Friday’s tea is totally cleansing

Today’s favourite is Twinings’ Cleanse infusion. This includes Spearmint, Milk Thistle and Nettle, a calming combination which helps restores balance. Nettle as previously mentioned has a number of essential nutrients, which are vital for maintaining good […]

Thursday’s Tea is Beauty Boosting

  Words By Bex Fairbrother If you find green tea too strong and intense, then a lighter more delicate tea is white tea, my all-time favourite. It is a lightly oxidised tea, which is grown […]

Wednesday’s Tea is full of Energy

Words By Bex Fairbrother   A Hip and Healthy favourite is Do Matcha green tea.  It is a great way to include skin and immune-supporting compounds in your daily diet.  As green tea powder is […]

Tuesday’s Tea is full of Grace…

If you are still feeling a little jaded from the weekend, try Dr. Stuart’s Skin Purify tea. This health-boosting herbal infusion does exactly what it says on the tin…or packet! It is an invigorating blend […]

If you do one thing this week… drink tea!

WORDS BY Bex Fairbrother This week we will be posting a new ‘it’ tea each day that we suggest you try to get you through the working week. I hope you are thirsty because its […]