Want to stay fit all year whilst avoiding the dreaded gym? That’s easy with an exercise bike in your home. Creating a personalised home gym could be the answer to all your workout woes. No more waiting for machines in your crowded gym, no more excuses for skipping a workout, and no more journeys to and from the gym. It’s time to embrace indoor cycling.

Exercise bikes are comfy, easy-to-use and packed with fitness-fuelling technology to help you reach your goals quicker. You can buy all kinds of models to suit you such as racing style bikes that look and feel like a road bike or recumbent bikes which offer greater lower back support to avoid strain or injury during training.

Exercise bikes these days aren’t bulky and won’t take up too much room in your house, making them the ideal addition to your home gym. Sheltered from the elements, you can fit in workouts at any moment – great for those who struggle to find time to workout!

The handlebars on an indoor bike allow for different body positions which are not possible on a road bike. These different positions, as well as using the resistance settings, can be combined to create many fun and challenging workouts. You can stay fit all year long with these three cycling workouts, read on for details on how you can ride solo…


The Target Heart Rate Workout
For this workout, you’ll need a heart monitor either built into your exercise bike or in a fitness wearable. Subtract your age from 220 to find your max heart rate (MHR). This one is particularly great for those looking to burn fat. It’s recommended to do a cardio session three times per week for this type of long aerobic exercise to be effective.

1 min: Cycle at 76-85% of your MHR

2 mins: Recover by cycling at 60% of your MHR

Repeat 6 times.


Tabata Strength Workout
A Tabata workout is another way of saying the amount of effort on a scale of 1-10 that you exert while exercising or your rate of perceived exertion (RPE). In this workout, you can use the resistance and your own pedal speed to reach the target RPE of 80-10%- which equates to 8-10 on the scale.

20 secs: 8-10 RPE

10 secs: 0 RPE

Repeat 8 times

1 min: Recover at 3-5 RPE

Repeat the entire process 4 times.


The Interval Workout
This one is great for those who find exercise boring, the changing interval pattern means you have to pay attention to keep up. Intervals also give the best fat-burning payoff and can be adapted as your fitness increases. Similar to the last workout, this one is also based on how hard you perceive yourself to be working out – easy, moderate, hard, or all-out.

30 secs: Hard

30 secs: Moderate

Repeat this step 4 times


1 min: Easy recovery


1 min: Hard

30 secs: Moderate

Repeat this step 4 times


1 min: Easy recovery


45 secs: All-out

15 secs: Easy


2 mins: Easy recovery


Turbo charge your fitness routine with an indoor exercise bike, lose weight effectively and smash your fitness goals from your front room.