We talk to the  yoga goddness who loves her kitten, tries not to snack and would be lost without her iPhone… read on to find out about how she stays just so hip and healthy

Sophie Peach is a an expert yoga teacher that specialises in Ashtanga and teaches all over London having completed her Teacher Training at the original YogaWorks in Santa Monica. She has recently just released a book called Yoga Home Practice Plan and an iPhone app to enable people wanting to develop their own personal practices from home.

What is the first thing you do in the morning? 
These days, my kitten wakes me up by padding my face, telling me to ‘get up and feed me!’ So I feed her, and then off I go to do my own yoga practice.

What do you eat for breakfast?
Plain greek yogurt topped with manuka honey, coffee and juice. Sometimes we have brioche toast and butter.

What is your work place like?
I teach yoga, so my workplace is a big studio room with a wooden floor. The energy of the yoga students tends to really make a place – so it doesn’t matter what the place looks like. My fantasy though is to have my own studio with sprung wooden floors, and a water feature with fish…

What do you eat for lunch?
It depends on my schedule that day, but I try to have some sort of protein with cooked greens or salad.

Do you snack?
If I a get desperate I have some fruit or some nuts with honey. I always sit down to have afternoon tea though: some green tea with a piece of chocolate!

What do you have for supper?
Supper is similar to lunch. I aim to always have ‘something green’ and eat the least processed available option. I practice ashtanga 4-5 times a week so I need to keep my diet clean to stay strong. Basically, the body has to work extra to get rid of excess salt, sugar and all the additives and other unnecessary rubbish put in food. I try not to be obsessive though and, if I am out with friends, I’ll go with the flow and eat whatever everyone else is eating.

How did you get into yoga?
When I was five my cousin bought a yoga book and I remember looking at the pictures and attempting lotus! I loved that book and made many, many attempts growing up to complete that series… Hence my motto (see below)!

How does yoga make you feel?
If my mind is festering about something, yoga gives me perspective (and occasionally clarity!) Over the years it has helped me develop my focus – helping me to concentrate effort on things that really matter to me.

What is the most important part of yoga to you?
To start with – the most important thing for me was to develop a consistent personal practice. Even if it was only 10 minutes a day.

Do you do other forms of exercise?
People are always asking me that. ‘Do I need to do weights?’ or ‘something aerobic?’. Ashtanga yoga was designed to keep the body fit (and extend lifespan), thereby setting the mind free from worldly concerns (like back ache, or snacking) and explore ourselves and the world around us. With the exception of a whole lot of walking around central London, I don’t do any other form of physical exercise. In my personal experience, a good yoga practice has everything the body needs to stay in top form. It’s aerobic, weight bearing, and creates a strong yet flexible physique. However, not all yoga is the same – there are many diluted yoga forms which will not have much effect. It needs to be a consistent practice as well.

What is your skincare like?
Basic! I use organic Weleda products (rose or almond) and pure coconut oil. When I do buy make up – I splash out on Chantecaille as I like the texture and colour of their products.

What do you like wearing to do yoga?
Black leggings from Topshop and white bra tops from Sweaty Betty. When I teach, I wear a cashmere hoody to keep warm.

What is your biggest luxury in life?
Travel. It’s been a few years since my last big trip and I’m getting itchy feet…

What three things can’t you live without?
iPhone, yoga, hot water bottles (not necessarily in that order)

What motto do you live by?
The triumph of hope over experience.