Move over coconut water, step aside kombucha, there’s a new healthy drink brand that’s making a breakthrough in 2019! No.1 Botanicals is the UK’s only range of botanical drinks containing nothing but natural spring water with pure botanical extracts, designed to supercharge your health.

Founder, David Spencer-Percival, began his journey creating No.1 Botanicals with a memorable trip to the Italian coastal hamlet of Acciaroli. He had previously read that the residents in this small, untouched village were famous for living well past their 100th birthday and he wanted to find out why!

On his trip, he discovered that herbs play a big role in the local cuisine, in particular, rosemary. It’s used in all sorts of recipes and dishes passed down from one generation to the next and is a vital part of the villagers’ diets. This is where David’s Rosemary obsession began and the idea of No.1 Rosemary Water was born.

Back on UK soil, David knew he wanted to create not only a delicious botanical drink but one that was scientifically backed. He wanted proof that rosemary was indeed an incredibly powerful herb that was a significant contributing factor to helping you live longer. With help from Dr Mark Moss, scientific testing began on rosemary water. The data he collected shows that drinking rosemary water improves the amount of oxygen that can be extracted from the blood in the brain, increasing the amount of electrical activity. In other words, improving the brain’s function and memory.

In 2017 David and his wife, Bonita, were ready to launch No.1 Rosemary Water. A natural tonic packed with a complete extract of health-boosting rosemary, not just a flavour or an essence.

Fast forward a year, David has now expanded the offering by introducing No.1 Botanicals, a range of 9 new super herbs. No.1 Botanicals is really about harnessing and capturing the power of herbs and bringing their incredible health benefits seamlessly into our everyday lives. New extracts include Basil, Fennel, Juniper, Lemon Verbena, Meadowsweet, Mint, Olive Leaf, Sage and Thyme. Each herb has been chosen for its unique properties and distinct flavour (containing no colours, preservatives, allergens, salt or sugar) and served in a glass bottle.

To add more kudos, No.1 Botanicals is the first range of single extracted botanical drinks to be authenticated by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. A highly prestigious association.

So, if you’re taking part in dry January or you simply want a refreshing and tasty alternative to water, then we really recommend you check out No.1 Botanicals.

Stockists include Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Daylesford and available online at no1botanicals.com