With sustainability being at the forefront of everyone’s mind (and rightly so) it can also be a topic that can also feel very daunting and we often ask ourselves, are we doing enough? One of the reasons many people fall at the first hurdle is that they take on too much too soon. The real impact is when we ALL try to make a small change rather than a select few doing it perfectly. Even the smallest of changes can make a huge difference in a large collective, so I wanted to celebrate a few of my feel-good brands doing their part (however big or small) to support the planet. 


Despite suffering from migraines, I have been avoiding getting my eyes checked since before covid – It always remained at the bottom of an endless to-do list. I find the whole process so clinical and boring, so I decided to try Jimmy Fairly and I’m so glad I did. Not only was the whole process fun, but I fell in love with all the styles they had in store. They also do some very, very cool sunglasses which I have been eyeing up for summer.

Jimmy Fairly‘s focus is on more sustainable and more lovable eyewear. They don’t pretend to be perfect, but they are trying their best to look ahead and factor in what they can do, to do better by our planet. Their future-inspired materials and sustainably designed styles are made from bio-acetate and recycled materials. Their most innovative option, which I personally thought was very cool, was their bio-sourced material made from oyster shells and castor oil. They also upcycle versions of their acetate styles with a zero-waste approach, by reusing off-cuts to make limited-edition colours. As they put it “ The most beautiful trash you’ve ever seen and I am totally here for it. 


Adidas has a long history of making sustainability part of their operations in new and exciting ways, including using recycled polyester, better cotton, and renewable energy in the production process. but also as the second largest activewear brand in the world, they have a big focus on sustainable solutions at scale. 

One of their approaches to better the planet is with their collection of ‘Made To Be Remade’ shoes and clothes which are 100% recyclable. Consumers return each pair at the end of their natural lifecycle to Adidas, who shreds all of the materials and reuses them into the next innovative shoe design.

Their other sustainable focus and my personal favourite, is creating the cult favourite Samba trainer as the All Sustainable Samba in vegan leather. I love these trainers and they are my everyday go-to and are also much loved by celebrities like Rhianna, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Lawrence, so creating these cult favourites to be more sustainable is a great way to support the planet. 


Meat consumption is considered one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, and twice that of plant-based production, directly affecting global warming.  A hugely controversial topic leaves you to question if you can eat meat and care about the environment. Our diets play a significant role in our culture, entertainment, and well-being. With a growing plant-based population, increased consumer awareness and more choices than ever before, everyone is doing their part to support climate change including eating meat in a more sustainable way. We love meat in our household, but it’s something we increasingly eat a lot less of, but we always buy it from a sustainable and traceable source. There is a huge benefit to buying your meat from a good quality, ethically aware butcher and our go-to for this and for the best steaks in London is Provenance Butcher in Chelsea. Their aim is to know the provenance of every product sold – hence the name. 

All meat is sourced from award-winning family farms where animals are reared as intended – grass-fed and free-range. Understanding where their produce comes from, how it has lived and why it has been farmed in a certain way, is their biggest focus and you really cannot beat their Steak Lovers Box! They tick the box even further in my book by making a gluten free kids sausage with less salt. These guys really do think of everything, so you can enjoy your meat knowing they have done their part to look after you and our planet. 


Newly launched in the UK, MERIT Beauty has become the cult makeup brand everyone is talking about and I am personally totally obsessed with their minimalist approach to beauty and their products have become a firm staple in my makeup bag. The Minimalist was my first introduction to the brand and unlike other concealers or foundations it feels incredibly light on my skin but also hydrating at the same time. The ingredients are as clean as they come, with added skincare benefits.

Merit has demonstrated just how chic clean beauty can be with a holistic approach to creating products which are safe for your body, skin and planet. They are vegan and certified cruelty free so they do good for you and the planet.  If you’re after a minimal, balmy make-up finish, MERIT is worth checking out, their cream-based range will flush your complexion for a glow-giving finish and will become your summer staple.