Making the decision to go sustainable used to be quite a commitment but nowadays there are a ton of brilliant brands out there that make life for young families that much easier to stay on a sustainable path. So if you’ve already ditched the plastic water bottles and refuse to buy plastic straws, where are the other little changes you can make that will contribute to a happier and healthier planet? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite sustainable brands that you will love and turn your purchasing decisions into powerful protests for the planet. From kids’ clothes to sunscreen, body wash to loo roll, here are the brands you need to know. 

eBay for Pre-loved Kids Clothes

When it comes to clothes, why would you ever buy anything new for your kids again? They will likely ruin it or grow out of it before the end of the summer. This is why I love eBay. It is fantastic for finding pre-loved items, some that have never been worn at all, from some of your favourite brands and at a fraction of the cost. Buying second-hand just makes sense – especially when it comes to kids.

Sho Water Bottles Kids 2.0

Kids these days are very clued up on the importance of having their own refillable water bottle. My kids won’t go near plastic bottles that just get chucked, and on the rare occasion that we need to purchase one, they make it known that they’re not happy about it. This fills me with hope for the future. We love these Sho Water Bottles, they don’t leak and come in an array of fun designs. Choose the lid with the sippy straw for the ultimate in ease. 

Vegan Superga Trainers

If you can’t find your kids’ trainers second-hand, head to Superga. Their vegan range is 100% free of any animal products and uses ethically sourced materials making them sustainable as well as stylish. Choose the design with the straps for little feet. 

Cheeky Panda Loo Roll

This is one of those totally simple swaps. Cheeky Panda Loo Roll is just loo roll but better. Using sustainable bamboo materials (FSC Certified), Cheeky Panda has created a luxurious, soft toilet roll which is both plastic- and tree-free! And with no nasty chemicals either (yes your loo roll can have hidden chemicals added to it!).

Child’s Farm Suncream

Show me a parent on holiday and I’ll show you a kid trying to wriggle out of sunscreen application. For the life of me, I don’t know why but my kids literally hate me putting sunscreen on them. Child’s Farm changed all that with their roller applicator that kids love to roll on themselves making them feel independent and in control of their own suncream application (with a watchful eye from parents!). Formulated for sensitive skin, Child’s Farm is also a B Corp business, meaning that it prioritises the wellbeing of animals and the environment. It is also Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free Certified. 

Bamford Baby

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Bamford more, they have only gone and released a whole range of baby products. From their Camomile Hair and Body Wash to their Calendula Body Cream, Bamford have drawn from nature to create perfectly soothing and calming products making bathtime a dream for both parent and child. But my absolute fave product is their Balm created to soothe and care for delicate skin, featuring a nurturing concoction of shea butter, jojoba and rosehip oil.

Kit & Kin

When a brand is founded by a Spice Girl you know it’s going to be good, no, GREAT! And despite me reaching for Kit & Kin because Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) is at its helm, this is a brand that really delivers. Their eco-nappies not only feature super cute designs, (when isn’t a woodland creature on a baby’s bottom not the sweetest thing ever?), but they also create sustainable reusable nappies that actually work brilliantly and are super comfy for your little one. They are award-winning and made from plant-based material, with every nappy rescuing two plastic bottles from landfill. They have other amazing products too like biodegradable wipes and nappy bags, plus much more! Baby Spice really has done the impossible – she has made me want to use reusable nappies, and that’s no mean feat.

Flawsome! Drinks

Juice boxes on the go are a great way to give your child a bit of energy without pumping them full of artificial and added sugars, and although the cartons and the straw are often recyclable the plastic the straw comes in has always put me off. Enter Flawsome!, the award-winning wonky fruit juice brand that has introduced the UK’s first paper straw in paper packaging for kids as part of its brand-new Wonky Fruit Water Cartons range. Available in three flavours, Flawsome! manages to combine their love for both sustainability and the planet as well as for providing healthy choices for children.


If you have had enough of all the plastic crap (I swear to god if another paw patrol member enters my household I’ll scream) and want your child to find play in more sustainable toys then look no further than Lovevery. Made with natural, sustainable and organic materials, their award-winning play products support your child’s brain development. Perfect to keep little ones busy this summer.

Lune + Wild

Developed with a team of pediatric dietitians, Lune + Wild create delicious, convenient baby and toddler meals that are as tasty as they are sustainable. Made with high-quality, organic ingredients and packaged in entirely recyclable containers some of which are home compostable, and delivered by zero-emission bicycle or van, Lune + Wild really is the answer to making mealtimes just that little bit easier. They deliver the meals frozen so that they last longer, allowing you to choose the portion size, meaning that nothing goes to waste.

words by Sadie Reid