance.

What’s your fail safe dinner party dish?
A Thai curry with brown rice and stir fry vegetables. I always have to make a pudding because I’ve got such a sweet tooth. Stewed apples and blackberries with ginger is a delicious, yet healthy dessert with a big dollop of Greek yogurt or ice cream if you feel like a treat!

Do you have any advice for a Pilates newbie? 
Be patient and stick at it. There is so much to learn and remember when doing Pilates but the more you do it, the better you will become and the more benefits you will gain.

What time of day do you prefer to workout? 
Mornings definitely! After a morning workout I’m ready for the day ahead and full of energy!

When your not teaching Pilates, what are you doing?
Cooking or hanging out with my husband and friends.

Do you have any vices? 
Anything sweet!

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? 
Don’t regret the past or worry about the future. Just live life in the present and take positive actions.