Today is officially the longest day of 2016! Boy, Summer Solstice has come around fast! Here at Hip and Healthy, we want to make sure you have the best day possible from start to finish, so we have come up with some top tips that will maximise your energy levels as well as reducing stress levels!

We’ve come up with a combination of foods and supplements in the hope that you will live the longest day of the year to the fullest! That of course is dependent on your energy levels! A frequently asked question we get is “what foods can help boost my energy levels?” Well, we have come up with a number of suggestions for you that are not only incredibly yummy, but will give you that burst of energy you are looking for to kick start your summer!



Match tea is a very simple way to add numerous health benefits to your diet. Matcha is an anti-oxidant powerhouse, allowing your body to fight off diseases to make sure you are in top health for summer!

There are many benefits of Matcha compared to loose leaf tea as you ingest the whole leaf when you drink it, receiving 100% of the nutrients contained within! When it comes to you achieving optimum health and boosting energy levels, there is no match for Matcha!

Lentils are a large source of protein, full of fiber, and make a good base for an energy rich meal. Lentils are a popular food choice due to being a great vegan source of protein and high in nutritional value. Due to their complex carbohydrates and fiber, lentils increase slow-burning energy, providing you with vitality for Summer Solstice!

Maca Powder
Within only a few days of using Maca in your diet (we love it in smoothies!), your energy levels can dramatically increase. It’s a great supplement to use particularly if you do a lot of exercise as it’s known for increasing stamina (most of the top athletes will take Maca to boost their performance). Only very small amounts are needed to have an effect. As well as smoothies, we’ll pop a teaspoon or two in to juices, homemade nut mylks and porridge!




Another passion of ours (incase you didn’t know) is yoga, so we have recommended three of our top poses that we find increase energy and decrease fatigue. Many postures reduce stress and maximize your energy levels so you can achieve more out of your day!

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog)
This pose is one of the most iconic poses and can be used at any level of ability. It allows the back of the body to open up and lengthen increasing your blood and oxygen flow to the brain, allowing you to become more energized. It is a very easy pose to do anywhere, particularly just at home, so we recommend adding a few throughout your day to feel the amazing benefits!

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge pose)
This pose is known for alleviating stress and clearing your head for the whole day ahead! The body is energized when holding this pose as lower body and the core is strengthened. The endocrine and nervous systems are also stimulated when holding this pose so you’re bound to feel full of life and energy!

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes Pose)
This is a straightforward pose with a low difficulty level meaning it’s suitable for anyone! The more you practice this pose, the more advanced it gets, and the more benefits you will see. The twisting motion the pose involves, works both ends of the spine relieving discomfort, backache and fatigue. This reduction in fatigue will allow you to have more energy so you can achieve great things!




To put these yoga poses into practice, tonight you can join Steffy White and Frame at their 2016 Summer Solstice special yoga event! The Summer Solstice workshops take place in Frame’s Kings Cross and Victoria venus, providing you with a chance to spend 90 minutes reflecting on yourself and the season ahead. If you would like a more challenging class, Frame Shoreditch will be offering a 2 hour workshop focused on practicing 108 Sun Salutations (this workshop is not recommended to beginners).

You can book online now in order to get your class! You better be quick to get a spot!

words by Lara Jacobs