Here at Hip & Healthy we’re all about balance! We tend to live by the 80/20 philosophy, basing our day to day on 80% healthy, nourishing and nutritious foods and 20% on treat food! However the treat food we refer to, whilst naughty in nature, is still always free from unrefined sugar – our number one no-no when it comes to our weekly treat haul. Favouring wholefood sweeteners such as coconut sugar, lucuma and dates, the following goodies are just as yummy (we think more so) than their less nutritious counterparts. Get munching…

Well + Happy

If you’re a wholefood plantbased lover like us, get Well + Happy on your radar. Recently we had the opportunity to try an appetising array of their delicious and (somewhat surprisingly) nutritious goodies that we can’t stop boasting about to all our friends and family who think healthy food can’t possibly be as tasty as it’s unhealthy rivals. With a selection of goodies on offer, we had the honour of sampling out some of Well + Happy’s star offerings including the yummiest salted caramel slice, carrot cake muffin with lemon frosting and raw bounty bar, which we washed down with the creamiest medicinal mushroom, turmeric, and cinnamon latte made with tiger nut milk. We’re so excited for their store opening in Richmond later this year! Watch this space.

Raw Halo

Meg, the founder of Raw Halo used to be a total chocolate lover – but this posed a bit of a problem when she decided to curb her sugar addiction and cut out all refined sugars. That’s when Raw Halo, an organic raw chocolate company free from refined sugars was born. Instead, they only use coconut sugar and lucuma powder – a ground dried fruit – to sweeten their chocolates. Raw Halo has a dark and mylk line consisting of taste-bud tantalizing flavours like pure dark, dark + nibs, dark + sour cherry & almond, dark + sweet orange, pure mylk, mylk + crispies, mylk + goji berry & vanilla, mylk + pink Himalayan salt, and mylk + salted caramel. All of their chocolates are vegan, except the mylk + salted caramel which uses raw dairy cream for the caramel. Meg really knows how to make having a treat while eating super clean possible!

Hen’s Clean Cakes

Henrietta is a trained pastry chef who has worked in multiple award winning kitchens. Growing up in the countryside surrounded by beautiful and nourishing food, from a young age, she developed an appreciation for the goodness food can provide us with. After speaking with many clients she realized that there was a huge shift in people transitioning into a healthier lifestyle with limited gluten, dairy, and refined sugars. It was this that inspired her to start up her own clean cake company, Hen’s Clean Cakes. Now you won’t find Henrietta using gluten, dairy, or refined sugar in her homemade goodies, but instead whipping up the most nourishing treats like fig, banana, and dark chocolate sprouted buckwheat loaf-cake with activated hazelnut cacao spread or a matcha-moringa blueberry and lime layer cake that is to die for!

 Emily Fruit Crisps

Much of the snack foods we eat today are lacking in nutrients, so nothing makes us happier than discovering a new product that really packs a nutritional punch. Emily Fruit Crisps was started by two friends who on a trip to the Far East discovered the coolest technique to make crisps from fruit whilst preserving all of the goodness in tact. With nothing added but a bit of non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, we’ve been keeping a stash in our desk drawers to munch on when those afternoon cravings for something sweet arise. It comes as no surprise that the apple variety won a gold star at the 2015 Great Taste Award! We love!

Words by Isabella Stelle 

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