Perhaps you’re struggling with a few health grumbles and feeling in need of some rejuvenation, yet as hard as you try to implement a healthy lifestyle yourself, it’s simply not yielding benefits. A bit of extra guidance and advice when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle may be all it takes to help you reach the healthiest and happiest version of you – see below for Hip & Healthy’s top nutritionists and health coaches…

1. Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine is a true advocate of healthy eating as a lifestyle choice, not just a fad, and feeling good really is at the core of everything she does. Both Madeleine’s book, Get The Glow, and website provide living proof that eating well can be simple and delicious whilst also nourishing and nutritious. Her previous experience with IBS has led to a particular interest in the soothing of the digestive tract, making her articles perfect reading for anyone wanting to restore their gut health, get well and enliven the hottest version of themselves from the inside out!

2. Jessica Sepel

We’ve been following @jshealth on her blog and instagram for a while now and thought it was about time we shared our love for this balanced babe with you! Jess’s wellbeing philosophy is one of total harmony within mind, body and soul, as in her own words “health is holistic; there’s no way to get around it… attention needs to be paid to both diet and lifestyle”. Advocating a balanced diet that nourishes the body with natural, unprocessed whole foods, eliminating deprivation and the need for unnecessary dietary labels, Jessica’s mission is to help her clients and followers reach a state of total bodily calm where they can live healthily in a sustainable and satisfying manner. We love her eBook The Clean Life and can’t wait to get a copy of her second book The Healthy Life when it’s released in the UK in February 2016.

3. Cicely Brown

Cicely’s passion for helping each client reach optimal health and wellbeing stems from her philosophy which takes into account each individual as a whole. Working with diet, lifestyle and emotional factors to help bring your body back into balance – Cicely is an expert in the field of nutrition thanks to her qualifications in Biological Sciences as well as Nutritional Therapy. Clients needn’t worry about complicated and hard to commit to plans, Cicely is of the firm belief that by getting back to basics and keeping nutrition simple, you can reach a state of total wellbeing and balance from the inside out.

 4. Natasha Corrett

Bloated, bad skin, constantly tired, not sleeping well, overweight, hormonal… sound familiar? According to Natasha Corrett, you may be suffering from the effects of a highly acidic diet, which unfortunately is now the norm for many of us in the Western world. Embracing a plant-heavy alkaline lifestle, Natasha has set out to prove that eating alkaline needn’t mean eliminating food groups and feeling run-down, instead she promotes a dietary lifestyle that strikes the right balance between clean and unprocessed carbohydrates, proteins and fats so the body is able to thrive and fully embrace the nutritional density that comes with eating the right foods. We love!

5. Dr Libby Weaver

As an eight-times bestselling author & one of Australia’s leading nutritional biochemists, Libby Weaver really is a true wealth of dietary knowledge. Her holistic approach combined with scientific research will not only enhance your own health and happiness, but empower you from within to embrace a healthy lifestyle through the food you eat and the life you lead. One of our Hip & Healthy book shelf favourites, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome is a detailed insight into the negative physiological and psychological effects that can be triggered within the body due to the increasingly fast paced lifestyles that women lead.

Image: Josh Kearns

Words by Meryn Turner

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