I must say, I’ve had a lovely Summer so far this year… Sunny weather has graced us Londoners, and while it’s been a little sweaty and humid at times, it’s a welcome relief from the usual wet and dreary weather we experience most of the year. I’ve been lucky enough to try some amazing wellness gadgets this month and finally got to visit The Club by Bamford, which definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s so dreamy! So, without further ado, here’s what to Buy, DIY & Try in wellness this month.

Hello Klean Purifying Shower Head

With the recent heatwave, baths are a thing of the past so I’m upping my shower game big time. As well as getting my Wim Hoff on with cold blasts to give me that energy buzz, I’ve also swapped to a purifying shower head. Hello Klean’s new Purifying Shower Head has been a welcome addition to my bathroom and retains good pressure for hair washing and has massively helped my dry and sensitive scalp. By filtering some of the harsh chemicals found particularly in London water, I think this is a game-changer for anyone who wants less build-up and softer, healthier hair.

Membership to The Club by Bamford

The Club by Bamford is here and boy does it take luxe wellness to new heights. As you can imagine, this is a state-of-the-art facility that seamlessly blends Lady Carole Bamford’s signature soft and environmentally-conscious interiors. It’s visually stunning and no stone has been left unturned. This is a hub for like-minded wellness enthusiasts to come together and invest in their health, be it via their extensive training facilities (indoor and out), their unique therapy rooms for cryo and red light therapies, cold-plunge tubs, sauna and steam, indoor lap pool and the heart of the club, The Nest, where you can socialise, watch sports on the big screen and enjoy a sumptuous bite to eat. For locals, this is well worth the investment for a membership, but for those living outside a 50-mile radius, their “Escape To The Farm” membership is just the ticket.

Give Padel A Whirl 

Yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of Padel and I have to say, I think it’s worth the hype! I’m annoyingly bad a tennis even though I pride myself on being sporty by nature, but Padel is something I can get on board with! It’s much easier for beginners to pick up and it’s really dynamic and fun! The Padel Shift team took me through my paces on court at The Club by Bamford and after learning the basics, I definitely developed a competitive mindset to say the least! Best played in doubles, I think Summer is a great time to give it a go with a group of friends followed by a rewarding brunch. Trust me, you’re going to need to refuel after running and darting around the court! 

Embrace Cottagecore

Still putting the finishing touches to our home renovation, we had friends over the other weekend and they described our home as “a little piece of the countryside in London”. I had never really thought my interior choices were massively influenced by nature but it filled me with joy to think that’s what their first impression was. I think my style of interiors is naturally cosy and inviting, and I definitely lean towards soft, earthy and feminine colours with a penchant for florals and natural textures. When I first discovered “Cottagecore” I knew it sounded like something I could get on board with so if you too want to discover more about how to embrace nature in your home and explore this movement a little more, then definitely check out The Cottage Life by Tiffany Francis-Baker, which teaches readers how to practically incorporate aspects from widely popular cottagecore aesthetic into their lifestyle.

Science Of Skin “Solution For Bites”

For one reason or another, Mosquitos LOVE me. Whether I’m on holiday or sitting at a garden pub in London, I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be the one walking away with a cluster of bites! I have become an expert at slathering on repellant and I am pleased to report I walked away from my trip to The Maldives earlier this year, bite-free. I know. However, I have been nabbed by a few Mozis recently and to combat the itch, I’ve been using Science Of Skin “Solution For Bites” which is a soothing rollerball to calm itchiness and irritation. It’s super dinky and will fit in the smallest of bags so I’m carrying it around with me anytime I leave the house! I want one for my hallway console and my bedside table too!

Tangle Teezer’s New Plant BrushI’ve been a long-term user of the Tangle Teezer so I was very pleased to hear about a new sustainable initiative they are rolling out with the launch of their Plant Brush. Tangle Teezer has redesigned its cult classic Original brush using 85% sustainably sourced, plant-based materials which promise the same high performance as the current range. My old pink one was looking incredibly sorry for itself so this was a welcome addition for my fine, tangle-prone long hair!

words by Molly Jennings