With original plans for Summer 2020 looking very pessimistic, it’s important to keep your spirits lifted by pencilling things into your diary to look forward to! We’ve seen so many amazing brands within health and wellness adapt to the current climate and the wellness travel industry are no expectation. This summer had expectations to reach new heights for health and wellness travel and retreats, with more people on board with the idea of a wellness-filled holiday (our kind of break). As it’s unfortunately unlikely these spectacular wellbeing journeys will be taking place as originally planned, that by no means means that people cannot experience a snippet of the blissful activities that would have taken place, from the comfort and safety of their own homes. From meditation, mindful cooking, yoga and fitness, here are some of the virtual travel retreats we’ll be tuning into to get our wellness fix this summer!

Bamford Wellness Virtual Retreat

Join Bamford for a restorative day of connection, relaxation and self-reflection hosted virtually
by their team of wellness practitioners from the Cotswolds. Using intuitive healing to help ease anxiety, the workshop will take you on a day-long journey to strengthen your body, unearth energy from
within, support your immune system through nutrition, and develop peace of mind. Curated for all levels of ability, the retreat can be enjoyed by individuals as well as families and friends in the same household who wish to experience the retreat together. Targeting four key aspects of your well-being: strength, energy, nourishment and peace, you will finish off the day with a calmer mindset and some insightful take-home skills to implement in your everyday life.

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Euphoria Retreat
Enriched in ancient Greek healing culture, Euphoria is the holistic wellbeing destination that allows you to redefine the relationship between your mind and body to reinvent yourself. Set in the most breathtaking location in the mythical Greek Peloponnese, Euphoria offers a range of life-affirming retreats that take you on a personal journey of transformation. Inviting you to experience a snippet of what goes on at their wellness haven, the Euphoria team have devised their ‘Euphoria Healing Journey Through The 5 Elements’ retreat to help you find inner balance and strength to embrace the new world in a positive way. Open to all, this free, five-week immersive virtual retreat focuses on one element per week, featuring energy and healing tools and practices from Qigong and yoga, to pranayama and Theta Healing.
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Silver Linings Retreat
Famed for their holistic wellness retreats in the most dreamy locations across the globe, Silver Linings Retreat’s offer truly transformative experiences based around mindful movement, rest and relaxation, nourishment and sleep to take you on a well-rounded wellbeing journey. New to their retreats is ‘SLR@Home’, which offers you the chance to go on an enriching retreat journey from the comfort of your own home. Incorporating many of the activities you would experience on a typical Silver Linings Retreat, experts will guide you through movement classes, give you advice on mindful eating, and help you experience better sleep and deep relaxation through breath and sound meditation. Available to start at any time that suits you, the SLR@Home virtual retreat is the perfect way to invest in your wellbeing that will leave you on cloud nine.
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Be transported to the Gulf of Thailand with Chiva-Som, the luxury health resort that is bringing their beautiful sanctuary to your living rooms this summer. Built on a philosophy of wellness, Chiva-Som’s new tele-therapy service will connect you with their in-house holistic practitioners to experience some of their most popular holistic wellness therapies during these tough times. From healthy cuisine recipes and holistic wellbeing advice to virtual exercise programmes and spa tutorials, Chiva-Som’s online services have been created with the intention to help everyone adapting to a new way of life within the limits of home.
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Six Senses
Globetrotters will be familiar with the renowned resort Six Senses, who have some of the most indulgent wellness offerings dotted all over the world. Usually providing guests with pure luxury at their state-of-the-art hotels, their new mission is to help people open their minds to future growth and possibilities while providing practical tools to calm fears and inspire, through their online ‘At-Home with Six Senses’ initiative. Giving you access to some of the leading experts across the world in the field of health and wellness, Six Senses have partnered with friends to create a stream of online videos to help boost your wellbeing during this time. Delving into traditional holistic wellness practises such as energy medicine and oracle card reading, Asian-inspired cooking tutorials, rejuvenating yoga, calming mindfulness and lots more to open your mind to new ways of thinking and skills to becoming more positive. Available to watch on the Six Senses Facebook page, there is an archive of intuitive videos as well as a constant flow of new content, to help broaden your knowledge of wellbeing.
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Adventure Yogi
Bringing together yogi’s from all over for their exhilarating yoga retreats to relax and rebalance, Adventure Yogi are the retreat experts providing you with a new way to feel zen from the comfort of your own home with their new at-home yoga retreats. Dubbed ‘That Retreat Feeling’, the programme aspires to fit around your schedule and bring some peace into your life during these difficult times. With a line-up of content from yoga teachers and chefs including classes, meditations, activities and workshops, ‘That Retreat Feeling’ is the ultimate self-care package to de-stress, refocus and regain your calm. Running from 27-28 June and 18-19 July, this retreat is one to book into your diary for some much-needed yoga action!
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Experts in mind and body rejuvenation, Bodhimaya are offering at-home retreats, designed to optimise all aspects of your health. Typically set in grand stately homes that provide a tranquil atmosphere from the minute guests arrive, Bodhimaya has gone to extreme heights to ensure their guests get a true insight into their unique retreats and most importantly, gain second to none support to enhance their wellbeing from the comfort of their own home. With a choice of three at-home retreats, each programme has tailored objectives to suit your personal needs. Each day entails daily meditation, online or phone one-to-one consultations with the award-winning mind and body experts and a highly personalised nutritional programme with the option of cooking recipes yourself or a juice/meal delivery. You also have the option to add functional biomarker testing to your retreat which can be completed easily and safely from your home. If you’re in need of an intense health overall which is going to kickstart your wellbeing and adjust your mindset to a more positive outlook, Bodhimaya is the at-home retreat which is going to do all this and more.
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words by Isabelle Shury

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