This August, I am embarking on a journey to one of my most cherished places in the world: Viken, a captivating fishing village nestled in Skane, Southern Sweden. This quaint village holds a special place in my heart, and I am eagerly anticipating the chance to reunite with my family and celebrate my aunt’s 80th birthday.

This trip holds even more significance as it marks the first time I’ll be introducing my son to the place where I spent idyllic summers during my childhood. From crab fishing to sailing optimist boats, leaping off the pier into the Baltic Sea, and indulging in copious amounts of cinnamon buns and ice cream, the memories of those carefree days are etched in my mind. I’m convinced my son will relish every moment of this experience. Viken embodies nostalgia and serves as a vibrant reminder of the happiest times I shared with my extended family. With my father being one of five siblings, our two interconnected houses with a shared garden buzzed with the laughter and joy of three generations spending summers together.

Though we’re venturing on this adventure as a family of three with a spirited two-year-old, we’re embracing the challenge of travelling light with just hand luggage. The thought of it has kept me awake for nights with a mix of excitement and stress. But with Viken’s relaxed and charming ambience, packing light seems fitting, aligning perfectly with the laid-back atmosphere of the fishing village.


Viken’s essence is all about embracing a natural and casual vibe. As I indulge in activities such as cycling around the village, immersing myself in the sea, and reconnecting with family and friends, I’ve found joy in minimalism. While I’ve recently experienced a transformative moment getting my eyebrows done at Blink Brow Bar, I’ve also opted for a Dream Lash Lift and Tint for my eyelashes, allowing me to enjoy a makeup-free look. The result is refreshingly natural, providing a radiant and youthful appearance. This newfound confidence extends to my airport arrivals and post-swim moments, evoking a vibe akin to Halle Berry rather than Godzilla.

Shifting the focus to personal care, I’ve eagerly embraced the convenience and effectiveness of home-based hair laser removal with Foreo’s Peach 2, IPL Hair Removal device. A departure from the time-consuming and occasionally painful epilation routine, this innovation offers permanent hair reduction within 12 weeks. Astonishingly, visible results began emerging in just two weeks, cementing my conversion to the Peach 2. This newfound approach to hair removal adds to the ease of packing light, relieving me of one more concern for this vacation.


Delving into the realm of personal style, my summer fixation has centred around raffia bags, particularly Rae Feather’s exquisite collection. The personalized raffia tote captures my vision of the perfect summer accessory. With its leather initials patch, it combines classic and chic elements, destined to be a timeless addition to my wardrobe. This versatile piece will effortlessly accompany me on my explorations around the village, holding everything from sunglasses and sunscreen to rain jackets and snacks for my little one, not to mention groceries during our cycling escapades.


When it comes to skincare, sheet masks have become my steadfast companions. Among my favourites is the Y Theorem Bio Cellulose Facial Mask by 111skin, my daily go-to for soothing and hydrating my skin. This mask will certainly find its place during the flight, ensuring a refreshed complexion upon landing. For momentous occasions such as my aunt’s 80th birthday celebration, the Rose Gold Facial Mask takes the spotlight. Its illuminating effects grant a radiant and stunning appearance. The morning after, the Cryo Facial Mask serves as a vital ally, minimizing puffiness and replenishing moisture. My tip for optimum results: refrigerate the mask the night before and savour the benefits.

As I eagerly anticipate my journey to Viken, each aspect of my preparation aligns with the village’s relaxed charm. This vacation embodies simplicity, allowing me to savour the natural beauty of the village, create timeless memories with my family, and bask in a sense of ease and authenticity.