There are many reasons why taking yourself off to a yoga class on the regular might be difficult to do. You might be a busy mum who has to juggle school pick-ups with work, you work from home and there aren’t any yoga studios near you or you might be a student living on a tight budget and can’t justify the often hefty studio prices. There’s another option out there that is budget-friendly and you don’t even have to walk out your front door! YouTube is an amazing platform with so many great workouts available to stream that are, you guessed it, free! If yoga in your living room sounds up your street, we’ve rounded up the best free yoga youtube channels to get your flow fix!


Cat Meffan
We adore Cat and her beautiful spirit. Although she’s just launched a yoga subscription service (which we think is still amazing value for money), she’s still got tonnes of informative yoga videos for you to indulge in. She’s got easy flows that aim to loosen joints and calm the mind as well as more functional practices that look at specific areas and how to correct and strengthen them. We love her stretch sequences and particularly find her Yoga for PMS and cramps particularly helpful when mother nature calls!


Yoga With Adriene
Not going to deny, we’re pretty obsessed with Adrienne and her inspiring yoga sequences she posts on YouTube. Her repertoire is so broad that you are guaranteed (be a beginner or a pro) to find a video to fit your mood and energy. If you’re feeling in the mood for an energetic flow she’s got you covered but if your energy levels would be better suited to a more restorative practice, she’s got something for that too. She hosts loads of fun yoga challenges that you can get involved in and we find her whole vibe so uplifting! The perfect way to start or end a day.


Annie Clarke
Put your trust in Annie Clarke to help you de-stress and re-connect your mind to your body. Her spiritual yoga practices are incredibly restorative and just what you want to tune into when you’re feeling anxious and a bit frazzled. We loved her Less Scroll More Soul 30 day challenge and she’s a constant reminder to live our lives more mindfully.


If you want to watch someone teach a yoga practice on the beach and pretend like your toes are also in the sand then look no further than KinoYoga! Kino is a great one to follow if you want to improve on a certain posture (her Handstand Mechanics Yoga Challenge is highly recommended) or if you want to build strength, for example, in your core and your wrists.


Alo Moves
If a bit variation is what you’re after then you will LOVE Alo Moves. Where do we even begin? They post loads classes from world-class instructors from all over the globe and each teacher brings to the class something unique and completely inspiring! Beginner, intermediate and advanced standards are all catered for with Alo Moves and a combination of male and female instructors means even more variety and different approaches will be presented to your yoga practice.

image: Cat Meffan

words by Molly Jennings

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