In the digital age we live in, technology has filtered through to so many aspects of our lives and the world of wellness has been at the forefront of some amazing technological innovations designed to help us feel our best selves. Wellbeing in your pocket is a trend that has boomed over the last few years with many wellness apps now able to give users tips, advice, and guidance on all things to do with a healthy lifestyle. Many now also give the opportunity to track and record insights into personal health stats so users can take their wellbeing one step further and really design habits and lifestyle changes that can make significant improvements. Whether it’s getting clued up on your hormonal health, improving your running or learning to prioritise your mental wellbeing, there’s a wellness app out there that can help. Below we’ve tried to narrow down our favourites and ones we think are worth downloading if you’re looking to enhance your physical and mental health.

Apple Fitness+
A saviour during lockdown and now a permanent fave for working out whenever and wherever, Apple Fitness+ just makes exercising out fun, hassle-free and easy. You want yoga? You got it. HITT? Yep. How about a treadmill workout for running newbies? They’ve got that too. This app offers a huge library of world-class trainers delivering workouts you’ll love for all different levels and time constraints. If you’re sick of making excuses, this app is the one! 

Sexual wellness is a topic that’s not discussed all too often but Dr Brittany Blaire, a clinical psychologist specialising in sexual wellness is on a mission to highlight the importance of prioritising a healthy and pleasurable sex life. Treating thousands of clients at her clinic, Brittany wanted to create an app designed to educate, provide tools and scientifically proven strategies to help as many people as possible find confidence and improve their relationship with their own sexual desire, wherever their starting point may be. For a personalised journey towards sexual wellness, this app is a must-download.

My Possible Self
The My Possible Self app was designed by the world’s leading mental health experts, championed by the NHS and partners with Priory Healthcare. Founder Joanne Wilkinson knew there was a need for an app that offered a holistic, practical and informative approach to mental health having directly experienced the benefits of therapy during a period of personal low mental health. Clinically certified, it features a wide range of tools to promote happiness, reduce anxiety and lower stress. This includes an everyday ‘Mood tracker’ for a better understanding of what aspects of life are causing anxiety, and other methods for how to reshape negative thoughts towards more positive ones.

Find What Feels Good
Adriene Mishler of legendary yoga youtube channel, Yoga with Adriene has an app and it’s AMAZING. Find What Feels Good is an extension of her channel where users can access a growing online library of yoga and yoga lifestyle tools to encourage you to be authentic, do your best and…. find what feels good! With over 100 hours of video content and the ability to watch offline, if you’re going to commit to a more regular yoga practice, this is the app to have. 

The Head Plan
If you’re feeling stuck, uninspired or lacking drive and motivation in life, you need The Head Plan app! A beautiful digital wellness journal, this unique app is designed to help you achieve your goals, reflect on your direction in life, gain self-awareness, and master your habits. From daily affirmations, guided meditations, journaling prompts, goal setting tips and rituals, The Head Plan app is a fantastic way to commit to investing in yourself for the future.

The Deliciously Ella App
We haven’t found a better app than Ella’s for serious plant-based recipe inspo and we come back to this one over and over when our stomachs start rumbling. There’s a plethora of sweet treats, breakfasts, and main meals to feast your eyes on, each celebrating the goodness of plants and veggies in the most delicious way. Whether you’re embarking on plant-based eating or simply want to add more greeny goodness into your diet, this is a great one to have on your smartphone. There’s also a new wellness section dedicated to sharing yoga flows and meditation guides from some of her favourite instructors.

Periods are important and it’s a great idea to get to know yours to get a better understanding of your hormonal health and your fertility (whether you’re looking to get pregnant or not). There are many apps out there that help you track your cycle but we really like Ovia. You can track your symptoms daily throughout your cycle and over time, the app will build you a profile based on the data you enter. From recording things like cervical position and fluid as well as your mood and diet the app can help predict shifts in your cycle, fertile windows and even suggest ways you can boost your hormone health. There’s also a community area where users can connect and ask questions or get support.

We’ve just discovered this and we think it’s a must-have for anyone and everyone. Allow us to explain! The people at What3Words have divided the world into 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words that are easy to pronounce and can be used by the likes of medical personnel, police or loved ones to find your exact location in times of distress or urgency. Whether you’re out hiking in an unfamiliar location and you get lost, you take a nasty tumble on a countryside run and need assistance or you simply want to share amazing views or locations with others so they can also visit the same 3m squares, this app could be a real lifesaver.

Couch To 5k
An oldie but still a goodie, Couch to 5k is the app for any beginner runner who wants to learn how to love running when they secretly hate it! If you’ve ever been on a run and got 2 minutes in and thought of giving up because your chest feels like it’s on fire or the world’s worst stitch has descended upon you then Couch to 5k will guide you step by step on how to build your running skills and feel empowered and confident after each session. If you’ve yet to get the running bug then there is no better time as we head into summer to aim for your first 5k.

Atlas Health
Atlas Biomed is a truly unique, personalised wellness service that we’ve recommended countless times to anyone looking to dig deeper into their unique wellness profile. Their DNA test kit can detect and highlight all sorts of things from your gut health status to risks of certain diseases like Crohn’s disease or heart disease to name a few. With their Atlas Health app, your results can be delivered straight to your phone where you can view an in-depth report on your health as well as be given pointers and advice on managing diet and lifestyle changes that Atlas recommends to you.

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