As always, it was a fun task to pull together my Christmas wish list this year! Much like Sadie, I am hoping a few beady eyes will be reading this so maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find some of these under the Christmas tree! I’ve got a lovely mix of goodies… a few old favourites with a new twist, some cosy winter wear, some home accessories I’ve been lusting over and a couple of experience gifts which, in my opinion, often make the best presents of all! 

Jo Malone English Pear & Sweet Pea Cologne

For years I’ve worn English Pear & Fresia from Jo Malone so when I heard they were bringing out English Pear & Sweet Pea I knew, even before I smelt it, I’d love it! Sweet peas are my favourite flower for scent so this is a bit of me!

ALMASIKA Universum Petite Gold Diamond Necklace

A girl can dream of a bit of sparkle under the tree right? I love the simplicity of this necklace… it feels understated in design and so wearable everyday which suits me considering I never take off my jewellery.

Bertioli Water Meadow Hand & Body Wash

I don’t need to say much more about my love for Berioli’s Water Meadow wash because it was recently in one of my editor’s columns but it’s safe to say I’d be delighted to restock for my kitchen and bathroom… the scent is just so unique and wonderful.

Varley Wilkins Sherpa Puffer Jacket

I’m really up for the current fashion trend of browns and chocolates, I think this is a trend that suits everyone. I’m a casual dresser by nature but I do like to elevate that from time to time and I think this sherpa puffa just adds a bit of difference and style to what is a basic winter jacket.

Mrs Alice Ethel Dog Bed

My dog Rosie loves to stare out into the garden from our back doors to make sure no squirrels or foxes step on her turf but to do this, I have to pop her bed on a dining chair so she can see out! I think I’ve finally found her the perfect bed that’s elevated enough for her to see out the window without using a chair. I just need a cosy insert to place in it and I think it’s perfect!

Spa Weekend at Lime Wood

Hubby are you reading this? I’d like a weekend at Lime Wood please… with you of course! Lime Wood really is the OG of luxury country hotels and I can’t believe I still haven’t been. I’ve wanted to go for years so maybe this is my lucky moment?!

Rebecca Udall Brass Salt & Pepper Grinder with Recipe Notebook

I’d love a new set of salt and pepper shakers… I currently have little pots that you can take a pinch with your fingers but it can get a bit messy so I figured some chic-looking grinders would look very pleasing on my worktops. And bonus, this set comes with a cute recipe notebook!

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in Milkshake

I think I’ve dreamt of owning a Kitchen Aid stand mixer since I was about 14! I envisage myself making lemon drizzle cake on a lazy Sunday afternoon with my beautiful stand mixer… my ancient hand-held one isn’t cutting the mustard in terms of aesthetics!

Townhouse Voucher

The super luxe nail bar, Townhouse, now has two locations very close to me and while my wallet may be quivering, I’m very excited indeed! I think vouchers like this make such a perfect gift when you’re short on time and they give the receiver a lovely experience to look forward to.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Trainers

There’s nothing quite like a fresh pair of trainers for some workout motivation. These MAY not be the most practical for outdoor runners given their bright shade of white but I do a lot of workouts from home so I don’t need to worry so much about them getting grumpy after a couple of wears.

Reformation Giusta Oversized Cashmere Cardigan

Continuing on the chocolate fashion theme, I tried on this cashmere cardigan from Reformation and I felt like a main character from a Nancy Myers film… for a brief moment I was wafting around my home in the Hamptons wearing only neutrals and baking late-night pancakes… if you know you know. 

Bamford Gua Sha Heart

I want to commit to regular Gua Sha facial massages as I keep seeing people’s incredible before and after pictures and it’s truly outstanding what it can do to your face. Joining the 30s club a few months ago, I want my skin to look its best for many years to come without needing to turn to invasive procedures so I’m going to give this a go and report back on how I’m getting on!