There are many reasons why taking yourself off to a workout class on the regular might be difficult to do. You might be a busy mum who has to juggle school pick-ups with work, you work from home and there aren’t any yoga studios near you, you might be a student living on a tight budget and can’t justify the often hefty studio prices, OR… there’s a global pandemic that has taken over the world and forced everyone to basically live the hermit life. Choose whichever applies. The good news is there’s another option out there that is budget-friendly and you don’t even have to walk out your front door! YouTube is an amazing platform with so many great workouts available to stream that are, you guessed it, free! If yoga in your bedroom or some apartment-friendly HIIT sounds up your street, we’ve rounded up the best no-equipment YouTube workouts you can do anywhere.


Yoga With Adriene


If Yoga With Adriene hasn’t crossed your path in life yet then you’re in for a real treat. We love nothing more than closing our bedroom door, dimming the lights and rolling out the mat for a cosy yoga flow with Adriene. Believe us when we say she’s got a video for everyone and everything. We recently loved this “Reset” flow which couldn’t have come at a better time. If coronavirus has got the wind up you then this nourishing practice will help you reset your goals and intentions and help you feel more grounded whilst increasing blood flow and energy.



20-Min Full Body Workout

MadFit by Maddie Lymburner is one of our go-to accounts for uncomplicated workouts that pack a punch when you’re on a time crunch. Her 20-Min Full Body Workout is just Maddie and her mat and provides an effective, heart-raising session that will tone the entire body. With a good amount of variety of exercises, we never get bored of a MadFit workout.



12 Minutes To Toned Arms

We love Casey’s bright, cheery personality and her beautifully edited workout videos on her channel, Blogilates. She always dons the coolest workout gear too which basically makes us want a new activewear wardrobe every time we do one of her videos! Her 12 Minutes To Tone Arms is such a fantastic workout if you’re looking to tone and sculpt your arms, which can be a place that easily gets neglected in favour of legs and abs. It’s short and sweet but gives all the burn. 


Popsugar Fitness

30-Minute Cardio Workout

If you’re looking for a variety of different workouts from a selection of hosts and guest instructors, then you’ll love Popsugar Fitness. It’s an amazing channel to get in insight into some celeb-approved workouts and this 30-Minute Cardio workout is hosted by Barry’s Bootcamp instructor, Taylor Walker. If you’ve wanted to try Barry’s but not sure it’s for you, then give this a try to get a little taster of what the infamous Barry burn has to offer.


Shona Vertue

Yoga For The Butt | 40 Minutes

Shona’s thought of a mega combo right here. Yoga and booty building in one. This is a challenging workout, no doubt, but if your WFH it’s so important to keep the glutes strong to protect your back. This tingly, powerful flow will reactivate your booty muscles and engage your mind… expect the shakes and wobbles but don’t worry, that’s all part of building a strong (beautiful) bum.