THE WELL – New York’s own wellness Mecca has been immensely popular since it opened its doors in 2019. With everything you need within holistic health under the same roof, The New York City flagship location is home to a curated shop with carefully selected beauty- and wellness gems – everything from inspiring books, lovely candles, and active wear, to exclusive Biologique Recherche skincare products, and unique jewellery. The same space is also home to the incredible restaurant Kitchen & Table, and several studios for meditation classes, Pilates, yoga, and more. You also find exclusive lounge areas for their members, spa facilities, and services like health coaching sessions, relaxing massages, luxurious Biologique Recherche facials, recovery and IV vitamin therapy, infrared sauna sessions, and more at this sanctuary around the corner from 5th Avenue.

Sarrah Hallock, one of the Co-Founders and COO of THE WELL, shares her story with us and explains that THE WELL actually started with her being unwell; “Getting sick was the best thing that ever happened to me. About 15 years ago, I found myself really struggling with my health. I had gained 25 pounds in one year, my hair was falling out, I had anxiety, wasn’t sleeping and could not figure out what was wrong. I saw doctor after doctor — from top endocrinologists to my GP and gyno — and everyone pretty much told me there was nothing wrong. My labs were “normal.” They offered me anti-anxiety medication and sleeping aids but ultimately couldn’t help with the root cause of my symptoms. It wasn’t until I met a naturopath doctor that I discovered I had an autoimmune disease that was affecting my thyroid. From there, I really became a student of my health. I read every book I could find on thyroid and autoimmune disease and wanted to start treating my issues holistically. I started doing acupuncture, began a meditation practice, and completely changed my diet. I was running all over New York City trying to get well, and all I could think was, “I wish these practitioners would talk to each other.” Instead, I was stuck in the middle trying to deal with a bunch of conflicting advice from my practitioners. That was the first little seed of wanting to create a more integrated model for health and wellness.”

Hallock ended up leaving her career in marketing to go back to school and study holistic health coaching and integrative medicine, which led her to start her own health coaching practice. However, she still felt that she was seeking a more integrated experience, and at the time, there weren’t any one-stop shops for wellness where services and practitioners within both Western medicine and Eastern healing were all available under one roof. “It was around then that I connected with Rebecca Parekh and Kane Sarhan, my incredible CoFounders. We’ve been friends for 15 years and reconnected in the context of wellness as Rebecca had been on her own wellness journey that led her down the path of starting THE WELL. As an Integrative Health Coach and Nutritionist, I know very well that our overall well-being is impacted by a combination of the way we eat, move and sleep — plus the power of medicine — so I felt inspired to bring this new integrated, personalized model of wellness to life through THE WELL.”

With a mission to make it easy for people to make wellness part of their every day, THE WELL in New York truly is the ultimate wellness oasis in the city and you can expect to find everything from immersive experiences, seasonal retreats, and a robust Visiting Masters program curated with expert healers, to daily Mindful Movement classes and unique East-meets-West treatments. A must is to try their new signature facial which incorporates LYMA technology, microdermabrasion, and a customised selection of Biologique Recherche products tailored to your unique skin needs. It is a non-invasive laser therapy treatment that addresses multiple layers of your skin at once to reveal a smoother, tighter, and brighter complexion, and benefits include, stimulation of collagen production, reduced inflammation, heals and restores skin’s moisture barrier at a cellular level, and more. Spend some time in their sauna and steam room before going upstairs to the restaurant where a delectable menu (that changes seasonally) can be found. A must-order to treat yourself and end your visit on top is definitely their avocado-based chocolate mousse with goji berries – like a dream! 

If you’re not able to visit this gem yet, you can also explore the world of THE WELL through the wide range of editorial content available on their website. As the brand continues to expand and more additions to the family in Connecticut, Costa Rica, and Mexico have been popping up since the launch four years ago, we will thankfully see even more of THE WELL in the near future. Hopefully, European locations are coming, but first, a unique wellness residence concept is coming to Miami’s Bay Harbor Islands in 2025. “While we’ve seen wellness play a role in hospitality concepts over the last few years, we believe we’re heading towards a future where wellness will be further integrated into all aspects of our lives — including our travel, home and office environments — for the ultimate holistic, 360-degree wellness lifestyle,” explains Hallock and continues; “We expect the wellness residential market will rise in the coming years, with the attention to our health being greater than ever, and we are leading the way through the launch of THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands, slated to open in 2025 in Miami’s Bay Harbor Islands. This is the first of its kind: a fully integrated mixed-use development that places wellness at the centre of all aspects of life. Featuring luxury residences, an office concept and a holistic wellness centre, THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands is being developed in partnership with Terra, one of Miami’s deepest-rooted real estate developers. Working with Miami-based firm Arquitectonica for the architecture and Meyer Davis Studio for the interiors, we have integrated thoughtful touch points throughout the residences, with luxurious amenities that utilize the latest technology and science to activate all senses. At THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands, taking care of yourself will be inspired, balanced, and most importantly, easy.”

words by Matilde Wergeland

Photography by Grant Legan