In a world shifting towards healthier and more sustainable choices, the quest for the best natural deodorants has gained significant momentum. With concerns over traditional deodorants containing unnecessary ingredients and their environmental impact, the spotlight is now on aluminium-free and eco-friendly alternatives. From innovative ingredients harnessing nature’s power to packaging designed with minimal ecological footprint, discover a range of options that not only keep you feeling fresh but also align with your values of health and environmental responsibility.

Sol de Janeiro Rio Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant Cheirosa 40
Taking the beauty industry by storm, Sol de Janeiro is known for its summery scents and the refillable deodorant, in the signature Cheirosa 40 (black amber plum & vanilla woods), leaves that heavenly smell on your pits all day! The multi-tasking formula blocks odour-causing bacteria and is moisturising for smoother underarms. Aluminum-free, the natural balmy stick is enriched with a host of ultra-nourishing ingredients, it’s like skincare for your armpits that keeps you fresh all -day.

Corpus Nº Green Deodorant Stick
Corpus, the climate-conscious brand, is new on our radar, boasting efficacy, purpose and aesthetics. The vegan Nº Green Deodorant Stick is derived from complex enzymes and plant extracts, including bergamot to pink lemon, orange blossom and cardamon. Gently formulated, the stick is water-based and free from aluminium, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and baking soda. Made with no compromises, consciously minded beauty junkies will take delight in discovering Corpus and this hero deodorant should be top of your pick list!

Making Waves Pink Pomegranate Deodorant
Natural deodorant is the eco-health-conscious choice but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. If you’re working out or have a busy day planned, the likelihood is that antiperspirant is necessary if you want to avoid sweat patches. Other times, natural deodorant will do the job just fine and that’s where Make Waves have revolutionised the way we use deodorant with the innovative refillable mechanism that can switch between natural and antiperspirant deodorant with a simple click!  Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested, the Pink Pomegranate scent is our top pick!

ART Deodorant Balm Starter Kit
Sparking a new wellness ritual AKT has refined deodorant application, with tools inspired by ancient Chinese practices to modernise the way we protect our pits! Blending strong environmental ethics and premium fragrances as the driving force behind the ethos, AKT harnesses high-performing, natural deodorant balm, housed in plastic-free packaging. A little goes a long way, simply apply to the applicator, and glide over the armpits. The Gua Sha style applicator encourages lymphatic drainage and micro-circulation, use it over the neck and chest to relieve tension! Leaving you stain-free and fresh all-day, the deodorant balm is formulated with natural ingredients, free from chemicals, that do the job at hand!

Fussy Deodorant
You may recognise Fussy from the budding entrepreneur platform, Dragon’s Den! On a mission to make your bathroom plastic-free, starting with your deodorant, Fussy is all about sustainability without compromise. You can smell delightful, be eco-friendly and most importantly stay protected with no qualms. The ultra-cute durable cases are refillable, the formulas are strictly natural and there is even a sensitive range suitable for the fussiest of pits! The Cloud Nine scent falls under the sensitive range and gives that dreamy fresh linen smell, blended with cotton, sandalwood and vetiver.

Hume Desert Bloom Deodorant
Coined as the supernatural deodorant, Hume is hailed by conscious-minded beauty gurus in the US. Why? Because you don’t have the make the choice between natural ingredients or performance. In other words, the formula is not harmful to your armpits, free from toxins and other nasty ingredients that clog pores. Instead, Hume uses a concoction of mineral-based desert plants to work harder and smarter for both your body and the planet. As an added bonus, the balmy sticks smell absolutely divine and contain skin-loving prebiotics and probiotics to support the skin microbiome.

Wild Natural Deodorant
One of the first brands to fly the natural deodorant flag, Wild has been proven by thousands to give 24 hours of odour protection, with a whopping 15,000 reviews as an accomplice. Made with premium plant-powered ingredients, Wild doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the formulation with no aluminium salts, parabens or sulphates to worry about. Awarded our eco-stamp of approval, Wild is plastic-free, instead using bamboo pulp refills and a one-time purchase aluminium case. Going above and beyond, Wild is proudly carbon-negative and has planted over 445,000 trees thus far!

Dr. Hauschka Sage & Mint Deodorant
One of the only roll-ons out there that doesn’t mask odours with pore-clogging fragrance, Dr. Hauschka’s Sage & Mint deodorant instead eliminates odours with a refreshing naturally derived formula, containing anti-microbial sage and witch hazel essences. Free from aluminium salts, the fast-absorbing roll-on not only regulates body temperature but removes impurities and forms the acid mantle as a barrier on the surface of the skin to protect against harmful germs.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Roll On Deodorant Peppermint & Lime
This aluminium-free gem merges natural purity and invigorating aromatherapy for lasting freshness. Crafted by eco-conscious pioneers, the formula harmonizes the zing of peppermint and zesty lime, neutralizing odours with precision. Its roll-on ease ensures effortless application, while a commitment to eco-friendly practices underscores the brand’s ethos.